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Executive coach, speaker, presentation specialist, and instructional designer specializing in 1:1 executive coaching, strengths-based development, emotional intelligence, personality styles and the art an science of presence.
As a facilitator, coach, and instructional designer I bring an exceptional ability to design and deliver engaging, high-impact employee and leadership development programs.



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I love helping people pinpoint where their natural gifts and tendencies lie. This is often an eye opening and powerful experience. Through a variety of assessment tools, I provide clients with a customized report that synthesizes multiple reports and paints a clear, vivid picture of each individual. The goal often is then to help you steer yourself into roles or projects that will allow you to shine.
The other area I love is working with people to enhance their presentation and presence skills. I work 1:1 and conduct live workshops that teach people a repeatable methodology for messaging any content, as well as skills around body language and executive presence. Once these have been worked on, we will explore slide design best practices. I emphasize that the human being is the message, and the slides are an "aid'. I have coached many executives to speak at conferences, all hands and national meetings, as well as thousands of tech and biotech presenters. All consider the training a career game changer. It is truly rewarding to see people make such tremendous progress is this essential skill.

After 17 years in the medical device training space with Abbott, I started my own business as a training consultant. I love to customize anything I do with my clients, and having my own business allows me to leverage that skill. I also enjoy working with a variety of clients in a variety of industries. It is energizing to learn about each company's vision, value proposition, culture and goals as I help individuals improve their performance.

I bring a depth of perspective and knowledge as a Facilitator and Coach who also is a certified Instructional Designer. All of my training programs are highly interactive and leverage adult learning principles. Consistently delivering live programs makes me a better Instructional Designer, and being an Instruction Designer who understands learning theory, makes me a better Facilitator and Coach.
Finally, as a 1:1 coach you will not find anyone who provides the array of tools to learn about yourself. It is a privilege to help people discover and celebrate their differences and their greatest contributions, in order to identify where the greatest opportunity for success in their roles and relationships lies. The result is highly inspired individuals and teams who intentionally create more positive team cultures and organizations.