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John P Musto

Inside Out is my venue to a long & healthy life...thanks Kat!


Maria Cecilia Rocha

Informative and healthy tips from Kat.


Debbie Crawford

Loving your page!! Thanks for the great healthy recipes and all information.


Cheryl Wilson

Kat is an inspiring example of what it is to be fit, happy & whole.


Edwin Salazar

Amazing knowledge base and insight on fitness and nutrition; Kat knows her stuff!


Phyllis Dunn Laviner

Five star lady and five star business! Kat knows her business "Inside Out"!


Colette Eggleston

Kat is an expert communicator with some questions that I had. Will be meeting her in person real soon. :)


Tree Field

Kat is so passionate about health from all aspects. She lives it... just look at her and you can see it for yourself... from the inside out!


Claire Berube

My experience with my personal trainer is just wonderful. She is always there to show me the appropriate posture during workout, need help with nutrition , you got it. I had car accident and she help corrected my ankle, back in shape, so Ive now 98% flexibility which my doctor found extraordinaire. More...


Mary McAndrews

My experience with Kat as my personal trainer was amazing! Learned so very much about the importance of stretching and the proper food to eat along with an amazing strength building workout. She is true professional!


Georgia Kopelousos

Kat is a true professional and is amazing at what she does. What I love is that she customizes workouts and meal planning to fit my lifestyle. I'm only 2 weeks into this, and I can't imagine my workouts without her. More...


Doug Bradbury

Kat Cosentino is passionate about health and fitness and is great at motivating clients to take charge of their health through both exercise and nutrition


Roberta Adams

i have been seeing Kat for over 5 years and she is wonderful cheer leader and task master.

She does a complete evaluation and then keeps moving you to bigger and better workouts.


Doireann Schoonheim

I have known Kat for almost 10 years and she is not only one of the most amazing trainers I have ever worked out with but this woman is so incredibly knowledgebale about what goes into our bodies as well as how to maximize out best potential. She is funny, intelligent, patient & always has an amazing outlook on life and most of all she kicks my ASS!!!!
In a good way of course ;)


Jae Hermann

Thank you Kat for taking time with me, answering my nutrition questions, being so very patient. I know it’s just the beginning but I’m so excited to work with you to be my healthy best!!

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