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Bradford, West Yorkshire



Bradford, West Yorkshire



Here at ITN Cleaning we pride ourselves as being one of the most successful companies on the market in West Yorkshire. With years of experience and over 50 visits every day our services are second to none.

We are a fully registered limited company with PL Insurance of up to £2 000 000.


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Kristian Vakareliyski

27 February 2019

I couldn't be happier with my dealings with this company- from the arrangement of the clean, to the finished results. Delightful results!


Lyubomira Tankisheva

27 February 2019

I was recommended to use ITN Cleaning Services by someone that had just used them. I was very impressed with the standard of the clean and the affordable price. I have never seen my home so fresh and clean. I would use this company again and would have no hesitation in recommending this firm to other householders. More...


Aneesa Shariff

27 February 2019

Very helpful and professional staff- they always strive to fit you in for a clean even at short notice. They work very hard to leave you with a sparkling clean house, are very detail oriented, and have a great work ethic. I am usually quite particular about cleanliness and how I like my house cleaned, and ITN has never disappointed me! I am a very happy regular customer of theirs now and would happily recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good domestic cleaner. More...


We have been in the cleaning business for over 7 years

Depending on the job.
What differs us from other companies is the way we care for our customers.
We would never ever recommend our customers using anything else but their own cleaning products and there is a very good reason for that.
Have you ever thought about what cleaning products your cleaner is using? Have you checked their labels, do you know if they are enviromental friendly, if they cause skin irritation or allergies? Do you even know what's in the bottle?
In most cases the containts of the bottle of the cleaning product differs from the label. This is because some cleaning companies that use their own products usually buy cheap low quality cleaning stuff and fill them in old empty bottles with "expensive" labels on.
This might cause a very serious health problem especially if you have small kids or pets.
Also have you ever though about where were the cloths and rags used before the cleaner uses them in your house, in your kitchen where you prepare your food or around your children's beds? Even a throughout wash in a washing machine cannot remove some micro-bacteria from another household or premises the cloths were used.
We advise - you always use cleaning liquids that you know, that you bought and that you read the label of. Always use and ask your cleaner to use cleaning cloths or rags used ONLY in your house.

We love to see our customers face expression when they see the job done.

Because of our attention to detail, the way we care for our customers and the way we provide the service.