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I keep it very simple.

I take portraits. Of people. Like you!

I'm incredibly experienced at making you look your absolute best. I have been photographing most of my adult life and have transformed a passion into my creative craft since 2017.


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1 November 2019

Iain is such an incredible photographer, he makes you feel so comfortable and knows how to get the best headshots out of actors. I’m so happy with them and can’t recommend him enough! He’s amazing! More...

30 October 2019

Great session with Iain! He was terrific and really made things easier. And he captured some truly amazing shots! Cannot recommend highly enough!

25 October 2019

Iain was amazing! He captured some fantastic new headshots for me and was a pleasure to be around. I'll definitely keep him in mind when I need more headshots in the future!

24 October 2019

Loved working with Iain! He has great energy, an excellent sense of direction and how to properly utilize light to your advantage. Beyond the technical, he knows how to make you feel comfortable and will make sure you’re relaxed and having a great time while shooting. 10/10 would recommend! More...

23 October 2019

Getting headshots done can feel like a chore, so it's great to have someone like Iain behind the camera who knows the struggle of an #actorslife, and will work with you to get the looks you want, and make it fun! Definitely recommend the unlimited option, since Ian is quick and insightful and works to make every image capture something new. More...

23 October 2019

Iain got me out of a bind when I needed shots of my new long-haired look FAST. He gave super thoughtful direction and ideas. The guy really cares and it shows. Loved it More...

23 October 2019

Had the most wonderful headshot session with Iain. Headshots can be tricky when you take into account just how much goes into them. Iain was on top of everything! He gave excellent direction. Was always aware of lighting. Gave excellent advise in terms of wardrobe and posing and all the while made me feel really confident in the work I was doing! Not to mention, the shots turned out amazing! More...

23 October 2019

Ian is dedicated as well as friendly. He will definitely find how to make you stand out. I’ve had different people do my headshots and so far Ian’s work is my favorite.

23 October 2019

gave great direction, knows how to utilize light, and is personable and engaging.

14 August 2019

Iain from IPFM created the best headshots experience I've ever had, and the amount of brilliant headshots from the session was quite staggering. As a Headshot Photographer, he really knows exactly how to achieve the industry standards, and the kinds of shots that are going to get you in the room auditioning with casting directors. A lot of what makes his shots standout comes from his first hand experience of being infront of the camera and a working actor. I've done many many headshot sessions before, but Iain brought tricks and methods that I've never seen anyone bring into the studio. He's also very relaxed and creative which certainly helps bring out your most 'real' version of yourself. Cant recommend this unique service highly enough. More...

11 May 2019

Iain is a friendly, EXPERT photographer who takes his work seriously. He is very passionate about his work and it shows in his productions. I worked with Iain on a project not too long ago and had the best experience filming the commercial. Iain is very personable, down to Earth and his work is amazing. A true professional to work with I would definitely recommend Iaian for any of your photography or filming needs. More...

8 May 2019

Having recently worked with Iain, I discovered that not all photographers are created equal. What an experience we had I have never had so much fun whilst being on camera. Iain knows how to make anyone feel comfortable and relaxed so you get the very best out of your time with him. HIGHLY recommended. More...


I love combining my decades of experience as a Screen Actor with my passion for capturing the truth of who my subjects really are, at their core – all while presenting that moment in a beautifully functional industry standard headshot that will serve you brilliantly in your career!

I was inspired to start this business by my continued negative experiences with other headshots photographers. They weren't bad at their job, but it was just that they didn't interact with Actors at a level and in language that truly gets the most out of an Actor or Actress.

Actors are energy workers. They are. Honoring their commitment to this craft is crucial to understanding the process and I pride myself on this.

Starting IPFM Headshots was an easy decision once I truly gave myself permission to acknowledge my strength in allowing Actors to bring their own craft to each photo shoot and then just gently prompting them in the direction that might just 'get that shot' from an observant place that never judges.

Clients who are serious about feeling good about their headshots should truly consider me.

Without fail, my clients are always happy with their shots and they tell me. I also have competitive rates that other photographers can't match and is based in love, not greed.

Getting headshots is often just seen as smiles-and-looks captured by point-and-shoot but it is so much more than that.

When I work with a client I engage, conversationally, to find out where they are at in their life, career and love of their craft. I utilize these conversation to allow myself the chance to truly SEE the person before me which helps me know how to capture who they truly are.

Photography is a gift I get to give to all and I'm truly grateful that I may have the chance to work with you.



One great price for as many looks as you can fit into our 2.5 hours together. Your choice of Studio or Location shoot.