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Pansy Vickers

16 July 2019

Came here yesterday to get something laminated. It took a while because I know it takes a while for the machine to heat up to do it's job. The lady who helped me was very sweet. My massage therapist recommend this place to me. More...


Danielle C.

3 June 2019

I've used Indie Printing that last couple of years for print jobs for an LA event and been pleased with the work. When my order(s) would be ready late on the Friday night before the Sunday event, I figured I'd just pick them up on Saturday morning (without checking to make sure they'd be open). So on Saturday I completely freaked out when I realized my print jobs were stuck inside their closed business, with less than 24 hours until my event. However, someone replied to my panicked email and the owner was able to send someone to let me in to get my order. I will never again forget that they are closed on the weekend, and I will continue to work with Indie Printing because they went above and beyond for me and saved my A**. More...


Andy M.

18 May 2019

These guys really came through when all others failed. I had a last minute print job I needed before an event and I called over 15 different places if they could do a last minute order of business cards (this was at 6pm). Every printing company turned me down and said they couldn't take me but indie printing took me with open arms and turned it around in an hour. I highly recommend these guys-- they did a fantastic job with my business card prints. More...


Joshua C.

1 November 2018

These guy are very professional they do a great job with my graphics, printing and they have a speedy turn around not to mention the price is very reasonable.  Centrally located in downtown Los Angeles and I'm able to handle everything via Web as far as payments approving the Prince and they also deliver More...


Joe R.

11 September 2018

Indie Printing save my life today. I was on my way to a networking party and forgot to bring my business cards, so I called around to Staples, Office Depot, FedEx, all the other printing companies asking if they can help me out and print me up some cards right away. No one could help me and then I called Indie. They made me a hundred cards within 45 minutes and while they could have charged me anything, their price was very reasonable considering the rush job. Anytime I am in LA I'm going to use Indie! More...


Brady W.

6 May 2018

We needed a vinyl banner printed at the last minute for a conference, and after calling several places around town, Indie Printing was the only one willing and able to come through and save us.  They had our banner finished (and it was beautifully done!) in an unbelievably short period of time that same day. They really came through and went the extra mile. If I lived in town, they would definitely be my go-to for all my printing needs. More...


Angela B.

28 March 2018

Five stars just for how friendly and helpful Andrey was on the phone!


Megha G.

27 March 2018

We used Indie Printing to print a small book for a student organization at USC. We worked with both Wayne and Andrey who were incredibly helpful as we navigated the process of editing files and images to create a really beautiful product! We would definitely recommend.


Lily M.

9 October 2017

Love the quality of printing and customer service was friendly and prompt.Highly recommend for professional looking materials.


Nicholas M.

4 September 2017

Indie Printing has become my go-to print shop due to the quality of their work and the responsiveness of their staff. I've always been satisfied with how my prints turned out, and the staff there are always willing to work with me if my submitted files need to be adjusted.


Alexandra V.

10 August 2017

Love this printing service, especially the fact that they have eco printing. Very quick turnaround and great quality. Wayne is amazing and professional.


Simone K.

29 June 2017

I cannot recommend this place more highly. They helped me resize my files, gave me a fair price, and were still able to run around what I needed printed within a few hours.


Caroline M.

25 August 2016

I've tried a couple different printing places and this one is my favorite. They're very attentive to your order and will work with you to get it perfect. Decent prices too!!


Evelyn G.

25 March 2016

They are good but they pretty much never bend in terms of rushing a job if you are in a bind. So plan ahead. Parking is tight and a bit of a trek to get to the location. If they offered delivery it would be a great feature!  Fair to say the best option near DTLA More...


Cristina F.

11 March 2015

I have been using next day fliers for years but only because it was cheaper than indie. The quality was always so so and their mat finish was never actually truly mat. I got my save the date postcards printed there and it looked really terrible and really wasn't worth driving an hour to get so I decided to reprint with indie printing because I knew the quality would be better and really didn't want to have to drive far to get what I needed.  They were quick to respond to my emails and gave me an accurate price quote. They had quoted me $10 for a printed proof of the card which I really wanted since I had already wasted my money with the other printer just the week before. Indie is a little more expensive than other places so I really didn't want to pay an extra 10 bucks for proof so I just asked for a digital proof. The manager said that a digital proof really isn't very helpful in seeing the end result so he went ahead and just printed the proof for me for free because he wanted to make sure I placed my order and that I would be happy. I can see why they are a little bit more expensive. First off they are at a very central location that you can go and drive and pick up your order instead of paying for shipping, the quality was really fantastic, their mat finish is actually mat, and the customer service I received was very good. I'll definitely be taking my business there later for other things because it's worth it for the quality and convenience. And even though they're a little bit more expensive they're not outrageously expensive or anything, especially if you consider that it's so close to pick up if you live in central LA More...


Duy D.

16 December 2014

Indie printing is the best print studio in my opinion. Students friendly. Reasonable price. Ricardo, Eddie, and everyone at Indie is just great. I have an oversized book and different finished ink for my paper, everything turn out great! Also, lots of nice stock paper to choose. More...


Louis A.

23 September 2014

I've been using yelp for years but after getting some work done by Indie Printing, i've decided to write my first yelp review. Eddie and everyone else at Indie Printing were awesome and extremely professional. Even after some miscommunication on my part, they were able to get the job done by the time I needed it. And the print jobs themselves came out perfect & beyond my expectations, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that is looking for any print job. Thank you for everything guys. More...


Britt T.

18 August 2014

We love indie printing. We have an organic business & have our cards printed on hemp paper with soy ink which we're stoked they offer. They're quick, fairly priced, cool & professional. You'll love what they do. More...


Ben S.

1 August 2014

Indie printing has been a complete joy to work with.  I had an odd sized book and Ricardo was awesome enough to sit down and walk me through exactly what I needed to do to get the best prints possible. The prints turned out amazing and Ricardo was nothing but helpful, patient and knowledgable.They are for sure my go-to printers from now on and I can't recommend them enough! More...


Jen D.

1 April 2014

I've printed here for a year, and they're awesome. Roland is super helpful!


Stephanie E.

26 February 2014

Roland has been assisting me with my printing needs for almost 3 years now. He is GREAT! Professional, personable, and understands my requests. I don't come in often but when I do he always remembers my name. Makes me feel good! Indie Printing does a solid job printing my business cards. More...


Jannet K.

16 December 2013

I print my personal portfolio here and the company I work for  also utilizes indie printing. The staff is really great.The price point is great. The atmosphere is definitely LA serene & hip. They will help you with urgent printing.Definitely beats kinkos/fedex. duh. More...


Paul C.

6 December 2013

Used Indie to print a 240 page book with a couple different papers. Ricardo, Roland, and everyone else was very helpful throughout the process. They were understanding and the price was good. But most of all, the prints came out like I wanted. Can't ask for more. More...


Charissa S.

29 October 2013

It was actually a relaxing experience to print with Indie. Their shop is easy to find and there's parking in front. The times I came in I was able to speak directly with the person managing my order. I liked being able to ask questions, see them look at my file right away, and feel that they understood designers' concerns. So great compared to Kinkos or the larger print shops in L.A. I'd come back! More...


Laurice F.

10 October 2013

A ton of my design colleagues go to Indie Printing for all their print needs. For various projects, I've been given quotes from Indie that were a bit higher than I prefer, but when it came to my personal business cards, I did not hesitate to turn to them!They quoted me a great, low price for a large quantity of cards that came out so well! When I had first approached them with a sample of what I wanted, I witnessed how skilled and knowledgable all the guys are there based on their assessments. Roland was my contact and he was really good at keeping me in the loop. The other plus is that I received my business cards way sooner than expected (they estimated 3 weeks and I picked them up after 1 week)! They're open late which is pretty cool too, and I can't help but admire a print shop with a good website too ;)Indie rocks! More...


Glenn C.

29 August 2013

We've worked with these folks regularly for the past couple years, and been extremely happy with their work and speed.  They've done thousands of post cards and dozens of one-sheet movie posters for us.  We've mostly worked with Roland, who's awesome, but everyone there is friendly and helpful.  (Even when we were difficult making sudden changes to artwork that they'd already started processing.)We'd tried a couple other printers in L.A. before settling on Indie Printing. This was not only because of the quality of their work and competitive prices, but also the ease of working with them.  Extra points for letting me bring my dog into the shop!____________HOW I RATE: I award stars based on excellence WITHIN A CATEGORY -- so a taco truck and best restaurant in the country could each earn 5 stars if each is exemplary within its category (Taco Trucks, Fine Restaurants). Ratings don't denote equivalency *across* categories. Nor do I stingily hold out for some Platonic ideal. If I absolutely love a place and keep returning, it earns 4 or 5 stars. I don't care to rate places I find "meh," hence my dearth of 3-star ratings. I'm more interested in helping steer people toward or away from places based on my experiences. More...


Evan J.

18 April 2013

We needed a big printing job done, and we needed it completed in just a few days. Indie Printing was a life saver.  They gave us a quote and got started right away.  They really went the extra mile for us, especially considering the short time frame we gave them.  We are very impressed with their customer service and will definitely be using them again. More...


Joseph H.

28 December 2012

Thanks Indie Printing for the amazing & professional service! Print quality was superior & the staff was very responsive, knowledgeable & helpful! I highly recommend this eco friendly company! More...


Remo S.

28 December 2012

We have been working with Indie Printing for about 3 years now for our business needs. We have never had a problem with them as all our orders are always on time and quality work.  The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. We tend to have last minute orders often and are able to get our printing needs done by the weekend. We tend to come up with our ideas Friday afternoon and the staff takes the time to complete our job and satisfy our needs regardless of what day and time it may be. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, they feel like family having been using them for so long now. I highly recommend this awesome company! More...


Sandra R.

28 December 2012

Been working with Indie Printing for awhile now as we get all our business cards and printing needs done here. Service is excellent, they are always attentive to our needs and make sure items get done on time regardless of what time of the day it may be. Emails are responded to just as quickly. Awesome Service. Thank you Indie Printing for your good work. More...


Jenn W.

19 December 2012

Great customer service. Good quality prints.


Zoe R.

5 December 2012

I have had a great experience working with Indie Printing! From the start of our project to print a small amount of handbooks, the staff were attentive, responded promptly to emails and worked with us to accomdate very strict environmental requirements for our printing job. Their prices were very competitive and staff were very patient with my incessant questions and lack of printing lingo and knowledge :-) Thanks Indie Printing! More...


M. K.

26 October 2012

I opened up a store on Etsy selling greeting cards and prints and other paper goods. Initially, I went with my local printers (I live in Seattle) but since business started expanding and items had to be shipped to different stores, I knew I had to find a more professional place for bulk orders. I am originally from LA so I thought it would be a good idea to search there.I saw some of the reviews concerning poor service and attitude, which surprised me. Maybe my experience with Indie Printing would have been horrible as well, but thankfully, Roland ended up helping me out and he made the entire experience amazing. He was prompt, SO patient (I ended up annoying myself with all my mistakes regarding the files), and very sweet. Thanks, Roland!I only ended up printing 650 greeting cards to see if I wanted to continue using their services. After the entire process, dealing with their customer services, and finally receiving the actual cards today (they shipped it out via UPS), I am so excited because it seems I finally found my go-to printers. Aside from the customer service aspect, the actual work was beautifully done. There were no mistakes whatsoever and the quality is so stellar that the cards seem expensive.In short, Indie Printing shall be seeing - or hearing from me again. Hurrah!EDIT: I finished folding and packaging the greeting cards yesterday, and I noticed that there were about a hundred extra included! Seriously I wish it were possible to give an extra star for the review. True awesomeness, indeed!EDIT 2: I got some more cards printed and some prints this time, too. I gave Indie Printing a rudely short notice (a week to do the job AND have it get to me in Seattle), and they did not fail to impress once again. Speedy and friendly service, and more importantly, amazing quality job. Also, they included extras! More...


Ely Anne V.

26 September 2012

AMAZING SERVICE! I needed business cards ASAP before a trip overseas and not only did Roland reply to request to a quote within 30 minutes (AFTER 5PM!) but he responded just as promptly when I needed to make a change to my order. My cards were ready a day early and he offered me a deep first-time customer discount. I also really liked how he actually called me to let me know my cards were ready early versus not letting me know and casually mentioning it when I came to pick it up the next day.I'm definitely going to place another order with them very soon! Bring quarters when you go to pick up your order as their located in downtown and only metered parking is available. More...


Tara D.

14 November 2011

Great selection, great style, great customer service.  Website is very helpful.  Staff responded promptly to my emails.  Pickup was easy.  Lots of metered parking in the area.I love being able to support a local printer.I've only used them for business cards so far, but eventually I'll be going back for letterhead and other specialty printing jobs! More...


Brian K.

17 July 2010

This week, I was sent back to Indie Printing by a hired packaging designer who referred to it as "[his] printshop". I had no idea that I'd be working with Indie Printing until I was inside the building, facing another horrible deadline. Between Indie Printing's response to my last review, and the time crunch I was facing, I didn't have a choice but to run with them. I'm glad I did. This project was another rush job. A run of 12 page books, with sleeves to put them in. I got the assignment on a Monday, and they had to be ready in time to fly to Seattle with me on Sunday. I was helped by Ricardo, who provided me with excellent service, and made sure we took the right steps to get the job printed and assembled on time. He walked me through picking out the materials, and explaining what we could pull off in three days. Once the design process began, he always answered phone calls and emails, and took every step possible to make my project happen.I'll be doing a second run of books in a couple weeks, and I won't hesitate to go through Indie Printing again. More...


Heather P.

13 April 2010

indie printing is one of my top choice printers to work with in the LA area. they are personable, knowledgeable, and totally dedicated to repeat business. i can run specs by them any time, ask about processes and paper, gently inquire if i can save a client's ass with a quick rush job, and they are always accommodating in whatever way they can help. they're also centrally located and committed to environmentally friendly practices, which is important to me and my clients. indie printing rocks! More...


The Secret R.

8 February 2010

I worked at a high-end print shop for ten years, so I KNOW what customers can and should expect.  This place is, without a doubt, the BEST printing house in Los Angeles.   I will not use anyone else.  At first, my clients didn't understand why the color and texture of their orders was different (not worse, just different) than what they were used to seeing -- but once I explained that eco-friendly inks and papers have different saturation rates, often resulting in colors that are brighter and bolder than what you'd get from a traditional 4 color process, they totally got it.  It's sort of like this: if you've always gotten your film processed at walgreen's, and you're used to seeing low-end automated color, you're going to notice a huge difference when you use a professional photo lab.  That's what it's like using Indie for 4-color printing.  And, to top it off, they're conscious of the environment, the local economy, and support the arts in Los Angeles.   Good product + smart folks = hooray for the world.  Go Indie. More...


Dave W.

5 January 2010

Frankie, Ricardo and Indie are terrific. Good people and fun to work with. After hearing good things about them from many LA designers, I used Indie for several print projects in November and they did a superb job. Colors looked great, prices were fair and couldn't have been happier with their work. I've pointed several other clients in their direction since and will continue to do so. Highly recommended. More...


Irene S.

4 January 2010

Frankie and Indie Printing's the best ever!!!!! I had a Dog Rescue Adoption Banner done through them and they did a really amazing job!!!!!! Plus - they're an eco-conscious vendor and dog friendly!!!!I've only had good interactions with the staff...I've recommended them to other folks  and will continue to do so. More...


Justina W.

3 January 2010

This is a review of Indie Printing about 5 years ago. Times do change, but I recall them being very good back in the day and hope all is the same.Indie Printing helped me survive as a small theater owner in the early to mid-00's. Affordable and forgiving! On occasion, I would beg to pick up after closing or ask for an overnight print run and they would do everything in their power to help. They didn't bend over backwards EVERY time I was a flaky theater owner, but they sure went above and beyond.Strike up a conversation on their down time (which is rare) and you'll have some inspiring conversation. Lots of vision beyond print and copy.Something to note: I would often get some defectives with my mass printing, but they always made up for it with extras. It evened out to the quantity I wanted at the quality I wanted. More...


Kat L.

27 September 2009

Great work, great service!I had a really good experience with Indie Printing- they made me gorgeous cards for a fair price, and their design work is stellar.I highly recommend them if you're looking for a printing house to fit any of your needs. They rock. More...


René A.

10 July 2009

For various reasons I've been having photo postcards made for years. I used to use Vista Print until a freind told me about Indie Print.  They are not only faster but more inexpensive. (And you can get someone one the phone right away if need be.) I give them 2 thumbs up. More...


Teresa W.

9 July 2009

Helpful, affordable, easy to work with, fast, socially responsible, and quality work.  What more could you want?I've done several fliers with Indie and have been satisfied every time.


Ben T.

19 June 2009

Helpful staff. Ricardo, Frankie and Wayne make short-run printing painless. They've thoughtfully researched their inks, paper and process to be as eco-friendly as possible. My branding and design company ( studiofluid.com ) refers design clients here all the time for printing business cards, posters, stationery and letterhead. More...