INSIDE & OUT property refurbishments

INSIDE & OUT property refurbishments

INSIDE & OUT property refurbishments locationRedditch, worcester


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INSIDE & OUT property refurbishments

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INSIDE & OUT property refurbishments Q&A

Company Q&A

How can someone tell if their Garage is suitable for conversion?

you can make any garage suitable for a conversion you need main walls coming from the house along with solid walls running down the side

Run us through the different stages of the Garage conversion process - what's involved?

first you will need drawings plans and building control all floors and walls need to be insulated according to plans floors must be raised and suitable insulation if there are drains in the garage they will need to be moved and so on there are so many different garages with different specifications required

How can someone tell if their loft is suitable for conversion?

this depends on the pitch of the roof height also you will need an place for the new stairs this generally means loosing space from another room depending on landing space

Run us through the different stages in the loft conversion process - what’s involved?

first you will need drawings and plans which you work to steels will be needed to support new floor and work to plans provided with building specifications

What’s your interior design process?

meet with the customer to discuss needs theme and so on I have an qualified designer with CAD design software

Which interior design styles can you cater for?

I can cater for any interior design from commercial to domestic I have an interior design site in place already

What guarantee does your work come with?

all my work comes with a minimum guarantee of 2yrs plus

What do you love most about your job?

I have always love building and design and being creative and its nice to see customers faces when they see the final finished project along with travelling and meeting different ppl

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have always loved building and have work for many different companies over the years and decided to start my own

Why should our clients choose you?

I have a website in place with customer reviews and previous work my attention to detail is second to none along with my customer service and design skills

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