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Helping you live your happiest and healthiest life. I put custom programs together for my clients based on their health and wellness goals. I specialize in lifestyles that include a lower sugar and processed carb lifestyle. Ask about my #BrokeUpWithSugar program today!

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Karen Karnes

6 April 2019

I'm 46 years old and never had a problem with weight. I still don't but have noticed a big change in my body over the past couple of years. Also, IBS symptoms daily, no matter what I ate. My husband and I started with clean eating, but it wasn't until I received Syl's help and guidance that I noticed a significant change in my body. My daily IBS symptoms have been gone. The pudgy look I saw and felt is going away. And I feel great! My husband has noticed a significant change and weight loss too. Sylvia is such a positive role model herself. She lives what she teaches. More...


Mark Christensen

6 February 2019

Syl is my wife so I am a little bias, but with her knowledge, motivation and help I have lost 11% of my body weight and feel better than I have in years. I used to take a 5 hour energy every afternoon to get me through the day, no longer. My knee pain, gone. I used to joke that I was still in puberty because of acne, gone. What she has taught me about food has changed my life. The food system in America is set up to make you fail. Syl can guide you through the maze, you will be glad you did it. More...


Kaitlyn Leiter

6 December 2018

I have nothing but good things to say about Syl. She is a positive, motivating, walking breathing inspiration! Syl helped me with one on one coaching and devising a personalized meal plan made just for me to help me reach my goals of weight loss and over all health. She is not only overwhelmingly knowledgeable in health and wellness but she is an all around positive and motivating force that makes you want to give it your all. The best part is she is open and candid with you, just like a best friend- she really puts her all into helping you out because she CARES and is genuinely invested and passionate about helping others reach their health goals. Invest in Syl and you invest in your best self! More...


Benjamin Marte

6 December 2018

Why hiring someone like Syl Christensen when embarking on the keto journey? Simple, keto is hard and if you just read articles online and do meal plans you will most likely fail due to poor guidance.That's where someone like Syl Christensen shines not only does she coach you but she educates you on how your body works and breaks down the nutrients you eat into good healthy energy for your body.She will guide you through every step of the way, whether you are at the grocery store and have a question about a product or need help reading/understanding how nutrition labels try to trick you into thinking they are healthy Sylvia is a text message away providing you with assistance so you make the correct choices.Finding alternative meals or recipes to calm cravings or finding new ways to eat some of your old favorites, Syl Christensen will be there giving you healthy options that won't make you feel like you are starving yourself.Doing keto is not a diet it's you changing your lifestyle and learning how to modify your eating habits in order to succeed and live a healthy life.In 3 months I lost 25lbs and 2 waist sizes all thanks to her coaching and support, so if you are up to the challenge and really want to be successful doing keto I can't recommend Syl Christensen enough. More...

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