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Cindy Green Snider

Great coaches!


Terri Thompson

Great gym and great people!


Chris Theoharis

Great facility, everything you need to get strong and fast.


Rob Hunt

Love the people and the environment! Knowledge meets practical meets hard work and encouragement!


Elizabeth Cocilova Hale

Love it here! Paul, Shelley & all of the staff are helpful & encouraging. Y'all have helped me go further than I ever thought possible. Thank you!


Justin Tyler Lewis

Generous coaches. A good gym for all level of athlete.


Christy Brown

I feel so encouraged to better myself! I miss it when I am not there.


Edward Yarber

It was very to know there is a 📦 in our hometown. Thank you Anna and Paul for the coaching. The WOD was awesome!
Go Indians!


Katy Large

Dropped in while traveling - super friendly coaches and athletes, and nice facility (love all the daylight!). Thanks for a great workout! :-)


Shannon N Leann Meadows

Great coaches and a very welcoming environment! Highly recommend you give it a try.


Brian Flick

I was in for the week from Dallas, and was welcomed in by the owners. Thanks for letting me come play, and I will defiantly be back if/when I'm back in town.


Kaelob Shook

Great facility and coaches that embody everything about crossfit will defiantly go back if I'm in the area again. Thank you Paul and everyone for letting me drop in.


Cindy Gillespie Clark

I miss y'all already!!!! Had a great time during my three drop-in days! What a great group of people! Super encouraging, friendly environment with awesome owners! I learned something new every day that I was there! Will definitely be back the next time I'm in the area! :-) More...


Milissa Martin

I was in the area for business and dropped in. The gym is nice...the workout area is large with plenty of equipment. Everyone was friendly & I even heard a new tip that helped me improve my form. If you're looking for a place to workout, give Iron Mountain Crossfit a try. More...


Anna Leigh Burrill

I love every chance I get to go! Instructors are skilled but very down to earth, supportive, and fun. They even do the WODs with us when they can! I love the IMCF family and the opportunity to stay in the peak of health. More...


Connor Henderson

A great gym with good coaches, friendly athletes of diverse skill level, and an overall warm and welcoming environment.

The programming is on key with all metabolic pathways and well thought out. Strength portion of the programming allows for easy progression and minimizes overtraining. Some gyms I have been to poorly select the strength portion and results in overtraining symptoms like shoulder over use injuries or lower back and hip stiffness. I always feel limber even when sore when I come to the gym.

My mother and father are complete beginners and Paul and Amy work hard to keep them motivated. Good leaders/ coaches know their guys. These individuals know how to keep people who would not otherwise be working out and transform them into eager pupil /athletes. This is done through positive affirmation and attitudes, good interpersonal skills, and a perspective that is appropriate (we are here to get fit, not get the best at crossfit).

Who wants to go to a gym that you don't enjoy your peers and have fun? Iron mountain is a friendly place that you will love coming to and will make friends. Of the four crossfit gyms I have been too, by far the best!


Caitlin Adkins

I didn't think I would ever find a box that could hold a candle to the one where I began my CrossFit journey, but Iron Mountain CrossFit proved me wrong. This box quickly became my favorite place to train (and dance). The coaches and members are all welcoming and encouraging.

IMCF also challenged me physically this summer, their workouts are no joke! However, the coaches do an amazing job at welcoming all ability levels and coming up with many scaling options for those who need it--so don't be intimidated!

If you are looking for a place to train or are thinking about trying CrossFit for the first time, I would without a doubt recommend this box and community. Plus, you'll get a chance to brush up on your dance moves and maybe even learn some new ones.

*I think my brother said it all in the most recent review, so check out his review!


Alex Adkins

Spending the summer in Abingdon working, I was eagerly looking for a box to train at and I don't think I could have found a better one. I first met Paul and some members of Iron Mountain at a community Crossfit event called Friday Night Lights, which is fitting because Iron Mountain embodies such a strong community within itself. From day one, I was treated like I had been there for years and it wasn't the typical awkward drop-in that has become so familiar.

I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed being here and working out with all the people and coaches, but I think what makes Iron Mountain Crossfit so special is the fact that it is so welcoming to people of all training levels. From people totally foreign to a barbell and working out in general, to people training for regionals and beyond, Iron Mountain Crossfit is a place where egos are checked at the door and everyone is simply there to better his/herself.

If you're ever in the area like I was, or are on the fence about joining Crossfit, I 100% recommend checking this box out.

P.S. If you enjoy dancing or rapping, this box may also be for you. ������


Jeremy Johnson

After a few trips here I'm in love with this place. Just awesome folks. I've never felt so at home so quickly, and I've never been worked quite as hard. If you want CrossFit, this is the place for you. More...

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