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Review of Inspired  by Miranda Button
5 27/06/2018 Miranda Button

My amazing gym THE PLACE TO BE !!!

Review of Inspired  by Harvinder Ahluwalia
5 06/05/2018 Harvinder Ahluwalia

Review of Inspired  by Howard Button
5 Howard Button

Great team that certainly have motivated me to improve my outlook on health and Fitness. I would recommend them without question as the best gym in Dacorum

Review of Inspired  by Victoria Taylor
5 Victoria Taylor

I normally hate gyms but Jamie and the team at inspired have changed my opinion! I look forward to going and really enjoy the sessions as they are always different and not boring. The support they give is amazing. Thank you team

Review of Inspired  by Vicki Moses
5 Vicki Moses

I've been part of the inspired family since January and have found strength, confidence and determination I never thought I had. It's been a fun and rewarding journey and the PT's keep me focussed. Great place to train

Review of Inspired  by Carly Gilbert
5 Carly Gilbert

Love inspired health and fitness. I'm the worst person for exercising and getting motivated but inspired make each session fun and different. I actually don't dread going, Jamie does well putting up with me!

Review of Inspired  by Karen Harrison
5 Karen Harrison

Most highly recommended! I have been going for just over 4 weeks and have seen a noticeable change in my body shape. The studio facilities are great as are the trainers, who always come up with different exercises to keep you motivated – I think there’s always been something new each time that I’ve been. No time to get bored during the sessions and even though I probably moan a bit at the time, I have to admit that I secretly enjoy it!

Thanks all at Inspired!

Review of Inspired  by Debbie Kelly
5 Debbie Kelly

Have been spt training now for the last 3 months. It's the best thing I've ever done. I've always had personal trainers but was never able to keep it up. This is the first time I have kept it going and am signing up for the next 3 months. Semi personal training is great you train with 3/4 people but still feel the benefits of a one to one trainer and the best part it's affordable. I love training with Jamie and hope to continue doing this for a long time. X

Review of Inspired  by Sarah Cooke
5 Sarah Cooke

After years of my weight getting out of control I was introduced to Inspired. Having done no exercise for over 14 years and being too scared to try a gym, I was nervous but Jamie and the team are so supportive and encouraging with no judgement. The members I have shared classes with are all so friendly and I now look forward to my studio visits! I love being part of the Inspired family!

Review of Inspired  by Susan Brazier
5 Susan Brazier

I joined Inspired because I felt fat and could not lose weight. I started at the end of September and found I was obese around my waist area. With diet, amazing encouragement through exercise and generally having fun at Inspired, I have lost the required weight. I am still there because we are like a family and I feel amazing. Thank you Steve, Jamie and Aaron.

Review of Inspired  by Augi Woo
5 Augi Woo

Sometimes you just need a bit of encouragement to help you achieve your goals. Jamie and the team do a great job at making training sessions interesting. Roosevelt once said "Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…" this also applies in the gym! The effort and sweat (and almost tears) that have been produced in the Inspired studio over the last 6 months have been worth it! So much so, I just signed up for another 6 months! I promise a before and after photo after 1 year! :)

Review of Inspired  by Sarah Anson
5 Sarah Anson

I've been going to the mum and baby sessions for the last few months and it has been fantastic. I find it difficult to fit in exercise whilst taking care of the kids but these sessions are ideal as I just put the baby in his buggy and he watches me work out. Would recommend to any mums with babies - much better than the regular gym for seeing results and keeping you motivated.

Review of Inspired  by Natalie Allsopp
5 Natalie Allsopp

I've been at Inspired gym now for 6/7 months, after losing all my baby weight at another gym I had lost the motivation to push or progress any further. Since being at Inspired every week is a challenge and you are pushed to your own personal capabilities. What is different about Inspired to other gyms is the non-intimatading atmosphere that most gyms seem to have, it's also a very family friendly environment so is great for all ages and capabilities.

Review of Inspired  by Tom Templeton
5 Tom Templeton

I have always been reluctant to go to the gym. Inspired offers two important ingredients that have made a real difference to me;-
(1) You make an appointment - Rather than thinking 'I ought to go to the gym' and then not bothering, I have a specific time to be there, so I actually go to the gym.

(2) Really good personal trainers - because the Trainers define what you are doing in your 45 min training session every minute is used and you really feel the benefit. In 3 months I have never done the same session twice and that makes it more interesting than a normal gym workout. Your program is personal to you and Jamie and his team bring an element of fun to the sessions.

If you add in that I have lost weight, am stronger, fitter and happier my time and money has been well invested. I would whole-heartedly recommend trying Inspired.

The café is also excellent, so there are only a few steps between you and a post-workout coffee!

Review of Inspired  by Patricia Camp
5 Patricia Camp

First time yesterday Matt the trainer was so helpful, loved it. Highly recommended

Review of Inspired  by Ali Easter
5 Ali Easter

I intended to do a kick start 3 sessions a week for a month and then phase down - but now about to sign up for my third full month I don't think I can give this place up!!! Lovely bunch of people all with different goals, all supporting each other. I now actually look forward to waking up early for a pre-work session or at the end of a hard day at work. Each session is different so you never get bored, and I work so much harder than I ever would have on my own....under the watchful eye of Jamie, Aaron or Steve! Worth every penny!

Review of Inspired  by Katrina Flowerdew
5 Katrina Flowerdew

So I was the client who was very overweight and decided I needed to take some action. I saw a post about Inspired, booked a meeting and told Jamie I hated gyms, loved food, wasn't motivated and had no desire to be skinny or muscular! He told me Inspired were there to motivate me, help me with my diet and allow me to set my own goals- so I signed up with some uncertainties but I had to give it a go!
4 months later and I am still a client with no intention of leaving!
The Inspired trainers are experts in all aspects of fitness as well as encouraging, supportive and friendly. They push me to do things I would never have done if I had joined a traditional gym and I am seeing the results! I don't feel self conscious and enjoy training with like minded people who are also a constant source of inspiration!
I highly recommend joining the Inspired team especially, if like me, a traditional gym is not for you! # Inspired

Review of Inspired  by Jennie Wharram Lydon
5 Jennie Wharram Lydon

Eight weeks ago I finally plucked up enough courage to walk through the door at Inspired .... It had taken me nearly a year to actually go through with it... When I look back now it seems ridiculous that I had worried and stressed about doing it for so long.... Once inside It couldn't have felt more different than I had imagined for so long ...The team couldn't have been anymore welcoming and friendly and really wanted to understand about me and what I wanted out of the experience... Of course most of us would like a beach ready body and the fitness of an Olympic athlete... But of course the reality is that we all walk through the door with our own personal wish list of aspirations and many of us with a bag full of personal insecurities... My main goal was really straight forward to take back control of myself and my body.. 3 years ago as a busy mother of three, who worked full time I was struck down by rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic incurable condition and it really destroyed my confidence. It has taken 3 years to get myself back to a relatively normal life with the help of drugs and the support of some great family and friends.. But now I needed to claim back my life and my body.... Over the last 8 weeks the team at Inspired have enabled me to do just that... I couldn't have just walked into any gym and had a go l needed a team of supportive professionals to show me the way... The team at Inspired have delivered this and really a whole lot more.... I am proud to now consider them my friends.....In 8 weeks I have lost 27 lb in fat, 10% body fat, 13 lb of fat of my stomach .... But most importantly I am in much less pain, I have increased my fitness levels so now i can give the kids a run for their money.. I have the confidence to try new things... And I have met a great bunch of people.. My journey with Inspired has only really just begun and signed up for another 3 months… I also know that my RA won't go away and it something I have to live with but with these guys in my corner they will keep me going..... I finally have my life back...

Review of Inspired  by Angela Hale
5 Angela Hale

So I was really not a gym bunny at all... I like exercise but normally by playing sports - I need people around me to keep me focused and I guess interested. I won a raffle for a free month at Inspired. One of my close friends is a member and was doing really well.. So I embraced it and have found that despite my previous lack of enthusiasm for normal gym workouts... I actually enjoy the 45mins in the gym. I haven't stuck religiously to the food guide, but despite that I have managed to lose 6.4lbs of fat in the first 4 weeks... it has made me re-think what I eat and when...I certainly intend to carry on and hopefully will be fitter (and look better). The semi personal sessions are friendly but intensive and Jamie always changes it up, so you never get bored doing the same thing every session. The outside sessions are a little gruelling but always good fun with like minded people. I urge anyone who is on the brink of stepping into a gym to give this one a try. If I can get motivated then anyone can. Thanks to all the guys at Inspired for making me feel welcome.

Review of Inspired  by Charlotte Stanley
5 Charlotte Stanley

Inspired is brilliant. Having tried umpteen other gyms and personal trainers, for the first time in years I am enjoying exercising and feeling in control of my health and fitness. I have found it really difficult in the past to motivate myself to go to the gym, but I don't have that problem with Inspired. It's really easy to book sessions on the App, and then you just turn up and your trainer tells you what to do - no more looking aimlessly at the gym equipment or endless, lonely sessions on a cross trainer. Having other people in the session means you get all the benefits of a personal trainer without the intensity (or cost) of a one on one session, and you get to know other people at the same time. The trainers really know their stuff, and keep mixing it up so you don't get bored. They are always friendly, full of energy and supportive, particularly to those of us who have been out of exercise a long time or who are nervous. Plus, there's a really supportive members Facebook group, nutrition help, consultations to chat through goals and progress, social events, outdoor bootcamps, trips away...the list goes on. Give it a go.

Review of Inspired  by Alicia Southgate
5 Alicia Southgate

I joined Inspired in September 2016 as a rather sceptical bride to be, wanting to lose weight in advance of my wedding day in May, signing up to 6 months of SPT and outdoor sessions.
When Steve told me about the 'journey' that I was about to embark on, I smiled and thought 'yeah right'..
Having tried a multitude of gyms and diets, I was hopeful, but thought that this would probably be another failed attempt for me.

I couldnt have been more wrong!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Inspired team so far - I have totally shocked myself.. I now look forward to my studio sessions (I used to hate exercise)! Every session is different, challenging, fun and I know that Jamie, Aaron and Steve will push me to get better every single week.

Not only that, but I have met a great group of hugely supportive, lovely friendly people that make the Inspired experience truly unique.

.. and the final bonus - I have lost 32lb of fat in 7 months. This, along with a new relationship with food, a new found confidence and a great new group of friends!

Now, this 'journey' has changed from wanting to be a 'skinny bride' to wanting to be a better, healthier version of me.

I have just signed up to another 6 months..!!

Thank you Team Inspired! x

Review of Inspired  by Sally Overhead
5 Sally Overhead

It’s is not a traditional gym set up, you can’t just turn up you book in for a small class gym sessions. You are given every task by your instructor and nothing lasts too long so it’s all bearable and doable! They are friendly, work on areas to compliment your needs and everyone who goes there is in the same boat. You work on your own so no competitive class feel. I hate traditional gyms, I hate exercise but weirdly I like this and not yet missed a session �


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