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Inovra Group provides a range of services covering strategic business consulting, mentoring and audit services (ISO and external).

With our decades of experience in both technology and management, we are strongly placed to help organisations of all sizes achieve their long term goals.


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The constant variety of the work, and working with new people.

Every organisation is a little different, from the way the business works to the culture the business has developed. Each job I do gives me a little insight into the way different people approach tasks and goals, and I learn a little something new every time.

A desire to have the flexibility to work the way I want, doing the kind of work I enjoyed, and be able to give a little something back.

The work I do with paying customers I do for free with young entrepreneurs at the Princes Trust. Their vision and drive to build something from nothing is truly inspiring.

Tough question ... I'd like to think previous clients have chosen to work with me for my knowledge, experience and my attitude.

I've worked with multinational organisations, down to sole traders, and would hope that I've been able to benefit them all in some way ... even those clients where it wasn't worth charging. I believe in charging what my work is worth, and if we have a chat and I can talk you through what you need to know in less than fifteen minutes, I'm not going to charge you (and it has happened). Sometimes, just a sounding board to bounce ideas off is enough to get you through whatever challenge you're facing. I'm in business, but I'm not heartless.

Perhaps it's a bit of all of the above, with a generous sprinkling of humour and Yorkshire charm. :)


As a trained ISO Lead Auditor, I can offer audit services against a number of BS and ISO standards, both internal and external, or audits against contractual compliance for suppliers. I'd be happy to discuss your requirements if contacted.

In my career I've led teams of just under 100 people, comprising of managers, team leaders and members, in the technology and distribution sectors. I'm MBA educated, am a member of both the Chartered Management Institute and the British Computer Society, and have been for a number of years. My background is in Service Delivery for multinationals like Siemens and Fujitsu, with experience in ITIL, LEAN and team management. If you're looking for a career coach, an independent voice and sounding board for your ideas, or a 'critical friend' to help you steer your career and business, please consider me available. I'd be happy to work with you, given the opportunity.

Strategic Business Consulting is a fancy way of working with you to achieve your goals. Having worked with small, medium and multinational organisations in the private and charity sectors, let me demonstrate to you what value I can deliver by working with you on your objectives. From writing business plans for new enterprises, to developing operational strategies, my experience and skills can help your business reach new levels of growth and profitability.