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InteriorSense is dedicated to helping clients achieve meaningful, creative and cost effective design solutions. As an independent consultancy we believe that design is of paramount importance whatever your budget .... and that's what we focus on.



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Every project is different so the first step is to talk with you about your requirements and form what we would describe as a brief; basically a comprehensive project description of location, size, function, budget, time frame and any other relevant factors. This is really important to making sure any design we produce is meaningful and satisfies what you want to achieve with it.
Once this is compiled and agreed with you every project process is the same starting with the general aspects and gradually working through to the particular detail. It's logical......there's no point in getting excited about a really funky bit of detail if the overall shape and form of a design is unclear. We'll start off with the space planning to ensure that there is adequate room for everything you want to include, followed by the concept design which explores colour, style and general atmosphere. When you've approved the overall design concept we proceed to concept development which shows how the design is applied to all surfaces of the interior; floors, walls and ceilings.

InteriorSense doesn't provide a design and supply/build service but we can help you to find suitable suppliers or fabricators to construct your project. Alternatively we can also collaborate with your preferred supplier/fabricator and are happy to discuss the optimum way of achieving a good end result.

Contemporary, Traditional, Classic, Themed or any permutation thereof.

What I love most about what I do is the metamorphosis that takes place starting from the empty page/screen and gradually developing in to something tangible, imbued with life, vitality and emotion that people are going to enjoy using. Restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel, spa, home........these are all important environments for people for which meaningful and considered design is essential. I can never lose my enthusiasm for this incredible process. It makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!

After building up a lot of valuable experience with some great consultancies in the UK and overseas it was a natural progressions to start my own business. It was great being part of a team and designing collaboratively for a wide variety of corporate clients but under these circumstances the influence a designer can have is limited. Running my own business allows me to give personal,focused attention to projects, something that creates a much better designer/client relationship leading to a better end result. Being your own boss isn't easy but on the whole it is very rewarding professionally and I'm in control of what I do.

Why choose InteriorSense? You'll get a personal approach from a senior design professional with extensive international experience. You'll also get independent advice not affiliated to any supplier or products. Any design or specifications will be driven by what is best for the project. I love what I do and there is nothing I like better than showing a client the possibilities.