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Intuitive Edge Design is an experienced Marketing Firm located in Syracuse NY. They will help you become THE authority in your niche, multiply your client base, and grow your bottom line. They offer marketing services such as Web design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), & Lead Generation globally but love to work with people from Upstate New York.


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Melina Carnicelli

7 November 2018

Zac, of Intuitive Edge Design, is very attentive to detail, eager to please his customers, and excellent at his work. I am so happy with my company's website redesign. and I highly recommend him to you!


Kate D Mahoney

1 February 2018

Intuitive Edge will take you to the next level!
I came to Zac with no understanding of the inter webs and needed to up my game as a newly published author. Zac met with me, thoughtfully tackled making my vision a reality, even when my understanding of my vision changed. He explained tasks, offered new ideas, utilized software and worked his magic behind the scenes to create my website. I appreciated his patience and respect for my learning curve. By tracking hashtags and creating click thru to sales, Zac provided me a clear path which generated clients and income.
Zac has his finger on the pulse of web engineering and it's role in a successful business.
I will always have a lot to learn in this field, because the market is constantly changing. But thanks to Intuitive Edge Design, I now share my story, my product with a wider audience and compete on the world's stage.

-Kate D. Mahoney
International Speaker, Ambassador for Patients & Caregivers, Author of The Misfit Miracle Girl: Candid Reflections


Joyce Appel

21 January 2018

I was in need of a website for my newly expanded Integrative medicine business in the spring of 2015. I had previously made a simple website on my own from one of the popular online companies, but other than that I knew nothing of how to build a truly useful page for my business. I hired Zac Hansen of Intuitive Edge Design and he was very easy to work with. Zac has a holistic background and truly understood what I was looking for. He was very patient with my questions, and taught me as we moved through the whole process. My website is more than I could have possibly imagined. It is eye-catching, beautiful, and easy to navigate. I get many compliments on it and new customers are finding me because of it. I know you will be very happy with your new website developed by Intuitive Edge Design! More...


Tracey Wright

15 January 2018

My favorite part about working with Zac from Intuitive Edge Design was the personal growth and seeing the website and my dream business actually take shape (and the entire team behind IED that brought my vision to life). If I had worked with another website designer, it would have been ‘canned’ and the designer is separate, and the SEO is totally separate and at a large additional cost, and there would lack the fluidity I have ended up with.

I needed a website to showcase what I do, drive traffic and jobs to my business, give potential clients a place to understand what I do, have a place for my blogs.

I thought it was out of my budget. I asked for other quotes as I got serious about doing this and realized that the price I was quoted, including all that comes with it, is very inexpensive- IED should be charging more! Had a gone with another company, I would have gotten a ‘canned’ website with only my content added it. I would have also not grown as I did working with IED. My business and website grew as well. My website is far from canned – it is designed for me and my unique take on the message I want to deliver. The entire IED team was part of this: SEO, Logo (incl bus card, banners, rack cards, icons, colors, fonts) and web design all worked together with me in helping me realize my website dream. In fact – it has turned out to be WAY better than what I had envisioned.

I thought ‘oh I don’t know what I want in a website or what my content should be, do I have enough even for a website?’ See – I’m creating my own market and niche and I will help riders realize they need my skills – so do I have enough to even warrant a website. Again, working with Zac, he helped me formulate my goals through the website development process. The person I was when I started this process is not at all the person I am now as this process is finishing. If I had gone with a ‘canned’ website designer firm, my personal growth would not have been considered or part of this process. Yet that was an integral part of bringing my website to it’s beautiful fruition.

I’ve talked to other website designers and there is nothing like the personalization you get with working with IED. I never understood that until I actually started working with the team – just how personalized this project is. Had I gone with anyone else, all of that would have been lost not to mention the personal growth that happened because I chose to work with IED.

The biggest benefits I enjoyed working with Zac and the team where Personalization!! Personalization!! Personalization!!, Ease of working with IED team and deadlines to keep us all on track, and the entire IED team working together with me.

Also, whatever your needs are that come up during the process, IED will either connect you to the right person with that area of expertise, have a link with info to help you, or will point you in the right direction to get that help.

The end result is so much better than I had envisioned – seriously. When I saw the website, right before it’s launch, I was so touched and dumbfounded and overwhelmed, it took me a good 30 min to digest it all to stop saying “WOW”! For real!

Working with Intuitive Edge Design is totally worth it! Be prepared to grow into the business person you don’t know you have in you to be.

IED or bust – that’s all there is to it. You have no idea what greatness you have in yourself and your business until you embark upon this journey with IED. Their team already sees it and they are very adept at drawing it out of you.

[If I were on stage …. I’d drop the mic now].


Mariesa Dranschak

15 January 2018

I needed to update my website to reflect my services more accurately and to increase my reach throughout the world.

I am a Conscious Life Coach, Ambassador of Consciousness, and Reiki Master. I integrate all of my training and skills as I collaborate with my clients, to create and live the life they desire.

I had no hesitations building my platform with Intuitive Edge Design. I have worked with them in the past to create my first website and was completely satisfied with that experience. I knew that they would walk me through the process of developing my new site content, branding, and automations, all things that I have no idea how to do on my own. Their patience and expertise throughout the project assured me I was in good hands.

A favorite part of working with Intuitive Edge Design is their patience and professionalism in guiding me to define the look, feel, and personality of my brand through their in-depth questioning, suggestions, and experience. This made me really think about what exact message and image I wanted to project to the world through my site.

If you are looking for a new site or a modern make over, Yes! Do it! If Intuitive Edge Design can guide a not-so-confident technology user like myself through the process of creating a brand and website as wonderful as this is, they can absolutely work magic with you.

Based on my first experience with them I was confident it would work out well. However, my new website exceeds all that I thought was possible. Intuitive Edge Design’s services and product went above and beyond what I expected.

I would say the three biggest benefits of working with them are:
• Patient and professional collaboration
• High level of technological expertise
• Clear, supportive baby steps to accomplish along the creative path to completion
I am more confident in articulating my services and business to others. I am more confident interacting with technology. I now have a logo and brand to promote my services. I am now more visible and comfortable on social media. I am now able to offer opportunities for interaction through my website.

I just want to thank you, for your patience and all of the time you spent with me, breaking things down into comprehensible, bite-sized chunks. Technology, websites, and social media are not my most comfortable areas, yet you helped me to tackle them with growing confidence.