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Integral offers in-office tutoring in many areas: Latin, history, essay writing... However, it prides itself in mathematics at all levels, in the physical sciences (Chemistry and Physics especially), and in SAT/PSAT and ACT preparation. Standardized test preparation is done using proprietary materials.


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Conner Hoban

30 June 2019

Jeff has been amazingly helpful to me. He helped me increase my SAT score by 200 points and helped me land a 5 on the AP Calculus exam.


Emily Lytle

6 April 2019

I have been with Integral Tutoring and Jeff Kalb for 2 years now. As a high school student, juggling sports and a rigorous curriculum, Mr. Kalb has been available to me whenever I need, which was important to me personally in finding a tutor. He adapted to my learning style and has helped me greatly over the past couple years. I have used Integral Tutoring ACT prep as well. His preparation and test-taking methods were great, and very helpful on test day! More...


Sierra S.

15 March 2019

My sister & I have been going to Jeff for a few years now, and he is the best! He is so helpful and very patient. I have failed calculus 5 times, and after going to Jeff, I finally passed!! I highly recommend him to everyone who needs extra help with math or science. You won't find a better tutor. More...


Alicia Bowman

23 July 2018

Jeff is one of the best tutors out there. He helped me many years ago. He has a patience and an ease about him that helped overcome the frustration I was feeling. He explained things in ways I could understand and when I still didn't "get it," he would find another way. It didn't take long for him to get me back on track. More...


rob in nomura

6 June 2018

We have worked with Jeff for over 2 years now with all 3 of my kids with various subjects and he has truly made a huge difference in each of their classes. He was especially helpful with working with my son over the Summer on his on-line French class. More...


Jennifer B.

24 June 2017

We were lucky enough to find Integral Tutoring half-way through our son's junior year. For the next year and a half Jeff Kalb helped our son with his math and science classes, and helped make sure that not only was he understanding the material, but the homework was completed on time and ready to hand in. In some cases, they worked a little bit ahead of the class syllabus. Our son went from failing 5 out of 6 classes to getting all As and Bs, and he was able to graduate on time.The tutoring schedule we set up gave our son a set time to work on science and math studies, so the rest of the time he could focus on English and other classes. We are beyond thrilled! Jeff is extremely patient and kind and was willing to work around our crazy schedule. We would recommend Integral to anyone! More...


Marisa S.

23 May 2017

Mr. Kalb is extremely helpful in math. He was considerate of my knowledge in methane made me feel good about myself. He's very helpful in whatever math you are in, and he makes sure you understand the concepts completely. I felt very prepared for my math tests and quizzes. I never felt anxious about going into an assessment because I always felt prepared. He is very flexible, helpful, and patient, he's a great teacher! More...


Erin Gale Krich

16 February 2017

We are very pleased with Jeff's tutoring for our 17 son as he prepares for SAT and ACT testing. Any messages or emails have been responded to quickly and questions answered thoroughly. I would highly recommended Integral Tutoring. More...


William J.

28 June 2016

Mr. Kalb...* goes out of his way to help me with all his resources at hand.* teaches with sensitivity so I feel good about myself.* is dedicated to his job and considerate of my schedule.* is always "on the ball."* gives me just the right amount of homework realizing that I have a full school week.* gives cool suggestions of things I can do at home to practice my math skills.* is very compassionate and loves what he does!Jessi J.Mr. Kalb is extremely proficient at math. He knows how to do every problem at a glance and teaches in a way that makes each concept easy to understand. He draws diagrams and shows all work with each step, and outlines the entire concept as he makes up his own example equations for me to work on.  He fosters an open and safe learning environment where I feel comfortable asking questions. He is smart, funny, dedicated, flexible, understanding and patient. He is a great teacher.Julia J. More...


Erin Gale Krich

We are very pleased with Jeff's tutoring for our 17 son as he prepares for SAT and ACT testing. Any messages or emails have been responded to quickly and questions answered thoroughly. I would highly recommended Integral Tutoring. More...

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I love the subjects I teach and get great satisfaction from seeing others understand them. I also enjoy teaching at this age level (5th - 12th grade), when students are just beginning to get a taste of higher learning and when their whole attitude toward education is being formed. It's an opportunity to make a real positive change in a student's life. When I do SAT and ACT test preparation, it pleases me to see a student accepted into their preferred college. The enthusiasm can be contagious.

Having worked for a successful tutoring company for about 12 years, I felt that it was far past time I strike out on my own. I prefer to have a direct relationship with my customers, and I feel that I can offer even better service to them now that I have all aspects of the tutoring experience under my control.

First, I have a very wide and deep knowledge base. I received a B.S. in Materials Science Magna Cum Laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic in upstate New York. I went on to receive a M.S. in Materials Science and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering under a National Science Foundation Fellowship. After a hiatus of 12 years in industry as a computer chip designer, I spent 3 years in the Classics Department at the University of Arizona, where I studied Latin and Greek. I have long had an interest in literature and philosophy, which I pursued independently while an engineer. While tutoring afternoons and evenings, I have also taught at liberal arts high schools since 2003 in a variety of subjects: All Mathematics (through Calculus BC), Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Latin, Roman and Greek History, Logic and Rhetoric. On account of my background I can field questions from many subjects. This gives students and their parents great flexibility, as they do not need so great a variety of tutors.

Second, I have an immense experience in tutoring, over 25,000 student-hours of it. If a student has a particular problem, it is very unlikely that I have not seen it before, perhaps even 100 times. These things become second nature at one point.