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Robert Love

30 August 2019

Dr. Lake is most definitely one of the best in the field in my honest opinion. He is genuinely dedicated to helping couples become more aware of how to develop a healthier-stronger relationship. I 100% recommend him to any couple. You'll love it. More...


K K.

27 June 2019

Dr. Ira has been great to work with and has helped address my struggles. I really believe he's going to help me get to a place where I need to be in life. I struggle with past issues of anger and ptsd, as well as adhd. He's helping me change my mindset to be more positive, trust others, and to learn my own value in this world.  I look forward to looking back on these meetings with him and seeing the positive impact it will have on my life. More...


Aneika S.

30 May 2019

Let me start out by saying I was referred by my hairstylist to Dr. Lake. From the time I walked in, Dr. Lake and his staff made me feel right at home! He was grooving to some instrumental jazz music and soon after I was bopping along. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect in my first therapy session and I will say our conversation flowed which made it effective for me to share. It just felt like casual conversation. Dr. Lake has a down to earth approach and he laid the foundation of what to expect and some insight into his technique/philosophy. After 2 months, I am very glad that God placed him on my journey to wholeness and I have and continue to see the tangible benefit in my sense of being!! Go give him a visit, it's worth your peace of mind. More...


Tedi M.

16 May 2019

Dr Lake has been a huge blessing to my daughter who's (12). He's been the first out of many therapists to become apart of her life. He's developed a trusting relationship fast. His attention to detail and individual personalities has been greatly appreciated. I would recommend him to any parent considering counseling. More...


Brittany W.

29 April 2019

Dr. Ira Lake was amazing! We could not have asked for a better officiant for our ceremony. We had the best pre-counseling session prior to our ceremony. At first we were a bit nervous but he immediately made us feel at ease and comfortable. Even more so he was completely helpful during the entire process. Dr. Lake was fantastic. I have not spoken to one person from our wedding who has not mentioned how wonderful he was! We definitely plan on continuing counseling sessions with him and are so thankful for picking such a wonderful officiant! More...


Jo C.

9 February 2019

My wife and I have been going to Dr Lake since before we got married. He recently started up marriage boot camps, which is where I am writing this review from. Imtasik family counseling has provided us with counseling for us and for our son. I want to encourage people to try a session or even checking out one of these boot camps. I've personally learned a lot and learned some of the mistakes that I - we - have been making. Marriage is not easy, but it's the relationship that holds the promise of being the most rewarding. I've learned through pain that it won't take care of itself, and sometimes outside help is needed. If you are thinking about getting married or are married (no matter what stage you are in), you can benefit from this. So go ahead and sign up! More...


Vanessa M.

14 November 2018

Dr Ira Lake is phenomenal, I have been searching for a therapist for my daughter age 14 and my son age 16. Just after two office visits I have seen a shift within my daughter where she looks much happier and Assertive. Dr Ira is so professional and the way he established a connection with my daughter, I'm just at loss of words. I can't wait to see her progress and growth. The first two office visits you sit with your child and Dr Ira after that they go in by themselves if your comfortable. This office is private to you pay for your office visit in cash or credit card. If you have private insurance you mail them a copy of your receipt with your super bill and they reimburse you assuming your plan covers mental health services. More...


Starletta Marie Darlak

29 August 2018

Dr. Ira Lake is an incredible individual and professional who truly has made a tremendous difference in my life. If you have ever considered or have gone to counseling in the past....I can guarantee that nobody will come close to what this man can do. Dr. Lake is extremely personable and you can feel that he truly cares about what is happening in your life. It is very difficult to find a provider who possesses the multitude of skill sets (not just listening but offers tremendous resolutions to various situations). Above all, he is a man of God, which is important in my faith as a Christian to know that his advice is given from not only medical books but from the main book (The Holy Bible). Thank you Dr. Lake for being you!!! More...


Micki Rechelle Poole Grayson

29 August 2018

Dr. Lake is anointed, gifted, and highly skilled at what he does. He provides practical skills to help one handle critical life situations. A tremendous blessing. I unequivocally recommend him. More...


Bre Korta

29 August 2018

IRA is incredible! I have spent many years in and out of therapy and all my experiences combined I was unable to make as much progress as I did with IRA in such a short period of time. I continue to seek services and those moments of feeling like I can't make it he is always just a call or text away and does everything in his power to fit me in for a session asap. He has been their personally for me and continues to help me get through one of the most challenging times in my life. Thank God for bringing him into my life. More...


Jeff W.

19 June 2018

Dr. Ira is the best!  He helped my wife and son through a difficult time in our lives. He encouraged us to persevere through the tough times and to strengthen the bonds we had begun to neglect. He taught us simple (and often fun) techniques that we could take home and practice. Before we knew it, we were back on track. What would have potentially cost thousands of dollars and months/years of therapy, we achieved very rapidly and inexpensively thanks to his expertise and commitment to helping all income levels. Expect to laugh and smile a lot when you are with Dr. Ira.  =)     Don't hesitate....contact him now.  You will never regret it. More...


Nicole R.

17 June 2018

Dr. Lake is incredible. We saw him for premarital counseling and we were so honored that he could also be our officiant! So many of our guests commented on how great he was and asked for his info. As for the counseling we learned so much from him that we will apply for the rest of our lives. Thank you Dr. Lake! More...


Janet S.

1 December 2017

The reviews on Dr. Lake spoke volumes and when I say meeting him for the first time far exceeded my expectations...that is even an understatement!  My fiance and I are getting married next year and we are both aware that we have a lot of work to do in our relationship prior to our wedding date.  The comfort level that Dr. Lake provides from being completely free, non judgmental, honest and forthcoming, etc. is exactly what we needed to set the tone of a safe environment to share our stories.  We are so thankful that we have been connected with someone who is going to help equip us with the proper tools to be in a successful marriage.  We both left our first session with a sense of peace and cannot wait until the next.  Thank you Dr. Lake for letting the Lord use you in such a mighty way!!!  Much Peace and Many Blessings to you and yours!!! More...


Mz V.

27 May 2017

Pastor Ira L Lake you made our wedding memorable.  We couldn't ask for anyone better than you. Thank you for sharing our special day with us and marrying the man of my  dreams to me. 13yrs  lol!  God bless and thank you again you did an amazing job for us! We would highly recommend you to the next person !! Very satisfied customers !!! More...


R B.

10 April 2017

Tonight I was looking at our wedding video, and I can't thank Pastor Lake enough for the wonderful job he did in officiating our wedding. He really took the time to learn our story and wove that into a ceremony that our friends and family raved about. Spirituality, substance, and laughs were all perfectly proportioned! Pastor Lake is the consummate professional, and we're so happy that he was a part of our big day! More...

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