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Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

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Mansfield, Nottinghamshire



Webxcell Digital a premium design agency that focuses on quality, innovation, & speed. We utilized technology to bring results to grow our clients’ businesses. We pride ourselves in great work ethic, integrity, and end-results. Throughout the years Webxcell Media has been able to create stunning, award-winning designs in multiple verticals while allowing our clients to obtain an overall better web presence.

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15 June 2017

Webxcell Media surpassed my expectation(s) with an amazing delivery of a fantastic health and social care agency website and logo design. This is the most reliable, efficient and trustworthy company I have worked with.

You can rely on them at anytime for support, and it was wonderful working with them. I highly recommend Webxcell Media if you are looking for efficiency, reliability, expertise and above all, excellent support.

Thank you very much for the wonderful review Tabitha. It was also a pleasure working with you.

14 June 2017

Webxcell Media have provided an excellent service when setting up our website (www.nbjbusinesssolutions.co.uk). I am delighted to write this short recommendation of their services, and wish them all the best in their future development.

14 June 2017

Webxcell Media completely transformed my business by bringing my website into the 21st century. Their support is unparalleled, and they are always on hand for support no matter what the hour. I would recommend this company without a hesitation. More...

Thank you so much for your confidence in our company. It was was wonderful getting to know you as person and your company, which provided us with excellent insights into giving you a site that has helped transformed your business.

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What I enjoy most about the job is meeting new clients, building relationships and helping them at the end to achieve the business goal of having a website. I feel fulfilled at the end of the design process, when a client is happy with the deliverables.

Working with different clients everyday to help them resolve simple to complex business problems is the more reason why I setup the design agency in the first place.

When my youngest son was 8 years old, it used to break my heart when he would ask me, "Dad, do you have travel again today?" He would start to cry and refuse to eat when I say yes to his question. I was traveling and staying away from home a lot, and only seeing him and the rest of the children on a Friday. Working as an independent person meant I lost out a bit when the children were growing up.

I took the decision to setup my own business, and being self employed for me was about being able to be a Dad full time and still being able to my family financially. It also gave me to the freedom to take control of my time, and take sometime off to spend with the family when I needed to. This has always been my major goal for wanting to start a business. Now, my youngest son is 18 and my eldest is 22. Running my own my business is still a dream but my inspiration still remains the same, I want to be available when my family needs me.

It’s been said that people may not remember exactly what you said or did, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel. Clients should choose us because:

1. I have Confidence in my ability: “They will know what I am talking about and how to get things done. I listen to the clients.”
2. Excitement: “I am energetic and enthusiastic. I always enjoy working with clients to help them solve business problems with a profitable website.”
3. Reliability and Dependability: “Clients can always depend on me to be available and ready to help them ant any time.”'s
4. Speed of delivery: I always deliver speedily based on the client's dateline.
5. Passionate about my work: The passion I have in my work means clients will have that passion channeled in delivery their job
6. Excellent tailored-made support: The support provided by Webxcell Media is one of the best out there, this is because clients problems are resolved swiftly to help them get back to business.
7. Excellent communication: As an IT veteran of over 20 years, with 15 of those in senior management, I have excellent verbal and written communication skills, which I will put into effective use in clients projects.
8. Excellent project planning: With over 15 years of project management experience, clients will have the projects managed in a well structured manner.
9. Trust: I am a highly trustworthy professional, who understands and listen to what clients say, and they trust me. This is evident in what our existing clients always say about me and how I have delivered their projects.

Clients should choose Webxcell Media over others because, at Webxcell Media we make clients richer, happier and more successful.



Graphic design is a fantastic expression of art with a purpose! Graphic and brand identity design is a beautiful marriage of creativity and an organised plan to achieve a creative, marketing or business objective. First impressions take an instant but, once formed, are incredibly hard to change. The first impression a customer has of your business is often through a website, logo, or other type of visual communication. These initial touch points help to form our impression of and relationship to a brand. Graphic designers use images, symbols and words to communicate with the public is a very visual way. Graphic design is an aesthetic way to quickly express and convey your brand’s uniqueness, its purpose and message in a tactile, stimulating and accessible way to customers . You might be starting from scratch or already have a website up and running. Wherever you are on your business’s journey across the web, we have a graphical solution for you. We could take your design to the next level through infographics, graphical sliders and banner images. We could also spruce up your online adverts. Whatever you have in mind, we can bring your vision of your website to life with beautiful, communicative graphic designs.

Our approach to web development and design has always set us apart from our competitors. We appreciate that the best website design is innovative and agile. It is also iterative, not always coming in leaps and jumps but in a process of constant improvement. This is why we will work with you over the long term to maximise your online business opportunities. Things move fast online. What was in Vogue yesterday is old hat tomorrow. Our website development team take a nimble approach and like to hit the ground running. Whilst we are still discussing exactly what you need from a website, we can start to create basic web design ideas to give you an early indication of what your finished website will be like. At WEBXCELL Media we are leaders in Mansfield web development and innovation. Working from Mansfield, UK, we create compelling and creative websites which engage your customers. Our aim is to get your business noticed. We work across different industry verticals, focusing on delivering great digital products and services. We help to enable our clients’ businesses to succeed and provide you with a clear return on investment.

At WEBXCELL Media we have a wealth of skills and experience in all aspects of digital and online marketing which we can bring to your business. We go above and beyond in delivering our clients excellent, measurable results from digital inbound marketing products with proven return on investment opportunities. Put simply, we do digital marketing right. We provide you with the tool to plan and carry out your next campaign and generate the results your business needs. Our expertise in digital and online marketing help your business grow and succeed. We bring a unique blend of skills, expertise and a dynamic approach to the online world, connecting you with the most up to date best practice in all fields. Connect with pre-qualified customers Save time and money Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team

There are different types of ecommerce solutions which are available to customers looking to launch and develop their new ecommerce website. Depending on your business model and product, an ecommerce designer will recommend different products which will best enable you to maximise your profile and potential. Omni channel retail. If your business model includes both on and offline, a platform can be created which merges these two divergent aspects of your business and gives consumers a consistent picture of your brand image. Our ecommerce developers firmly believe in integrating every aspect of a digital marketing strategy employing tools such as content-led ecommerce. We aim to draw people to your ecommerce website through both social media and search engine optimisation. We enrich your site for consumers by creating compelling copy which tells the story of your brand, engaging customers and building brand loyalty. We like to connect with your customers through blogs, forums and social media profiles. We only work with the best, industry winning, platforms such as Shopify. Doing so, we make sure that your website build is stable, has the systems in place to deliver the maximum sales possible and above all is user friendly. We are WEBXCELL Media, a web design and digital marketing agency based in Mansfield Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom.

At WEBXCELL Media we have a wealth of experience working with businesses of all sizes and multiple verticals to bring their ideas for tablet or smartphone applications to realisation. In our first conversations we will discuss your needs and work with you to clearly define what you and your business requires in functionality from us as a mobile app development company. We can help you balance needs ensuring end users and other stakeholders all get what they need. WEBXCELL Media works with you at each step to increase your business’s productivity as both your application and our team supporting core business functions. We’ll use cloud technology and the latest platforms to ensure your new mobile application is always up to date. As a full service application developer we can not only design and build your new app, we can also market it across multiple channels to an expanded customer base.

Whether you are thinking about getting a new website or need to attract more traffic to an existing one, you have probably heard people telling you to invest in SEO consultancy. But, what does SEO stand for and how can SEO help take your website to the next level? What is SEO? SEO or search engine optimisation describes the set of tools and processes, such as keyword analysis, or content marketing which can affect the visibility of a website and where it appears in search results. This is called a website’s PageRank. The simple explanation of this is that PageRank is a metric for measuring the quality of a website. It looks at lots of factors, such as inbound links to a page. The algorithm then assigns the website or webpage a value of 0-10 which determines the authority, importance and reliability of the pages’ information when compared to a specific search query. This affects where your page appears in search engine results pages or SERP’s. The importance of SEO Creating a beautiful looking website is just the first step to building a successful online business presence. To make sure that potential customers can find your website before that of your competitors you’ll need the magic touch of SEO to give your website a boost. The aim of any digital strategy by a search engine optimisation company is to build more awareness of a brand and to draw in new customers. This can be through great content, PPC and SEO. You have a strong brand, or a great product or service, great. But, how do you get the word out to a world wide web full of customers? One of the best ways of getting your website, ecommerce site or app to appear closer to the top of SERP’s (Search Engine Research Pages) is by applying search engine optimisation. Why do you need SEO consultancy? What is SEO and is SEO (or search engine optimisation) really necessary for my business? The simple answer is yes, you do need SEO. SEO is the strategy and set of tools which helps to create, shape and develop your website and overall online presence. It is used by the best search engine optimization services and marketing agencies. It helps your website to be more visible to search engines, through which the vast majority of online services and products are found by customers.