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We offer personal training, yoga, health and fitness coaching, in-home, online and with private studio space available.


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With a variety of customizable packages, expertly designed to help you reach your goals no matter what your limitation be it time, money, location or whatever the case may be, we make it our goal is to provide the solution.
Life is not about Perfection …
It’s about finding balance and the even exchange of life’s energy systems. Jills Fit health and fitness philosophy focuses on overall health. The physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Helping our clients first achieving a healthy mindset, forming easy, clean eating habits and moving the body in fun, natural ways that create and instill lasting lifestyle change.

You will have to contact Jills Fit to find out there is no magic pill but I can assure you with there is a formula fit for you.

Helping people improve their lives in ways they never thought possible! By lifting others up, we lift ourselves up! Empowering people to realize their gifts, their capabilities and full potential can bring joy not only to just one but expands out into the world, making it a better place!

I'm driven to the journey, the unconventional, the need to succeed and be in control of my destiny/purpose.

I inspire without force and help people feel good about themselves and discover their natural gifts so they can prosper. Everyone matters and has a part in everything.