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The central mission of InterCoast Colleges is to provide associates degrees and certificate programs for careers in allied health, business, and skilled trade industries and prepare students to meet employer expectations for entry level employment.

Address: 2235 East Garvey Avenue North, West Covina, CA 91791, USA

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Michael R.

14 August 2019

Intercoast Colleges Electrical program is a very informative and hands on course. Everything that is taught is first done through lecture, and is then is tested out in the lab through hands on exercises which keeps the curriculum very structured. The lead Instructor Mr.Martin has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the Electrical trade. You can easily tell by the way this program is ran. He is easily approachable and willing to answer any questions that students have. I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to learn and put forth the effort to begin a successful career in the Electrical field. More...


Xavier D.

9 August 2019

Best school and staff at what they do. Top notch by far. Thanks to all the staff for everything. This school really changed my life and gave me an opportunity at manifesting my dreams to a reality. They really do a good job of letting you know what you're doing before you do it. Thanks intercoast!!!! More...


Lorelle Bethany Lawrence

20 July 2019

I had a wonderful experience attending this school! Excellent instructors and staff who were experienced and caring. They helped me pursue me in the right direction and encouraged me to succeed. Thank you for believing in me. Highly recommend this institution for those that want to pursue their education! More...


Oliver J.

11 July 2019

Icc is a great funfilled campus!! Im in the electrical trade and this campus offers alot of help when it comes  to looking for jobs and getting a feel of what it is like to be in the field!! Howard and joey have helped alot through my schooling, whether it was answering all my questions, job leads and giving me all the tools i need!!!  come in and have a talk with them, you wont regret it!! Change ya life!!!!! More...


NAthan S.

9 July 2019

This School was the single best decision I have made in life! I enrolled into Intercoast College in July of 2018, graduated April of 2019, and found my career June of 2019. After submitting applications all over the area, I was actually able to pick and choose which company best suited me and my lifestyle. I have to say with all of the knowledge gained and help from from admin, I was very confident in finding the right job for me. The new campus is very beneficial for your learning experience and they provide you with everything you will need to succeed. If you're interested in finding the right career for you, Intercoast College is a great start! More...


Michael Smith

24 May 2019

Intercoast College is a fair and responsible provider of an assortment of different carrier paths . the instructors are in the top of their professions and have always been helpful and courteous whenever assistance was needed, the students always come first.


John B.

9 May 2019

Hello everyone. InterCoast Collage-West Covina location is a great place to advance in the future of your career choice. I am Jonny B. the new kid on the ICC block (if you will). I am approaching thirty days here and I am experiencing a wonderful learning experience. The staff here are friendly, knowledgeable and always available to assist. I am currently developing my knowledge and skills in Alcohol and Drug Counseling and therefore, overjoyed to acquire my career knowledge and skills in Instructor's Brennan's class, she is both knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in the field of Substance Abuse Treatment. The very first member of ICC. that you will encounter is the receptionist "monique" who will greet you with a professional warm, and informative welcoming, then get you where you need to be to start on your exciting journey here at Intercoast Collage-West Covina.Just a short word to the diligent career seekers.Blessings! More...


Laura A.

6 May 2019

I must say that the staff at the school is so helpful. I went to gather information about the substance abuse course and was greeted and asked what I needed assistance with. Once I told them they guided me to the proper person and I even got greeted by the school campus president Christine Sanchez. She was helpful and engaged with me asking me what course I wanted to take. The financial department helped me and it was a smooth enrollment. Loving my class and my instructor I couldn't of asked for a better beginning and a school that works with me and understands what I need.  Thank you InterCoast Anaheim Campus!!! More...


drknockit Smoothly

11 April 2019

Very well spoken personal...


shawn norman

11 April 2019

I am a Veteran of the USAF and have trained with some of the best around the world. I must say that Intercoast College has trained me and continues to support my efforts. I can honestly say that all of whom I've encountered at ICC are more like family. Going to this college has literally changed my life in the best possible ways. I will be choosing to continue my education and wouldn't go anywhere else. God bless Intercoast College and all my extended family there, you rock!!!! More...


Irene Saria

4 April 2019

Excellent school! They motivated me to move forward and continue my studies, all the teachers and stuff are very professional, cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, and organized. They also helped me to get a job in the pharmacy, mocks interviews, and my resume. All my teachers are all excellent, specially Ms. Raynor, I love her! I am so happy, because I chose to continue my education in Intercoast, they really care and truly want the best for you. More...


Kenneth Woods

27 March 2019

I'm currently a student at the riverside campus participating in the electrical program. it has been a great experience so far, I'm grateful for everything and everyone here. if it wasn't for Katie Vandenberg, I wouldnt be here. she changed my life. This school has changed my life. I highly recommend Intercoast College More...


alan perez

12 March 2019

Great people as well as a great place to learn electrical and all other offered programs!


Kathy B.

10 March 2019

I am a graduate of the ADC on line program, finishing with my Associates degree. My overall experience with InterCoast college was excellent. From my initial phone call up to my most resent interaction squaring up a past due bill, everyone has been very helpful, professional and nice. The staff definitely played a huge part in my success to completion.  Since I graduated in 2015, I have been successfully climbing the employment ladder in my field of study. Thank you InterCoast!!Sincerely Kathy D. Belanger More...


Misa G.

4 March 2019

I am a current student enrolled in the ETP (Electrical Training Program). So far these passed 2 months have been wonderful and has changed my life for the better ! Thanks to Joey for helping me make the right choice and making sure if i need any assistance. Crystina for helping me get my FASFA situated and being the best ! Howard for all the jobs you presented and can't thank you enough!  I recommend InterCoast Colleges to any one who is interested in ETP to enroll now! More...


Eber S.

27 February 2019

I have researched and been to many trade schools,  but by far this one takes the cake. The faculty, administrators, directors and teachers are wonderfully nice and polite. Very helpful staff. They helped me with all my paperwork and FAFSA. Everything about this school is just so great. More...


Arianna H.

20 February 2019

Intercoast College of Fairfield is the best choice I've ever made. The staff was very kind and helpful with my journey. They would always make sure that you succeed in your work and understood what you have going on if you couldnt make it to school on time or couldnt make it at all.  I want to give my special thanks to Linelle, Shannon, Nicole, Justin, Shantelle, Tina, Jason, Alfonso, and Alan. These wonderful people are the reason why I'm a HVAC Service Technician. More...


Ronnie Ruiz

10 February 2019

Great Staff, very helpful.


Maurice J.

6 February 2019

Intercoast  Colleges really changed my life for the good the teamwork was off the chain I really say special thanks to Mr Chris and Joey they helped me thru the steps that was asked of me and I finished the course . To the whole team I give my thanks! More...


Nareth Ung

12 December 2018

InterCoasst Colleges's not only enhance my educational knowlege for my career choice, but Inter Coast is also help me to build my confident returning back to school.


Chris Hogan

28 November 2018

Intercoast college in riverside knows their stuff. Faculty are all very helpful and resourceful and very nice. I jus graduated from the (ETP) electrical training program and i enjoyed every minute of it, I learned so much here. These were life changing steps taken to benefit me for the rest of my life. Thanks intercoast More...


Jose E. Acosta Serna

28 November 2018

This school has changed for the better ever since Giery Mijangos took over. I just finished the electrical program and our instructor Mr. Barrow is amazing. We had lab 50% of the time I was there. The school staff goes out of their way to help you out. I will recommend this school to anyone trying to better their future. More...


Lisana Montes

12 November 2018

Gosh, I came into Intercoast not knowing a thing about electrical and was afraid to join thought I wouldn't be able to handle it. I have now gained so much knowledge and experience coming to intercoast. Terry and Mr. Massia answered any and all questions I had in class or lab, which I am very grateful for. Also, Want to recognize Howard for his amazing share in making Intercoast such a smooth road for the students. His dedication and hard work for us all is above and beyond. He goes to the extremes for his students. So many job opportunities for us, thanks to Howard for having that passion for us students to grow and get somewhere in life. I cannot think of anything he has Not done for alllll of us students. Thanks to Cindy as well for her great work and structure at Intercoast. Because of her is how I've gotten so far in school and didn't get terminated and graduating. She was so on the ball with making sure her students were passing and attendance was maintained. Felt like she was my mom that I needed lol. Thank you to all the staff here at Intercoast you have all been a part of making the students have a great journey to their dreams. I come to school as if you all are my family. One last thing, thank you all for hearing out all our concerns and suggestions to having Intercoast a great school for us. It has tremendously changed for the better from the first day I was here till now. I am now on my way to having my own business and mark my words I will be coming back to hire some of these students when I make it big :) More...


Cruz Ortega

12 November 2018

Intercoast college has to be the greatest thing my life has came across.the staff joined with me to help me get across and over some of the most crucial obstacles that stood in my way.any problem i encounterd was solved with guidence . instructions and care.no future direction.they gave me that.instilled a belief with patience that i would an did suceed in society.the proffesser mr thomas is so great.a non bias person.had i gone to another college other then intercoast i would not been able to grasp the understanding needed to learn.but thomas scripted his teaching to fit my level of understanding.a 5 stars to intercoast for giveing me a future to hold on to. dont contamplate that its to late there is no such word at intercoast college.i come from the depths of life.but now im on my way to the top.thank you intercoast college an thank you staff to many names to mention.every single one of you had a part in helping me to get here and you know i am greatful to you.if cruz did it.so can you trust intercoast college in helping you to achive sucess in your life. More...


Blanca Gamboa

12 November 2018

Hello i am currently attending InterCoast, West Covina campus. I wanted to take a few minutes to share my experience with you all. I am pleased to say that i am proud to be part of such a great family, our school is small and close knit. Everyone here is fantastic. Chris our school President takes pride in his staff and students not one day goes by without him making his rounds saying hello to everyone. Its never been a better time to be a student here.I am a school ambassador and i know first hand that if anything needs addressing Chris is more than willing to listen and make changes. As far as our instructors, I can't say enough about them Mr. Massia and Mr. Carver are wonderful. Mr. Massia with his math and wanting to teach us all the "whys" and Terry being the first one in and last one out show devition and dedication that is hard to match.So if you are thinking about furthering your education come by and talk to Joey he is great everyone here is great. More...


Daniel G.

24 October 2018

Thank you Joey Merando. You have help me make the right decision to change my future! Thank you


Harry M.

15 October 2018

Crystina Anderson.......... simply the best. Sincerely Harry Martinez Intercoast college ETP student


Garrick Schroder

4 October 2018

ICC has put me on track to a successful and fulfilling career. I am a recent graduate of ICC and completed the HVAC/R program. From the curriculum to the staff this place is great. The staff and instructors really care about the students here. Your not just a number or a dollar sign to these folks. I'm so glad I came here. Thanks ICC and staff of Fairfield campus. More...


Jannet FierrosCruz

31 July 2018

I Love studying to be an Alcohol and Drug Counseling


Austin Weyant

23 July 2018

great school


Cheyanne Alexzandra Lee Lopez

23 July 2018

I love the staff and absolutely love my instructor Ms. Lisa ❤️


Eleazar Cisneros

23 July 2018

Overall it's a good school, the one big knock I have of this school is they don't give enough lab traiNing. Also there was a teacher that showed a lot of favoritism and if you didn't kiss his ass he failed you. That was the only Module I didn't get an A in. All the other classes were A plus work, that shows there was something"HINKEY"WITH THAT DUDE! I'm currently a student at the Riverside California campus More...


Jerome Thompson

23 July 2018

Intercoast College Riverside campus changed my life. Thank you Katie Vandenberg for encouraging me, believing in me and giving me this opportunity. I've never been happier in my life. If you are looking to become an electrician I highly recommend Intercoast College. Go see Katie!!! More...


Diana Chipres

23 July 2018

That was a great advisory Board meeting! Thank you Michelle, Jim and your Instructors for your passion and dedication to your students, our future employee's!


Willie Reed

23 July 2018

Just like any school pay attention be there... and you can make something of yourself... I will definitely recommend it... only thing is I wish they had weekend classes More...


Marquis Mcbride

1 July 2018

They are accredited would recommend that you have complete focus when you go here just as long do your work and u take it serious it will pay off in the end.


Mr Smith

10 June 2018

Mr Martin is an awesome teacher he make sure you learn what he teaches.Mr Fernandez is a awesome Teacher as well.Sandra Awesome an Beautiful she Makes Sure We are not Slacking She will Call To Make Sure You're okay also.Kody Is One of A Kind Real Mature Young Dude I Believe he's the Youngest Staff Member of The School If Sandra Not There Kody The Next Go To Guy He's always polite energetic An is There For All Your Office Based Needs Enjoli The Administrator Beyond Awesome She is very caring person she make sure she does everything to make sure you understand why your here an is it something you really want to do before going thru paperwork an signingI have 4 months left with Inter Coast College an I'm so Happy I Made the decision to Start A Career As An Electrician I have Job offers as I Write this.Come Get Your Career Going With Inter Cost College More...


Tracy Hurley

10 June 2018

I think that Neena is absolutely amazing. I moved to a different state and she is still going above and beyond to help me look for work. I am very appreciative.


Antonio Perez

27 May 2018

I graduated in 2007, I have been in my field for 10 years. I learned more about myself as well as how to be a productive and effective counselor. I also obtained my AA in substance abuse it matters! Thank you InterCoast for all you gave me. More...


Rob Donath

27 May 2018

I have nothing but positive things to say about Intercoast. If you are looking for a hands on, approachable and knowledgeable staff and an outright outstanding education ( I studied alcohol and drug counseling) you are making a wise choice in researching ICC for your future. The administration worked with my personal concerns, financial aide was a breeze, and career counseling was diligent in finding myself an internship and possible future career. (i'm interning now). I am a chpt. 33 VA student and everything has been nothing less than exemplary. And i've been to other schools. ICC will stand with you in your education. My instructors have become my colleagues. Robert Donath More...


BeautyConspiracy Gaymer

27 May 2018

Great school and the faculty is really hands-on!


Jose Uribe

27 May 2018

I started the electrical training program 2 months ago and already I have learned so much. The instructors are very knowledgeable about the trade and are always willing to help.


Krissy R.

23 September 2017

Celebrating Recovery event is happening now! It's awesome to share in this event with ICC staff, students and community!! Come on down and join us !!


Julius P.

23 September 2017

Great event today. Students shared their stories on how going back to school changed their lives. Definitely a great day to celebrate recovery!


Mayra D.

13 July 2017

I work here and I love it we are all like a big happy family. We work hard to help every student that we can


Lizete B.

5 March 2016

Admission rep Liza Mercado was helpful, nice, and thorough on what to expect.  Thank you for your guidance! My boyfriend is excited and looking forward to go through your program.


Billy C.

10 January 2016

I have to say one thing, I think you get exactly what you want from this school....teachers are awesome and want to help...but we as students have to help ourselves. This school has awesome placement. I never hear students say, they were not able to get a job. I've been gifted enough to watch student after student leave this school with a job.. I'm a AOD student, and have made so many new friends,  my teacher Sid has been awesome and my intake counselor Katie ROCKS! I will never be student of the year...LOL...but I do hands down, RECOMMEND this school. Im currently at the Riverside campus..love it.You want the real scoop..you ask them to have William show you around...I would be glad too. William Cochran Big Root,Riv, Co More...


Antoinette Williams

4 June 2015

Businesses may have to change staff from time to time. Thank goodness for this; it has to help diminish the unemployment statistics. However, i attended the Burbank campus back in 2009/2010. Staff was very supportive and made it a point to keep any newly hired staff to keep with the class curriculum. Several of my classmates that I have continued to keep in touch with have been working every since they completed their internship. This includes me as well. Classes, Schools and Staff can only do so much. They Student has to be committed and do their part. I am grateful for my experiences and education at Intercoast college as well as their continued support in taking my calls and providing answers regarding CEU's and jobs relocation when I moved. Thank you INTERCOAST!!!: More...


Jim G.

1 March 2015

Great teachers, students and administration! I referred 2 friends! I love the convenience, facility and how much staff cares.


Alisha D.

13 February 2015

Great school .. Got my life back on track ! Thanks intercoast


Lindsay P.

19 January 2015

My experience with Intercoast has been very positive! The staff is extremely friendly and call you occasionally to make sure your not having any difficulties. Dee and Shavonne have been so nice and walked me through my whole enrollment process. Dee took me through everything and was on the phone with me the entire time and talked me through every step. Definately a school I would recommend. More...


Andre K.

15 January 2015

Great school. I have some friends that attended the Orange campus and they love it


Echo M Sanders

11 June 2013

Ryan is what makes this place really rad to come to

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