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Janet Buntain

26 February 2019

ITC is amazing. I have had a website 5 years with them that needed updated and made mobile compatible. I also needed a second website made for an agency we just acquired. Both Bryan Parker and Karly Baker made this process painless! They gave me options and gave me the direction I needed to do both sites. Karly's patience and guidance was exactly what I needed. They understand our insurance industry. I am thrilled with both new sites! More...


Frank Mitchell

28 December 2018

Our partners at ITC are great, simply amazing customer service and care. They are extremely flexible and ready to please. The best partners you can have.Frank MitchellCEOMembers Mutual


Miranda Sullivan

27 May 2018

Please note that I currently work for this company. I do not have feedback as to user experience with ITC; other than my interaction with our clients. During my interview (back in August) ITC was described to me as a 30 year old start-up. As a start-up consultant, both in NYC (through Google Ventures and Dreamit) and in Dallas, I can attest that this is actually quite true. If you are an ITC client and you need something like (adding a user, upgrading email storage, 'HELP my website is down!') and you call in, you actually get ME. I'm actually a human being. You don't hold for hours, more like minutes (if at all). Everything you need goes directly to one of us, and each account is literally priority as we're dealing with it. Since I have been here, which has ONLY been since August, I have seen multiple products COMPLETELY evolve due to client feedback. We develop everything internally and are always innovating. Company wide evolutions literally come from feedback by YOU. We do not have contracts (for normal accounts). We even have partnerships with our COMPETITORS so that our clients aren't boxed into using ITC technology exclusively. EG: you LOVE TurboRater (who doesn't, we have approx 20% of the national market) but you're comfortable in your long term relationship with your management system and don't want to switch to ours (which EVERYONE will when our new iteration goes live!); we have ongoing relationships with a bunch of competing Agency Management Systems so that you can create whatever hybrid of a system that works best with your individual process and preference. That's quite unusual in a for profit industry. And as far as a place to work, I can honestly say that this is the most supportive and empowering environment that I have ever worked in. There's a reason that the average tenure here is over 2 decades. Hope to see you at the next ITC family reunion! More...


Bobby Russell

27 May 2017

They are the leaders in software development for the insurance industry. A rich family environment where management truly cares about their employees.


Alaa Abuisneineh

27 May 2016

Have used Turbo Rater for years now. A couple months ago, I made a poor decision by trying out "the competition" but there is no competition. Turbo Rater incorporates a great deal of technology into their product and employ the finest support staff I have come across. The platform is very user friendly which allows my team to quickly and efficiently follow up with prospects and SELL. -InsuranceNavy More...


Michael Keating

27 May 2016

Our agency started the planning process with ITC in November of 2014 and went live at the end of December. The process was seamless and their creative side was refreshing. Since our "Live" date we have had a great working relationship and I can say it is like having my own marketing department. We tie in our 'old school" marketing at the local level with the web and social media components. It has been nice seeing the steady growth on the analytics and more importantly the return on the investment. I attended their 2015 Conference in Dallas and came away satisfied that they "get it" and are agent driven. More...

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