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Nicole J.

29 July 2019

My shoulders are thrilled! Christa is very attentive & knows her stuff. She introduced my muscles to cupping & after two visits I no longer had that nagging pain & sticky tightness behind my shoulder blade. Between my office job & weight lifting, my shoulders had knotted up to the point where I could hardly take a deep breath. The improvement was almost immediate, a very noticeable difference in mobility/range of motion. Thank you, Christa! More...


Vikram D.

1 February 2019

Christa has a very strong background and a deep understanding of musculature. I went to her for a 90 min deep tissue massage. She was able to quickly identify the source of the problem areas and address them as much as time would allow. I also tried cupping therapy for the first time. The silicone moving cup felt quite amazing. The stationary cups were a very interesting experience; I feel like they aided in 'opening' the muscles. Only try it if you're willing to 'show off' your back - it will look like you wrestled an octopus (and won)! More...


Justin Adams

26 July 2018

Christa is knowledgeable and friendly and knows her stuff! One of the best massages I have ever had!!!


Brittaney Viebrock

26 July 2018

I have had back problems for 9 years following a volleyball injury. I have dealt with the pain, stretched, done physical therapy and seen numerous massage therapists. One session with Christa and my back felt better than it had since High school . She's extremely knowledgeable, professional and wildly talented at her practice. I would strongly recommend anyone with chronic pain or even just aches and pains to seek her help immediately. it will be worth every moment! More...


Don Ringham

26 July 2018

best deep tissue! the first time i did cupping an I was back in business !!
I will recommend her to all my friends which i did ...


Becky Ofczarzak

26 July 2018

I am so glad UpReach CrossFit introduced me to Innovative Solutions! I have been twice now and I’m feeling so much relief in my back! She really gets in there and figures out what is causing the pain and tightness. I highly recommend this service! I will continue to go back! More...


R H.

14 July 2018

I've been to Christa twice for two different areas of massage: lower back and neck/shoulder. Both times she got to the problem areas and got me immediate relief. She is excellent at deep tissue massage (the only type I ever get) and has a terrific knowledge of musculature. I do CrossFit and am a wedding photographer, so I love a good massage therapist when I find one! More...

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