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Tony Spirling

27 May 2018

I spent my working life in education as a teacher, lecturer and manager. One of my responsibilities was the recruitment, assessment and training of lecturers.Ben is probably one of the best teachers that I have worked with. He is a master of his subject and an outstanding teacher of that subject. Learning the guitar with Ben has been challenging and very rewarding and at the same time it has been a joy to watch an exceptionally talented teacher at work. More...


Fiona Stewart

27 May 2018

Son attends here for acoustic guitar lessons. Ben is a fantastic teacher. Approachable, enthusiastic, patient and very knowledgeable. Knows how to encourage my son who loves his weekly lesson. Highly recommended. More...


Nicol Halcrow

27 May 2017

An absolutely amazing guitar tutor. For 10 years I have learned with Him and he is absolutely outstanding. Incredibly dedicated and very friendly whilst taking me from beginner level up to diploma standard. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn guitar More...


Tim Giles

27 May 2017

Loving every minute of learning the guitar with Ben. From working through your grades to just wanting to learn your favourites, Ben manages to make it all so enjoyable. The studio is an ideal place to learn too. Highly recommended! More...


Jonathan Coupe

27 May 2017

I have been receiving guitar tuition from Ben for over 12 months now. Ben is a great teacher, he is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always always well prepared with material. With each session I come away with a sense of achievement having learnt something new and I always looking forward to my next session. Needless to say that in that time my guitar competence has improved significantly, which has been to the delight/relief of my family. Whilst it is great to learn and play some of my favourite songs, I have also enjoyed learning some guitar techniques and the theory. More...


Tony Campbell

27 May 2017

My son has been having lessons with Ben for the past 12 months. Ben is a fantastic teacher. He's patient, enthusiastic and always well prepared. Ben manages to combine music theory with the fun of playing along to the student's favourite songs. Ben's enthusiasm for guitar is infectious and my son really looks forward to his weekly lessons. More...


Kate Brown

27 May 2017

Ben has been my guitar tutor for at least the past two years, and in those two years I've progressed more than I'd ever thought was possible. He is an incredibly patient teacher, who has always made sure that in terms of grading I have progressed equally across both guitars - electric and acoustic. I will always highly recommend him to those of all ages who are willing to learn, as I truly believe that I would not have been able to do as well as I have if it were not for his teaching. In the next two years or so that I am able to continue on as one of his students before going onto uni, I have no doubts that I will be able to successfully finish my final grade with his help. More...


Sarah Painter

27 May 2017

Ben is a wonderful teacher - supportive, kind and patient. My son has been learning at the studio for over five years and it's a fantastic place for lessons in both acoustic and electric guitar. Highly recommended!


Giuseppe Smirne

27 May 2017

Ben is a patient, friendly and knowledgeable teacher as well as a talented guitar player. I've been taking lessons of acoustic guitar from him for about a year and I've learned across the board from music theory, fingerpicking and strumming, chords and rhythm. You'll always find him well prepared at lessons, with new things for you to learn, both from the formal grades and from the selection of pieces and songs you might just like to learn! More...


Scott Mitchell

27 May 2017

I have been a student with Ben at Inspired Sounds now for almost a year and have come on much further than I thought possible. Ben is very knowledgable and friendly and is able to explain things in a simple way. He is always well prepared for lessons and as well as offering lessons that follow national recognised standards he is also happy to help you learn a song or riff if that's what you want. More...



30 September 2016

Ben is an outstanding teacher and manages to make educational lessons a lot of fun Ben offers RGT recognised grades in both electric and acoustic guitar and I have progressed faster then expected in both! I would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting fun and effective tutoring. More...

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