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I can provide coverage for anything from personal family photo shoots to all day wedding photography, I can also cover personal events such as engagement, birthday, retirement parties.

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Giuseppina Scirè

30 June 2019

le sue foto fanno vivere emozioni uniche. Grazie mille sei veramente un artista


Edda Scirè

30 June 2019

Every pictures have the total armony, the perfect combination between colors and love.


If you look into any camera and smile you will certainly always get a picture that you will be pleased with but personally the real magic in capturing those pictures that really grab you and make you feel something are moments caught as they naturally happen during a shoot. If you have the ability to see these moments before they unfold you can capture truly breath taking and emotionally touching pictures that last forever.

What style of photos you would like from light and airy, dark and dramatic, bursting with colour or black and white. How many photos you would like and how you would like them to be presented either on a (USB/CD) or in a physical Album.

The thing I enjoy the most about taking photos is the reaction when they viewed afterwards by clients, friends and family. Many of my pictures are taken in the a moment that comes and goes in an instant so when I've captured something special I'm just as excited and pleased to show the pictures as you will be to see them yourself.

I loved taking pictures my whole life but only recently have I turned my focus on doing it as living. Friends and family that have seen my pictures over the years have said I should consider doing photography for others and as my primary income.

In most cases I see the picture I want to capture before I have my camera raised and ready. My love for photography means that if hired you can be assured I'll be enthusiastic and passionate when capturing your moments.