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Inspired Nutrition offers support and guidance for healthy eating in the form of presentations, group wellness plans and instructional video.

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Shane Grantham

Kelley is quite passionate about helping you improve your life with nutrition. I've learned many things from her and glad she is here to get us off the poor American diet. Watch her Youtube channel for some nice food ideas and catch her on broadcast television during the day. More...

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What we choose to eat on a regular bases profoundly affects our lives. Educated choices and healthy habits can support every aspect of you life, allowing you to live longer, happier more connected life.

I love introducing people to simple and concepts and new foods that they were not aware of. These small changes stick and they are easier and more enjoyable then they had anticipated.

I struggled with my own health while following the Standard American diet. When I realized that the power of food could change everything, I became committed to spreading this message.

I have a unique and friendly way of presenting information that can sometimes be perceived as boring or restrictive.