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We are an energetic and diverse dog training team, offering a range of training services including residential, 1-2-1 training and behavioural help.

We are insured, qualified and recommended by various vets and canine professionals.

insync K9 Reviews

insync K9 Reviews

Review of insync K9 by Shehra Bhambra
5 10/03/2018 Shehra Bhambra

Great training tips and super 1-2-1 interaction

Review of insync K9 by imogen murrison
5 10/03/2018 imogen murrison

Absolutely amazing - the best helping hand you could ever have to help train your dogs! Wouldn't recommend anyone more highly. X

Review of insync K9 by Amelia Murray
5 07/03/2018 Amelia Murray

Always had great service from kind vets and nurses

Review of insync K9 by paul johnson
5 04/01/2018 paul johnson

Excellent service and brilliant trainer. 5 stars from me.

Review of insync K9 by Amber Murray
5 20/12/2017 Amber Murray

Incredible service, Amelia did what we thought was impossible! She kept regular contact and we are so grateful for her amazing work!

Review of insync K9 by Rachel Evans
5 31/05/2017 Rachel Evans

Amelia is amazing. Her knowledge & kindness is unsurmountable. Would highly recommend... just wish I lived closer!

Review of insync K9 by Rockykujo Billett
5 10/04/2017 Rockykujo Billett

After a lengthy introduction from Amelia (Owner/Trainer) where all my questions were met honestly and professionally I was invited to view the training facilities and meet the team at InsyncK9. Very impressed by the qualifications and set up, deep in the countryside, surrounded by fields, of outside stables converted into heated individual kennels (also dogs can be housed in their family home if required) perfect for my type of GSD, and training paddocks, my very nervous 5 year old working strain GSD (who was developing aggressive lunging on the lead with people and dogs) spent 4 weeks with the InsyncK9 team working on a number of issues including lunging and pulling on the lead. After weekly updates and training videos I am very pleased to write how well my GSD has responded to the environment and residential training - I too have had expert coaching in a detailed handover from owners Amelia and John, in and outside of the training facility - to continue my dogs education. I now have a dog walking loosely on the lead, listening and responding to me and can see such a difference enabling him to have a much safer, contented future and support is there should I need to talk to the team again.
I would highly recommend having an initial chat with Insynck9 about your dogs training requirements. Thank you to the team for training and caring for my dog like their own.

Review of insync K9 by Julie Broad
5 31/01/2017 Julie Broad

Had one 1:1 with Jon YESTERDAY my GSD 7 month old puppy is already a completely different dog!! She was in desperate need of socialisation skills reacting to anything that moved - birds etc nevermind Jon, Amelia and Luke who she flew at with fierce aggression. Today we have walked - and I mean walked, not been yanked, pulled or dragged in a controlled calm manner (on a disused lane but still plenty of distractions) on a lead and "met" a stranger (neighbour) in a calm manner with not one sound, growl, bark to be heard. I'm gobsmacked!! Can't wait for next lesson!!

Review of insync K9 by John Rushton
5 02/01/2017 John Rushton

Absolutely brilliant lesson with Jon. Shamus my 9 month GSD is reactive on the lead to other dogs.By the time we got to see Jon, Shamus was at fever pitch! Barking at everyone and listening to no one. Within minutes Jon had taught me effective techniques that snapped Shamus straight out of it and had him ready to learn. Whilst it is early days I can already see a huge change in him and I intend to keep the regime up.
Before I went to InsyncK9 I was pretty much at my wits end, I would never give Shamus up but no one could help, everyone suggested haltis, gadgets .... no matter how expensive I bought them all!! With Jon... no expensive gadgets, no Lamentations that because I had owned Shamus from 5 months 'I had missed the critical period and I will never be able to get over that really!'.... just effective training with no judgement.... I drove from Luton to Leicester and it was so worth it.... hell I would drive to the ends of the earth for that sort of help!!

Review from Jane Swinburne and Shamus

Review of insync K9 by Ben Newton
5 08/12/2016 Ben Newton

I have been working with Amelia on a 1 to 1 basis with my Doberman Penny for several months now. We were at our wits end with Penny and this was the last straw before having to look to re home her. With Amelia's help and patience its like we have a different dog. We cannot thank her enough and the whole Insync K9 team, very friendly and professional.

Review of insync K9 by Andy C
5 27/12/2015 Andy C


Firstly to those looking for dog trainers,don't be put off by all the advice on the many forums that residential training is a bad thing. I found it much more productive than endless 1hr long sessions. I've had a few dogs in the past which I considered quite well trained but when you find yourself struggling to get that connection with your dog, it's not a failure asking for help. I've gone from the guy with the crazy dogs that people avoid while out walking, to the guy with the dogs that everyone wants to stop and chat to. Finding the right place to get you and your dogs to this stage is the hard part!
After calling several dog training companies, ranging from the larger commercial types, some of which never even responded to my call, to the Caesar Milan wannabes, I then tried Insync K9. I very nearly didn't try them, not sure why but after speaking to Jon on the phone I'm glad I did, he just seemed to understand the issues we were having after introducing our second dog. Although I was sold on some residential training for our newest boy on the phone, I would of quite easily turned around and walked out if I wasn't happy with the place on arrival. I needn't of worried, these guys took him in to their home, no cold kennels but they do crate train for the dogs safety. I've now taken this practice on myself to great effect with some positive results.
During his stay I had regular updates with emails, photo's and video to support his progress.
I was so impressed with his progression and the conditions he was staying in, I sent my older dog as well. At the end of training there is a lot to take in at the handover but having these guys that I can call upon to guide me should I get things wrong is brilliant.
Both my boys have improved tremendously, walking on a loose lead, minimal dog aggression, better manners are just a few of the things that make our dog ownership a more enjoyable one. Cost? Well I know people that have spent more on an untrained puppy than I have for both my dogs 5weeks total stay. For the hours they put in with your dog I consider it good value. Their price is comparable to any others and in most cases cheaper. For me though it's the care they received while with Jon & Amelia, despite never meeting them before, it really was like leaving my boys with good friends, but your friends are skilled dog trainers.
I never had any concerns the whole time they were there.
In conclusion, I'm sure there are other companies that give an equal service to what is on offer here, but if you do choose anyone else, I just hope for your dogs sake you are as lucky as I was when finding insync K9.

Andy C.

Review of insync K9 by Kevin Gunputh
5 Kevin Gunputh

We would like to thank Amelia and her team for their supreme efforts with our little Obi. He was a handful with mouthing, off-lead walking and recall. I wouldn't say he is perfect with his recall but we both can't believe the overall change. We spent the weekend out and about with 3 other dogs and there was no nervousness on our part whatsoever. He was great. Thank you again Amelia, you've worked wonders!!

Review of insync K9 by Innes McLellan
5 Innes McLellan

Got the pleasure to go down and do some one on one training with Jon and Amelia the insync K9 team. Having just got my first dog Kuro The Dobermann 14 months ago was looking for some tips on how to help control the boy. He has some of the usual issues likes to try and be centre of the conversation when I am speaking with friends, pulling on the lead, also wanted to do some heel work with him after seeing Jon and Amelia's videos. Got some tips on how to control him and calm him down in those situations , which has now blended in with other situations and he is a more obedient and relaxed pup. The teams experience of Dobermans was priceless for me, got my homework to work on to keep on top of everything and it is working a dream. Will definitely be back to train again if they can put up with me. Got the bug now. ☺️☺️

Review of insync K9 by Leah Mace
5 Leah Mace

After getting our rescue dog q we found his behaviour on lead, around other dogs and then to people difficult to manage. We tried all other options and was told to put him down, insync were our last hope we were anxious leaving our dog for residential training and were advised not to but after having an initial meeting with Jon and amelia we were calm and relaxed and decided 6 weeks was what q needed. We were regularly kept up to date with videos, Pictures and messages and they even answered our most simple of questions. We were shown in a very detailed handover how to work with q to get the best from him. We have gone from having a dog we couldn't take outside to walking around next to other dogs. We thought maybe we would get a more manageable dog on a lead at best but we have gained so much more we have a dog who we are proud to walk and we owe it all to insync k9 team. I would recommend them to anyone.

Review of insync K9 by Samantha Coleman
5 Samantha Coleman

Our dog saxon had aggressive tendencies towards people and we had tried dog classes, one to one trainers and behaviourist which had had little to no affect. After seeing the Insync K9 website I decided to give them a call. We arranged to meet with them and from the first phone call to the assessment we were given honest and realistic expectations of what they would be able to achieve with saxon. From talking to them at great lengths I felt they were the right people to help us.

Saxon has been back for just a week after spending 4 weeks with you guys, his behaviour has improved dramatically, he is like a different dog! We are now able to have friends and family round the house without fearing how saxon will react! You have changed our lives and the aftercare has been fantastic!
During the 4 weeks we were sent regular pictures and updates on how he was progressing which was amazing and put my mind at ease knowing he was being trained in a loving family environment.
It's 10 stars from our household!!
Thank you both so much!

Review of insync K9 by Sheila Thomson
5 Sheila Thomson

Absolutely amazing results. Jon came all the way to me last week to help me with my bullying, people and dog reactive GSD. The first thing was to show Kaiser that he was NOT in charge of me and not to react to people approaching me. Then it was out to the road to instruct Kaiser how to walk as I want him to walk, and not to pull me in all directions wherever he wanted to go. After less than 30 minutes Kaiser was walking on a loose lead, by my side and did not react even when the dustmen walked past us. I am delighted. I know it is an ongoing exercise but for the first time since Kaiser was a year old, I enjoyed taking him out for a walk and showing him off thanks to Jon. Jon is also supplying extra support and I know if I have a problem in the future, I can contact him and he will be available to help. Thank you so much Jon and Insync K9.

Review of insync K9 by Carla Bignell
5 Carla Bignell

We cannot thank everyone at insync k9 enough, Hades our energetic cheeky Doberman had some issues proving to be rather difficult from walking me to running his own ​signing competition against him self in his crate! Insync did wonders with our boy he walks beautifully on the lead now and full crate trainig is included in their residential course! They have a can do attitude and will do their best to work with any needs you may have �

And when we picked him up the handover was very clear and structured as to what to do in certain situations and how to use his new commands! Hades clearly enjoyed his time to the point he did not want to leave initially.

I will be taking Hades back in a few months for personal protection work as their service's are top notch! I'm he and Amelia in perticular will be pleased �

Review of insync K9 by Christina Emmerson
5 Christina Emmerson

We honestly don't even know how to thank insync K9 for what they have done for us and our labradoodle Luna. We decided to book her in for residential training with Jon and Amelia when her reactive behaviour towards dogs then children and people got so bad that we were struggling to take her anywhere.

When we got Luna as a puppy we realised we were in for a bumpy ride very early - we were told puppy classes were not for us when she lunged and barked at any other puppy in the class. Over the next few months we worked 1-2-1 with a couple of trainers, read every article on reactivity out there, worked on her socialisation every day and saw a behaviourist who told us the best thing to do would be to put her on calming medication while she developed. I refused to believe this was the answer so started doing a lot of research into residential training. The negativity surrounding it however on various dog forums very almost put me off, and I cant even imagine where we would be now if it had. We went to meet Jon and Amelia and felt instantly at ease. We could see straight away how much they loved their own dogs and how great they were with the dogs they were working with. And Luna absolutely loved them! After we dropped her off, she was happily playing in their kitchen and she stayed in their house as one of their own dogs. We got so many updates, videos and pictures and could see the progress she was making every day. The best thing to see was how happy she was in all the videos!! We had an unbelievable handover in lots of different situations, where we even sat in the vet for 30 mins with about 10 dogs coming and going, barking at each other and everything else whilst Luna sat there wagging her tail. The difference in her is incredible and more than I could have ever have imagined, she is a happier more relaxed dog that no longer reacts to anything on or off lead. On her first day back we walked her past the local primary school, with dogs, noisy kids, lots of people and bikes with not a peep whatsoever. Her recall is also amazing and she has completely changed how she acts around dogs even off lead, no longer bullying or getting into scraps at all.

If you are thinking of seeing Jon and Amelia to help you with your dog, you honestly will not regret it. I only wish someone had told me that before the months of worry and frustration before we found them!

Review of insync K9 by Bethany Riley
5 Bethany Riley

Couldn't recommend insynck9 enough! We sent our 8 month old male German Shepherd dog to Amelia for a 4 week residential training course after months of difficulty walking him. We struggled due to his constant pulling at the lead and his excitement and reactivity towards other dogs. I was a little anxious about not having him home for such a long time but Amelia sent pictures, videos and little updates on how he was doing throughout the 4 weeks which made the whole thing much easier! We've had our lovely Bear back for a week now and can't believe the difference! He walks to heel, doesn't react to other dogs and his recall is perfect. Walking him has turned from such a worrying and stressful experience to something that we can all look forward to and really enjoy together!

Thank you so much Amelia!!

Review of insync K9 by Frank Rogers
5 Frank Rogers

Would like to thank Amelia and the guys at insync K9 for the way they have turned our rescue dobermann Willow around.
Before taking her to them you could not walk her on a lead.
She was unbelievedly dog reactive,i mean she didnt have to see one just smell it.
She now walks to heal at all times,and although she gets a little uptight every now and again around other dogs insync k9 taught us how to react and bring willow back down.
Without being long winded the guys did for us exactly what they said they would.
A special thank you to micheal who i know put a lot of time and effort into willow.
I now take willow out for walks and dont worry about meeting another dog.
All i can say is if you are thinking of getting in touch with insync k9 DO IT

Review of insync K9 by Chloe Woodhouse
5 Chloe Woodhouse

We just had our first session with Amelia for our English bull terrier rescue who had shown aggression to other dogs. In just an hour, she taught us work that we can do with buddy at home and when out that made so much sense! The 'tricks' she showed us are easy to follow and have given us confidence that we can help to support him in his learning and make our buddythe best version of himself.

Review of insync K9 by Amie Firmstone
5 Amie Firmstone

Lexi stayed with Amelia and the Insync K9 team on a 4 week residential training programme. She needed training on loose lead walking and separation anxiety. She was hugely anxious to begin with, but Amelia and the team spent lots of time building her trust. Fast forward 4 weeks, and what a difference...! She was treated like part of the family at Insync and I'm not entirely sure she wanted to come home! Her loose lead walking is amazing (and I know she was a monkey and kept testing the staff) but the results are plain to see. Previously I was the owner being dragged down the road...not anymore! Her separation anxiety is hugely improved too. She goes into her crate fuss free and doesn't whine and bark at all when left. I'd also like to add that I was extremely anxious whilst Lexi was away, and Amelia was so patient with me, and always kept in touch to let me know everything was ok. So, so impressed and grateful for all of their help and hard work. If you need help with your fury friend, I really wouldn't look any further than Amelia and the Insync K9 team.

Review of insync K9 by Lisa Susan Patterson
5 Lisa Susan Patterson

I would like to say a huge, huge thank you to Amelia & all involed at insyncK9 for the unbelievable transformation of Juno! After spending a small fortune on various training classes, 121 sessions, harnesses, leads & headcollars to no avail, I was issued the dreaded ultimatum "if she can't be trained she'll have to go!" Feeling completely helpless i asked for advice on a doberman site on facebook & in no time at all the recommendations for insyncK9 flooded in. I contacted Amelia and expained my situation along with the many issues we had to deal with including, separation anxiety, loose lead walking, recall, chasing, occasional aggression & reactivity to almost everything that moves!! I was immediately put at ease with the magic words "don't worry you're not alone, we can help" and a residential training course was arranged. All the time Juno was away we were kept fully informed by way of messages, calls, photos & videos. 6 weeks later we arrived at handover day and unbelievable results! Amelia took the time to explain everything to us from the training techniques used to the possible problem areas we may encounter from time to time & more importantly how to deal with them moving forward. A full training session in the paddock followed with an additional trip out to a nearby walkway for a "real life" experience to ensure we were completely confident before going home. I seriously cannot recommend Amelia & her team enough, my only regret is that I didn't know about them earlier! Again, thank you so much for everything!

Review of insync K9 by Sabrina Poole
5 Sabrina Poole

I can't recommend insync k9 enough. I had been to previous trainers for my dobermans unruly behaviour (severe aggression to dogs,cats, birds, bees, bikes, scooters etc, impossible to walk, not listening in the slightest to any commands and constant barking) to be told she will never listen to us and to get rid. We were two days away from taking her to a shelter to ensure she went to the best home, when I got in touch with insync k9. 2 one hour sessions later and she is a completely different dog, the beautiful lady I knew she could be. I really can't thank you enough and highly recommend you

Review of insync K9 by David Ludlow
5 David Ludlow

Our two Labradors, Monty and Oscar, both of which are high energy males, recently did a four week residential training stint in October with Amelia to address their pulling whilst out on walks and reactivity to other dogs. Within the first week, Amelia had Monty unbelievably walking to heel and around other dogs. Oscar followed suit and by the end Amelia was able to walk both dogs beautifully in public places. Amelia keeps you regularly informed of progress so you do not feel like you have abandoned your furry friends. When you pick them up Amelia makes you very comfortable that you too can achieve the same results as her. Clearly our 2 lively Labs are quite a handful and now it is for us to ensure that the training they gained is followed through and that the high standards achieved by Amelia are the norm and not the exception. We both highly recommend Amelia and are impressed with her continuing after care support. David & Louise Ludlow

Review of insync K9 by Susan Crowe
5 Susan Crowe

We had tried 2 trainers before we found Insyc 9 with the problems we had with Shadow our 14 month old GSD,the problem were,reactive to dogs,cats,people,he had bite 2delivery men when younger and we were afraid if he did it when older he would be put to sleep.When we got to talk with Amelia I was very sceptical,but put my faith in her Experian’s.

We couldn’t believe the change in him after just 3 weeks,Amelia kept us informed all the time with videos ,he wasn’t the easiest to train I’m sure but she did a fantastic job on him he would never walk to heel or loose lead he is brilliant now doesn’t react to dogs or people anymore he isn’t in the house and while on his walks he is much calmer as well we owe Amelia a lot so does shadow as he is more calm

Thank you Amelia

Review of insync K9 by Katie Burton
5 Katie Burton

Our Staffie was very exciteable and reacted to other dogs. He had also picked up some habits like jumping up and not always following through on commands we had taught him. I felt quite anxious on walks and it was effecting us as a family. On his residential training Amelia taught him several commands, reduced his excitement levels so much that he doesnt react to other dogs, stopped jumping and follows commands instantly. Amelia also taught us what we were doing wrong and now we know what to do, the stress has gone. There's ongoing work to do but it's manageable and we all enjoy our walks now. Amelia is a real professional, is a people person and was so easy to work with. It was a real delight to find Amelia and can't recommend her enough. Thank you.

Review of insync K9 by Debra Phillips
5 Debra Phillips

My dog Bailey (6 months old) has just spent 4 weeks with Amelia at Insync K9. She clearly had some fantastic training and has come back a very well behaved puppy. Insync K9 addressed all the issues I wanted sorted. I was worried about leaving her but Amelia kept me updated with photos and video clips of her progress which kept me in the loop. She looks amazing and has slipped back into life at home as if she was never away. Thank you Amelia and Insync K9!!!

Review of insync K9 by Neil Jarvis
5 Neil Jarvis

Freya had a four week stay with insync K9 before going she was a handful on the lead pulling barking at other dogs very hard work
I could not believe the change when I collected her amazing the hand over and instruction on collect is very good I was confident before leaving I could handle anything not the future
Highly recommend will use again

Review of insync K9 by Jessica Smith-Betts
5 Jessica Smith-Betts

Collected Jupiter from Amelia just over a week ago. He was a calmer boy and had been shown how to behave properly whilst still having some fun. Amelia is so down to earth and will work with you through everything to make sure you’re getting it down to near perfection, anything to make owner and dog happy. Jup had a brilliant time and I received updates all the time. Couldn’t have asked for anything or anyone better �

Review of insync K9 by Tracy-Louise Edridge
5 Tracy-Louise Edridge

Nelson was away with Amelia for 4 weeks for residential training. We collected him yesterday. I especially was really nervous about getting him back, he was a nightmare before he went and frankly, I didn't want him back. He really was at last chance saloon. Immediately going in to see him, I saw a relaxed, calm, happy boy who was placed on his bed and did as he was told - that in itself was huge! Amelia has worked so hard with Nelson over the last four weeks and wow, what a difference in him. He understands now what is expected of him and he wants to perform, he wants to do as he is told because he wants to please. It is very early days obviously as he has only just got home but everything about his future now rests on us as owners and we will continue to work hard with him now that all the ground work has been put in place so as to not undo all the work that Amelia has put in. It may be really early to be putting up a review but I had to as I'm so happy. Happy owner, happy dog, happy future!

Review of insync K9 by Cat Gisicki
5 Cat Gisicki

We sent Murphy, our GSD, here for 4 weeks for his over arousal/reactivity issues. We were at a point where we couldn’t get any further ourselves due to my own confidence and handling. I spoke to Amelia on the phone (and I’m sure I cried!) and she reassured me that he was totally normal and his issues could be worked on! So we did the 3 1/2 hr drive and left him. We had near daily updates (I worry!), complete reassurance and confidence Amelia could handle our breed and when we picked him up he was a changed dog. Still my loving, happy boy - he had just mellowed, and his issues were now less of an issue! He knew what was expected of him and became so much more comfortable out on walks. I’ve gone from having to run in the opposite direction from people/dogs, bracing myself when a cyclist rides past - to being able to walk my dog through a high street, walk past other dogs in the park without him going bananas to play, etc! He’s an absolute delight to walk now, I can’t believe the transformation! The follow up support has been incredible - genuinely cannot fault it. Despite living so far away Amelia has made the follow up support work. Murphy is such a happy boy, and enjoys his walks so much more now. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, and have decided any future dogs will probably go there anyway! Great quality work for a great price too. Genuinely faultless! �

insync K9

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