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Ishaa jarrey

4 January 2019

You can book your low cost flight for your journey with the help of this number.


Chanel Chanel

5 August 2018

Excellent customer service.


Danielle Woodard

5 August 2018

Nancy is the best, it took me a good six months of planning and she worked every thing in we needed! Such a great trip! Thank you Nancy!!


Charmagne Howe Douglas

5 August 2018

Nancy is the BEST! She got my entire family a great deal on a destination wedding for my brother in Jamaica. She had to put up with multiple people contacting her to make changes, split bills and ask questions and she arranged flights from all over the US. She got back to us quickly every time we called or emailed. Somehow she was able to keep us all straight and remembered all of our names.

I was not an easy client. I had a hard time making up my mind about my travel dates and I asked a million questions but she was always friendly and helpful. She seems just as excited as we are about this trip!

Yesterday was the due date for the payment and I had not looked at my phone to see that she had messaged me. My credit card was not accepting the zip code I had given her. We've been going back and forth on the phone all day trying to figure it out. This evening got on the phone with my credit card's customer service and I was texting Nancy at the same time saying, "try it now," "try it now..." I probably asked her to re-enter the card information over 50 times today. It is now almost midnight and the payment finally processed. Throughout all of this she has been nothing but kind and patient.

Working with Nancy has been the best customer service experience I have had in a long time. I definitely can't say the same thing about my credit card company. I highly recommend Journeys!

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