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Impact Animated Videos

Gordon's Bay, South Africa

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Impact Animated Videos

Gordon's Bay, South Africa

1 hire on Bark


We create captivating animated explainer videos that help clients sell their products, services and ideas. Every client and company has a unique voice and our passion is to make that voice heard. We don't do cookie-cutter! We get that you are hiring us to bring your idea to life, so that is exactly what we aim to do.


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25 September 2019

I've enjoyed working with this professional group on creating an informative animation. The timing, price, and quality of the work was exceptional. You give them your story, and you get all parts of animations (through several timely interactions with the involved people) in a perfect shape. Can't forget this fascinating experience. More...

26 October 2018

A’sea at impact animated was brilliant, a real professional. I would 100% recommend them.

Thanks so much Arjun!

7 July 2017

Reference and Testimonial for Impact Animated Videos

Having made contact with Karen at Impact Animated Videos after seeing a Facebook post about Impact Videos, whilst waiting to board a plane from South Africa to Dubai, I was immediately impressed and interested in the product that Impact Animated Videos produces.

Karen then emailed me the details on how to get started with creating an animation video for our company and I initially thought that this project was going to be time-consuming and hard work to get produced and done. I was wrong! Karen provided simple, easy instructions with each cycle broken down into easy-to-follow steps and the team at Impact videos immediately understood exactly what we at The Recruiter needed and wanted and they got to work.

Our greatest fear was obtaining a quotation for the project we wanted to tackle, as well as the time needed to get our project done. Karen made our project affordable and most importantly Karen made things easy to understand and the processes Impact Videos needed to get started. We then understood each step and tackled each step accordingly, so we knew what we were paying for and we were given an understanding of each sub-product that they needed with our project.

Our favourite part of our video production experience was having an animation as we work in a professional environment, but wanted to lighten the mood with animation while remaining professional and this was understood and actioned accordingly by Impact Animated Videos correctly.

Our project turned out to be a lot of fun and we obtained a valuable final product that we are enthusiastic and happy about, so we will refer Impact Video services positively to others for sure!

Recruiter regards,

Grant de Jongh
Managing Director

5 July 2017

It was wonderful working with Impact Videos. Karen fully understood what I was looking for and executed it very quickly to the utmost standards and quality. It is very rare to find someone who duplicates what is wanted so quickly. I highly recommend this company! More...

Thanks so much, Laura. You were a pleasure to work with!


Hearing or seeing a client's excitement when they see what we've created or, even better, hearing the successes clients have using their video that we made.

Other than that we really love working with people and hearing your message or story, since each person or company is unique and interesting in their own way. That's what inspires our creativity.

A combination of love and skill/talent for working with people and creativity. Karen, the founder and creative behind Impact, started off studying design, but then worked for 11 years as a professional counselor. She then decided to combine the two by helping people with her art. She quickly started earning a living as a freelance illustrator and designer, winning several illustration and design contests along the way. This lead to working full-time for various animated explainer video companies and learning all the parts of creating animated videos, from script writing to animation and project management.

After several years of successfully doing this, she decided to start her own company, Impact Animated Videos and has since put together a team and served some very happy clients!

We put you first. Nothing is more important to us than understanding your needs and wants and making this a reality (see our reviews, it sounds a lot better when other people say this, rather than us saying it!). Our work speaks for itself, but the bottom line is out videos get results. Our clients have great success when they use their videos, for instance one client closed a sale that he couldn't close for 2 year prior, using his video, Another client had declining growth for over a year. After putting our video on her website, her sales increased to highest ever. We'd love to help you have similar success.

On top of this we provide great service at a competitive price. And we love what we do!



Whiteboard Animation is a video style where the viewer sees static images drawn on the screen. Whiteboard is a very flexible style and can be used in many ways - from explaining very complex or technical ideas, to conveying a personal or emotional message. It can be story-based (like, “Meet Neil...”) or a direct marketing message (who we are and what we do). They are straight forward, yet incredibly engaging. Whiteboard can also contain some motion in the objects or characters (e.g. a flying plane).

This is a video using animated characters. This is great for making the viewer feel a personal connection to the character, and thus your brand.

The technical name for "moving text"—is an animation technique of mixing motion and text to express ideas using video animation. This text is presented over time in a manner intended to convey or evoke a particular idea or emotion.

The difference between a cartoon style video and graphic animation video is that in a cartoon style video you will have characters in an environment doing things, while a graphic animation there is not usually an environment (or it is often abstract) and it might not have characters, just objects. Graphic animation is also know as infographic video or motion graphics.

The foundation of a good explainer video is a great script. If this is not done correctly the video will lose it's impact and will bore people. We write scripts that grab attention and gets results.

When you hire an illustrator, we get that you are really trying to express an idea or vision you have, you just don't have the skill or tools to express it. So our priority is always to convey your message or idea, as you have envisioned it (and hopefully add a touch of magic while we are at it!). We do illustrations for children's books, portraits, mascots, gaming, gift tags and more.

We create designs for online and for print, including logos, business cards, flyers, brochures,promotional emails, email signatures, FB/Twitter/Youtube/LinkedIn banners and more. Just let us know what you need, we can help!