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I am a freelance interior, food and product photographer and consultant with iscan360VR, offering 4K high-resolution photographs for digital use and printing.

I create floor plans, walkthrough tours and 360 images, which can be viewed on a computer, tablet, smartphone or with a 3D visor.



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Photography is all about storytelling. It’s like a movie told in one frame. Observation sense. Having a vision. Seeing what is in front of you, knowing how you want it to be translated visually. Knowing what you and the client need. High-quality equipment. Timing.

There are many questions to ask and discuss so that there is an understanding and an agreement of expectations on both sides. The critical question for me to ask is: What is the aim?

That I am able to look, see, observe and communicate with images. Photography is all about storytelling. It’s like a movie told in one frame. As the photographer, I am the director, producer, cinematographer, art director, writer and editor all in one.

Photography and drawing for me are the same. They are about observation and contemplation; letting your hand be directed by your eyes. Letting your mind be open to information and impressions, proportions, angles, light and shade. Letting your reactions work instinctively with experience and technique, whether taking a shot or making a mark.

I saw a way of combining my love of creating with my business sense. I was born with a left hand/ right hand brain!

I believe that running my freelance businesses, a proven track record, my flexibility, professionalism, technical and practical skills make me a strong candidate.

For most of my professional life I have worked in the field of creative industries; the arts, design and photography, the most pertinent being my four year position as head of photographic conservation department of South Troms Museum in Northern Norway. In addition to my profession I am absolutely passionate about interiors and design; renovating and building several properties. One of my highlights has been my collaboration as photographer and stylist with Norwegian Interior designer, Christel Boquist, with articles published in Norwegian Interior design and real estate magazines.


Images for marketing, both digital and print-ready

Walkthrough virtual reality for pc, tablet, smartphone or visor.

Allows you to incorporate information and details within the virtual tour and identify important information or details.