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Zina S.

28 July 2019

Our friend recommended us this shop when my husband broke the screen on his Samsung Note 8, we call there right away and in couple hrs phone was like new.  Next , I got my IPhone X screen cracked and also had a green line across the the screen. We call Joey ( I guess the main guy there) , came to the shop and my Phone was ready in 30 mins. Great job! Fast and good price! Will definitely comeback if needed , and 100% will recommend to my friends. More...


Frankie M.

18 July 2019

Place was great. Went right in, they fixed my screen and I got my phone back after almost 20 minutes. You can wait inside and they have parking on the street or free in the structure. I paid $120 for the factory screen, which I thought was a little overpriced. More...


Maria R.

12 July 2019

Great service ! David was amazing . My husbands cell glass cracked , he fixed it in the exact time he said he would , it looks like new . Definitely best place in Sherman Oaks to fix your cell . More...


Jimmy O.

30 June 2019

Great fast friendly service..on a Sunday!! Would recommend for you cell phone repair..walked in and out in about 20 minutes..phone back to its normal with a clear visible screen More...


Tina J.

19 June 2019

David was awesome!  He arrived 15 minutes early and 15 minutes later my son's phone was as good as new!  David was such a nice guy, too!  We will most definitely call iMobile again if and when we need our phones serviced!  I can recommend iMobile and David without reservation! More...


Tkiva S.

11 June 2019

Amazing shop - quickly repaired my phone, for a fair price and quality customer service


Paul A.

24 May 2019

Excellent customer service. I need a new screen for my I phone 7 plus. They were fast courteous and efficient and I got a screen protector. The screen wasn't as responsive as it should be. Foolishly I thought it might be the protector so I removed it but it made no difference. I took it back a few days later and told them about the issues and that I'd removed the protector. They changed it out under warranty no questions asked and replaced the protector for free.  Can't recommend these guys enough.  A week later the new screen works perfectly More...



7 May 2019

Great service! Got a quote through Yelp in less than 10 minutes. I dropped the devices the same day. Replaced my iPad broken glass and replaced my iPhone glass protector. Everything looked excellent!


Greg P.

6 May 2019

Quick, courteous, punctual and the screen looks great.  What more can I say?  Thanks guys!


Cynthia A.

29 April 2019

Just got my phone fixed today! These guys are awesome. They had my phone fixed in less than 30 minutes. Fair prices and great customer service. Thanks again for fixing my Note 5!


Guy B.

7 April 2019

Highly recommend iMobile, they give me two options, to come fix my iPhone at my location or stop by there repair shop. You can't get more convenient service than that. The repair took less than 30 minutes and my phone looks new. Thanks again guys your the best ! More...


Matan L.

7 April 2019

After calling around to several repair shops, I came across ImobileLA. I got a quote and decided to give them a shot. Best service ever! The tech that came to my location was very friendly, and knowledgeable. He gave me some tips to extend my battery life on my phone and it's actually working. New screen, new battery, life is good. More...


Patrick P.

4 April 2019

Great service and very professional. Went here for the first time and was very happy with the work they did. Prices are fair and work is very meticulous. While I was waiting people kept walking in thanking him for his great work and I agree with them More...


Varesha D.

25 March 2019

I should have posted this review ages ago because I don't remember the young mans name who fixed my broken phone screen buy he was lovely and I dropped it off and walked the dog and came back in half hour and he was done yay!


Safiya D.

6 February 2019

Super fast, excellent service! I was quoted 30 minutes for a screen repair and was able to get that done + a speaker repair on a different phone in less than 30 minutes. I will definitely be back :)


Xavier M.

27 January 2019

I'm glad I chose this company to repair my phone. I contacted them via Yelp and via phone and they very quick to respond to my inquiry. They quickly set up an appointment for me and Joey came out to my home exactly on time. He replaced my cracked IPhone glass within 25 minutes and he left the phone as good as new. Nothing like dealing with people who know what they are doing, do the job correctly and do it quickly.  I would definitely hire them again. More...


Ben J.

12 January 2019

A phenomenal service, I'm very happy with the way these people dealt with my situation. ice cream shack on January 1st and there was no one opened to help me out, I really do need my phone for work not only came over to me and help me out with the screen protector as well.


Hugo L.

1 January 2019

Can't say enough good things about iMobile iPhone Repair. I have had them repair 2 different iPhone's of mine in the past and every time I was completely satisfied with service, repair, and overall experience with both locations in LA! They stand behind their repairs 100%. Easy to find, easy to deal with. Got my broken touch screen and glass front fixed up in 10 minutes, and they outfitted me with a good screen protector! Hopefully, I won't have this happen again with the extra protection. They also followed up with me to see if my phone continued to function correctly in the weeks after the repairs. Thank you Joey and David! More...


jory r.

27 December 2018

Hi to all my Yelpers the Keepi it real Guy is at it again, and yes promises for life to always keep it real! Now lets get after it! I needed my Samsung telephone repair as I was having difficulty charging it each time! After making a few calls and being told how difficult parts were to get, and that Samsungs are very hard to work on because they want you to purchase a new phone after 2 years. Well when I want to get to the bottom of something I get to it!!! Nothing seems to stop me from when  Iwas just a kid!  I discover right on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks a cell phone repair store that will repair all makes and models! I met with David & Joey the ultimate pros, specialists Certified Call Phone Technicians!! The could have not been more warm, and understanding, and displayed how very professional you are treated when you walk into there business. They had diagnosed my problem within minutes, I was told I didnt need to purchase a new phone, that mine could be repaired like new! I receive a call from them, in just a few days later for me to come pick up my phone!! The service a 10! The repair a 10, the cost of repair a 10, look no further Yelpers this place is your go to period!!!   They can fix anything!  This was all done for a fraction of the cost of a new phone! You to will receive the same experience, and be thankful we had discovered them and have them here in the San Fernando Valley! I understand they can come to you for a repair if necessary, there always available 7 days a week!  Out for now, The keeping it real guy, sharing my new discovery! JR. More...


Caleb W.

10 November 2018

Arrived at my house in just 20 minutes after I'd called to replace my cracked iPhone 7 screen.  Joey is skilled and quick.  Very impressed with this service. More...


Daniel K.

3 November 2018

Came to a location of my choice 15 minutes after I called! Great service thank you Joey!


Eddie G.

2 November 2018

Joey is amazing. I called him and he gave us a FAIR quote. The best part is HE COMES TO YOU. He was punctual and cordial....a consummate professional.I highly recommend him. More...


Larry K.

31 October 2018

Fast and superior ! I read the various reviews here. Based on my excellent experience, I'd say the complaints about dim screens were due to not upgrading to an official iPhone screen. It cost a little more and is totally worth it. He also cleaned and fixed my headphone port and audio board inside. He showed me the inside of my phone and explained it really clearly. Recommend him highly and without reservation. More...


Erica O.

20 October 2018

Technician arrived in 10 min to my home and was done in another 15. Very polite and professional. Cannot recommend enough.


Yulia K.

16 October 2018

Excellent! High quality screen lcd display! very quickly came home in 30 minutes and everyone made it in 5 minutes! Good quality original display! very happy to recommend!


Matthew B.

4 October 2018

Great service. Quality parts. Was at my place in 30mins repairing my screen. Highly recommended!


Leanne H.

8 August 2018

Joey is so awesome! Thank you SO much for taking the time to repair my phone. Went with the non Apple screen first and wasn't happy with the coloring, so Joey took extra time to swap it out! Looks great! He is fast and nice! Highly recommend!! More...


Matt V.

7 August 2018

Super responsive, talked me through the options in repairing my phone. In the end I was very happy with the work. That the repair comes to you is the best!


Dave P.

28 July 2018

This firm was referred to me by a good customer who has used them about 5 times. Frankly, I had no idea there was a mobile service that would come to my house to fix my phone! (I'd rather EAT broken glass than go sit for hours in an Apple store to FIX my broken glass.) Joey was promptly on time and fixed my phone in about 15 minutes - the day after I busted it. He was very skilled, professional, and we had a nice conversation. I am 100% satisfied with the work and would highly recommend him and his company. Very impressive. More...


Bob B.

10 May 2018

These guys are awesome!  Needed a new screen for my Iphone 6 and saw their outstanding reviews on Yelp.  Called them up, told them my problem and they sent a repair tech to my home within an hour.  David, the tech was terrific and got the job done in under 20 minutes.  I opted for the OEM replacement screen, so it was a more expensive, but I wanted the factory stuff.  5+ stars for this outfit! More...


Adriana R.

24 January 2018

I must have dropped my iPhone 6s a hundred times, but this last time, face down on concrete, did the trick. My screen shattered into a million pieces. I found Doran on Yelp and contacted him through the app. He got back to me within minutes and we set up a time for him to come meet me the very next day. His prices were competitive and very fair. He arrived promptly on time and had my phone looking BRAND NEW within 5 minutes. It also comes with a 30 day warranty, which made me feel better. I couldn't be happier. It was easier than I could have ever imagined, fast, and Doran was professional and courteous. Highly recommend! More...


Alexa J.

31 October 2017

Excellent service- quick reply and price quote on Yelp, came to my work and had my screen fixed in minutes!It was my first screen to ever shatter but he sold me on a protectant film cover because I do drop it a lot  I appreciated that he applied it because it's perfectly lined up and so far has worked like a charm! (I continue to drop my phone and no shatter since) More...


Chris S.

29 September 2017

He was very professional and worked in a good time for me to get Home. His prices are fair and his product is too off the line.  I highly recommend him.


Alex d.

13 September 2017

Showed up in 20 minutes and fixed my broken iPhone screen for less than Apple Store. This is an excellent service provider. A+!


Chexy D.

30 August 2017

Super duper work by Doran. Fast, efficient, responsive, nice. Legit parts too, and it shows in the feedback. Highly recommended. Thanks so much!


Robert C.

15 August 2017

I realized today that I never reviewed this after my service some 8 months ago.  Setting up the appointment was easy.  Repairs were done quickly and professionally at my office.  What else is there?  All was good! More...


Brenna B.

4 August 2017

After dropping my iPhone 6S Plus one too many times, I got in touch with Doran through Yelp.  Professional, expedient and fairly priced, things couldn't have gone more smoothly!I hope I don't need him again but if I do- Doran's the guy! More...


James B.

28 June 2017

I messaged Doran through Yelp, and we set up an appointment for the next day. Everything went as smoothly as possible. Quick, professional, and great communication -- an overall excellent experience. I would definitely call again and recommend to others without hesitation. More...


Clay H.

17 May 2017

It doesn't get much easier than this.Literally, less than an hour ago the screen on my iPhone 6s was broken and it was nearly impossible to charge.After a quick, inexpensive visit from Doran my phone is as good as new and I couldn't be happier!My five-star rating was a no brainer.  And Doran couldn't have been nicer or more professional!  Highly recommended. More...


Gregory B.

22 February 2017

Doran was fantastic! Just like all these reviews say he is the real deal and you will not be disappointed. Great job!


Brad S.

22 November 2016

I can't recommend Doran enough.He came late on a Sunday to my home and fixed my wife's iPhone 6s screen.  The phone looks like new and took less then 10 minutes.  Absolutely exceptional.  If you have a cracked screen on your phone, look no further. More...


Hugh W.

5 November 2016

Great service, same day appointment, easy scheduling, top notch technician. I had the glass replaced as well as the screen itself for as much as they were charging at the Apple Store and with OE parts. The Apple Store was going to take seven days to get an appointment but the mobile repair service were able to come and help me the same day.After a few days I noticed that my battery was draining twice as fast after the replacement screen was installed so I called Doran and he came out next day and replaced it no questions asked.Excellent service, great guy, use this service! More...


Alan P.

11 October 2016

Exceptional service.  Made an appointment with Doran for noon at my office.  At 11:59 I texted him to see how his schedule was looking.  He replied that he was at our reception area.  I looked at the clock, and it was noon exactly.It took him just a few minutes to diagnose my iPhone's hardware issue, which he repaired within minutes.  Phone works better than it has in months.Very recommended. More...


Meredith B.

26 September 2016

Doran was great!  I texted him late on a Saturday night when I got back from vacation after dropping and shattering my iPhone screen. Within a minute he texted me back and we agreed to meet at my building the next morning at 10am. He texted me to confirm that morning and showed up on time. He was super personable and fixed my phone screen right on the spot in 20 minutes. Screen looks brand new and I'm so happy to have a working iPhone again. I definitely recommend this service for convenience and reliability. More...


Nicole R.

14 September 2016

Doran, is a wonderful, friendly, professional & savvy with phones! I break my phone A LOT and have used many services I will 100% only use Doran from now on! Thank you!!


David V.

1 September 2016

Doran answered my request immediately.  We then scheduled an appointment, he stopped by my home and repaired my iPhone 5s screen in less than 15 minutes.  The convenience/professionalism of this service was outstanding and I would absolutely recommend this company to everyone in the Valley.  Now I can wait until my AT&T contract expires to get a new phone instead of immediately paying full price for a new one.  Thanks again Doran for the help bro! More...


Jamie G.

27 August 2016

This service is off the hook. They came to me at a bar and had my phone fixed in under ten minutes. It don't get any better


Alyssa A.

14 August 2016

Doran is exceptional, professional and quick. All the reviews say it all and I echo every single one of them. He worked off my schedule and did the job like it was second nature. Knowing me, my butter fingers will likely shatter my screen again and there's no one else I'd think to call. More...


Adrian D.

21 July 2016

Quality materials, great customer service and my phone was fixed in under 15 minutes. Thanks Doran!! Highly recommended.


Jessica L.

14 July 2016

Doran is THE BEST! He comes to you promptly, arrives on time down to the minute, knows exactly what needs to be done, uses high quality materials, his work is precise and quick, he has the most honest and decent prices, and he is the nicest and most professional guy! Not only did he fix my broken screen in less than 10 minutes, he also took a look at my old water damaged phone and sold me a high end Otterbox phone cover with a screen protector and clip for less than half of the price they sell for elsewhere! He fixes phones and helps you keep them safe from future breaks! Good honest business from a great guy! I'm recommending him to EVERYONE! So don't hesitate! Call Doran! More...


R K.

10 July 2016

Doran is the real deal! He shows up on time and gets the job done. So happy with his work and have referred him to many people. You will not be disappointed!Thanks Doran!Ricki More...


Cara B.

30 June 2016

Doran was awesome. Broke my phone In the evening and my back up had water damage so I needed help. When I got to work the next day I inquired with several businesses on Yelp about screen/lcd replacement. Doran replied quickly and offered to come to me. He came to my job and 15 minutes later, new phone. He accepts card, comes to you and does a great job. If you need it, just do it! More...


Michelle N.

25 June 2016

Fantastic screen replacement service! Doran was very knowledgeable, responsive, and came to me!! I was very impressed by his attention to detail and how well he worked with my phone. The quality of the work is great and I honestly can't tell the difference between this new screen and the one the Apple Store provides. Highly recommend, you won't regret it! More...


Ash S.

24 June 2016

LIFE SAVER!The screen from my work phone broke last night and I couldn't find any other repair place that opened before 10am. I called up Doran and he met me 30 minutes after! He fixed my phone in less than 20 minutes and he sold me a screen protector. His prices are beyond reasonable (especially since he comes to YOU! and gets it done super quick)Other places take 1-2 hours to get it done. Thank you for saving my life! My work phone is my life. Lol. More...


Ben O.

19 June 2016

Doran is fantastic, fast, and really responsive.  My phone had been having problems charging.  I knew it was going to die eventually, but never did anything about it.  This morning, it did not charge over night and I have to fly out of town today.  Apple is closed until 11; so is Sprint. I requested a quote at 730am, Doran responds by 8.  Few texts back and forth on scheduling and he's at my house at 840 and it's fixed before 9.  He's a huge help.  Polite, quick, and easy going.  Our dog wouldn't leave him alone, and Doran was great with that, too. More...


Kevin Z.

13 June 2016

This is the definition of an end-to-end seamless experience. I got in touch with Doran with a request and in no time he was at my office fixing my broken screen. The entire process took less than 15 minutes and my phone works great. I'd highly recommend his services to my friends and family and his service is top notch! Thanks Doran! More...


Nicky M.

12 June 2016

I broke my phone yesterday and just work too much to really have the time to deal with my phones insurance or go to the apple store or something! I went on yelp to find an iphone repair near me and read all the other yelp reviews on this one. I really liked that Doran was mobile and he stayed in constant communication with me as far as when he was arriving and such. He was actually early :) My phone insurance wanted $200 and was just going to replace my phone, but Doran only charged me half of that including a new screen protector. He came over to my work, we chatted a bit while he fixed my screen and off he went within like 10 minutes or so. It was super quick! Really cool guy, professional and laid back! I like it. I am super hard on my phones and I know I will call Doran in the future as well as recommend him to all my co-workers as we all have iphones and I think one of my other co-workers has a cracked screen right now too. Thanks, Doran! I don't hand out 5 stars all willy nilly, businesses have to earn it and Doran is awesome! I would give him 10 stars if I could! ^.^ More...


Rumala S.

8 June 2016

Great service, highly recommend! On time, friendly, and quick. He comes to wherever you are. My iPhone is back to new in no time. My 2nd time using this service since I'm clumsy and drop my phone a lot. Thanks again! More...


Lisa B.

6 June 2016

Called at 8 am on a Monday morning and Doran was to my place by 9 and out the door by 9:15. He was nice, efficient and extremely accommodating. Would highly recommend.


Nazy K.

2 June 2016

Doran is extremely professional, fast, efficient and did an amazing job repairing my iPhone screen.


Aleksandra H.

27 May 2016

Awesome service!! Doron was quick and professional - and had my phone back up and running within minutes!  Highly recommend!


Grant J.

27 May 2016

I was in a tough spot with my iPhone screen UTTERLY shattered and the frame was bent. Doran came to my rescue! The guy came to my place (in under 20min), replaced my screen (with a top-shelf replacement) and realigned the metal frame back to almost-new! The entire impromptu process (first contact, arrival, fixing the phone, and departing) was done within a 1 hour time. I was really impressed with his insight of the technology, I enjoyed a great conversation, and I intend to use Doran's services the next time I decide my phone needs flying lessons.  Thank you, Doran!  5 Stars all the way. Highly recommended. More...


Mike M.

26 May 2016

Doran was quick with communication. He was extremely accommodating and comes to you wherever you are. Doran takes about 10-15 changing your iPhone screen and is a pro. Highly would recommend to friends.


Elizabeth M.

23 May 2016

Answered the phone right away and was at my house within 45 minutes! Replaced my cracked screen in about 15 minutes on my kitchen table, a very nice person, made pleasant conversation while he worked, AND all for less than the local repair shop price! Really can't beat it, definitely recommended 5 stars A++ etc.! More...


Efrat M.

10 May 2016

My kids broke both iPads and the iPhone 6 Plus screens at the same time. I couldn't believe when I got the invoice from Doran, have paid 3 times this amount at the store before. Even got a screen protector for my phone for no charge. BEST PRICES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! More...


Jennifer L.

10 May 2016

Doran was amazing!! My iPhone 6 battery stopped working and doran came to my work and replaced it for me in about 5 minutes. He was fast  and efficient. While he was there, my co-worker had a broken iPhone 6S and he fixed it for her as well and gave a discount to us for doing two devices. I was very pleased with the service and recommend him to everyone! Thanks Doran! More...


Mary S.

8 May 2016

Heck YEAH! Doran and I made an appointment to meet today so he could fix my cracked iPhone screen. Backstory - I had a rather graceful moment on St. Patrick's day and smashed the crap out of my lifeline (iPhone 6). Any way, After contacting him, he drove to me! How AWESOME is that? It took him all of 10 minutes to replace the screen and I was on my way! What a great service! The price was stellar as well! I hope to never need Doran's service again, but you better believe I'll be contacting him again should my incredible grace rear its ugly head! 100% recommend! Thanks, Doran!!!! Whoop! More...


Amara Y.

8 May 2016

My shattered iPhone 5s screen was back to new within ten minutes of him arriving to my house. He was professional, courteous, and speedy. Thank you!


Peter S.

6 May 2016

This service is GREAT! It's actually less expensive then going to the sprint store or the Apple Store and he comes right to your home to do the work! I mean, how could it get any better or more convenient than that? I was also fortunate enough to get an appointment on the same day that I called. And he was in and out in 20 minutes. He is also very professional and a pleasant person. My iPhone 6 is like new again! I honestly could not recommend this service more! More...


Pardeep B.

5 May 2016

Absolutely great! Doran is a super nice guy, who worked with me on 2 my iPhones. He didn't have the screen for one of them, because I didn't tell him it was the 6s, but he got it for me the next day and we met again for the second phone. It only took him 20 minutes per phone!Awesome guy who took care of me and my wife. Wish him all the best! More...


Susan M.

4 February 2016

I am working in the area and was not happy when my phone flew out of my hand and shattered my screen.  Within an hour, Doran drove to me and replaced the screen in less than 15 minutes.  What a nice young man and what a totally fair price.It turned out to be my lucky day.  I did not have to take the time away from work to drive to a repair shop.  Highly recommend! More...


Marc T.

10 December 2015

Doran is the best. Comes right to your house and in less than 15 minutes you have a brand new screen! Very fair pricing. I've used him twice now and each time he's on time, polite, neat & clean. Do yourself a favor and call him today. More...


Jennifer C.

9 November 2015

Thank you Doran!!  My screen was shattered and he came to my house and repaired in front of me.   Fast, efficient and he is a great guy!   Very knowledgable.   I hope I don't crack my screen again but if I do, I'll call Doran again. More...


Colin W.

4 October 2015

Dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen while visiting Los Angeles. Call this guy, he was at my hotel in less than an hour, fixed my phone, saved the day. Super nice guy and provides a great service. Highly recommend. More...


John V.

3 October 2015

In a matter of minutes my phone was fixed. And fixed well -- Love the fact that he came right to my house and fixed the phone in front of me. Was great to be able to see someone disable the phone and replace the screen... Plus, it did not void my warranty! More...


Andrea S.

29 September 2015

This is the 2nd time I have used this company and again, I am very happy with the results.  The first time the iPad screen shattered and Duran came to the house and picked it up that evening.  He dropped it off the next day perfectly fixed and it's been at least one year with no problem at all with the replacement screen.  Last night my husband dropped his iphone 6 but I couldn't remember the name of the company.  Luckily I found him on yelp and when Duran came to the house - same day - he remembered me.  Iphone fixed in about 15 minutes - if that.  I have had some strange experiences in the past with electricians and cable guys coming to my home so if you are like me and a bit concerned about having a stranger in your house, know that Duran is polite and I have no safety concerns.  Also, screen replacement is an apple product so I know I am not being given a cheap screen. More...


Johnny S.

10 September 2015

Dude was at my house in 5 minutes and put a brand new screen on my Iphone6 in a matter of 10 minutes flat for $125... apple store was about the same price and this was EASY and the best.. highly recommended, nice kid great vibe! More...


K S.

16 August 2015

Doran is great! I called and a few hours later he showed up and fixed my phone in no more than 20 minutes. My iPhone 5s is as good as new. Great price, quick service, friendly guy. If I ever need another screen replaced I know I'll use him again. More...


Jaime D.

11 August 2015

Outstanding!!! Came over and took care of it in 20 minutes or less. The reviews are true about him! Thanks for fixing my phone on such short notice. iPhone 6 and screen protector for 145. Not bad More...


Robyn B.

19 July 2015

My sister broke her iPhone 6 plus, I literally called him at 9 am and he was able to come to me by 9:45. He was great. My sisters phone was extremely damaged, but he was able to fix it in no time!!! As good as new!!! Thank you Doran! You and your services are awesome!!! More...


April C.

25 June 2015

I shattered the screen of my one month old iphone 6. There were tears.Anyways I have been too busy to actually handle the problem and get it fixed so I started looking around on yelp for places to go. I called several places to get pricing on an iphone 6 and this place was $125 - which seems pretty standard for the 6s. The best part of these guys is that they COME TO YOU! And, they use real apple screens - not just some random glass replacement. Durran (I think was his name I am the worst with names - sorry!) also offered to sell me the tempered glass cover for $20 - theyre usually $50. He fixed my phone, put on the cover, charged my card (I gave a good tip - he was super nice) - all in 10 minutes. Literally 10 minutes - tested it and everything. I cannot recommend these guys enough!The best part - Im super busy so I was stressed about getting this done. I could TEXT them - communicate that way - and then they came to me. It really doesnt get any better than that! More...


Melissa V.

2 June 2015

Doran arrived on time and was in and out in under 15 minutes! My iPhone is perfect now - what a great and easy service!


Sandi K.

30 May 2015

My iPhone 5 screen shattered yesterday. I sent a text this morning, and Doran replied within minutes. He was able to meet me within hours of my text, and he replaced the screen in 10 minutes. Fast, friendly, fair price  and very professional. I will definitely recommend him to friends! More...


Alex P.

25 May 2015

Very prompt, professional, and had the best price on a replacement screen for an iPhone 6. Doran met me at my place (instead of having me having to drive to a store) same day that I called him and fixed my cracked phone. He was courteous and professional and answered all questions I had. More...


Taylor K.

19 May 2015

My iphone 5C screen shattered around 7 PM Saturday night and I got an appointment made for Sunday morning at 9:45 AM! He replied right away to my text about an appointment and the price was super reasonable. I never heard of a service that comes right to your place, but it couldn't have worked out any better because my birthday was that Sunday. He fixed my phone within 10 minutes and checked to make sure calling and everything worked. My phone was good as new and I was able to take good pictures all day :) More...


Mo B.

5 May 2015

Doran is fantastic. He just fixed my iPhone screen, which after dropping to the ground looked as if it was doing its best imitation of a nasty lightning storm. Now? Looks good as new. He's fast, efficient, and comes to you. It was beyond convenient. He's great and a must go-to in general, but especially considering the price...it doesn't get much better. Thanks again Doran! More...


Eadan A.

29 April 2015

Doran was great. He came to my home after I finished work and fixed my iPhone 6. The screen looks great and works like new! I have him my iPad to repair as well. I couldn't be happier with his service. I thought it would be such a hassle getting my phone fixed because I don't have time to wait at a store. He fixed it in about 10 minutes. A+ for service I'm very pleased. More...


Joanna S.

24 April 2015

Just had my phone fixed and I can't be any happier. Professional and super nice service. AND they come to you!! My iPhone 6 screen was fixed in about 15 minutes. Called at 12:30 and set up an appointment for 4:30. At first I was nervous about having someone come to my home to fix my phone but after reading the reviews and meeting him I immediately felt at ease. I like that he fixes the phone right in front of you. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of iPhone repair. In fact, I'm so happy with the service I will be having him fix my iPad screen! More...


Roy J.

10 April 2015

Doran came to my apartment first thing in the morning. He fixed two iPhones (broken display & broken charging port) in a manner of minutes. He was friendly, professional and knowledgable and figured out the problems quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend him. More...


Anne C.

18 March 2015

I texted Rob in the middle of the night from my friends phone and easily made an appointment. First of all he's a super nice guy! He arrived on time and fixed my really, really broken iPhone 5c in 20 minutes for $100. I definitely recommend! Quick, fast, convenient and a 30 day warranty as long as there are no new damages. More...


Brian D.

12 March 2015

Yesterday, I dropped my IPhone 5 and landed on its corner, shattering the screen. I'd replaced the screen earlier this year after my 1 1/2 year old stepped on it, and turned it into a store that historically treated me well; I had a 3S fixed there 3 years ago, they were friendly, welcoming, and I didn't feel ripped off. I walked in, they were not as friendly or welcoming and after an hour, this store returned my phone after charging me $50 more for the same repair as the 3S and the earpiece stopped working after a day. After yesterday's mishap, I did a quick search on Yelp, and I found Doran and IMobile and noticed the 5 star reviews. I called and he picked up right away. After an appointment, he met me at a Starbucks and started working on it right as I was in line. With my coffee, I sat down and watched him work. He expressed that he liked working in front of people because they can see what he's doing and "not disappear behind a wall" with an item and fudge the repair.Not so coincidentally, his comment reminded me of my of my last visit to the cell phone store, and how the earpiece stopped working. I mentioned it to him, and he noticed the problem right away; the tech had loosened or disconnected the wire to my earpiece.  This would create a reason for you, the client, to return and have it fixed again, and they would charge you another fee, he said.After about 10 more minutes, he fired up my phone and called it from his own. My screen looked good as new, and my earpiece was loud as can be.Awesome service! Thanks, Doran! More...


Jessica I.

2 March 2015

I can't say enough good things! I completely shattered the front of my iPhone 5s and Doran came the next day to fix it. Not only does he come to you, his prices were cheaper than anyone else in the area. My iPhone was one of his more difficult cases, but he wouldn't stop until it was fixed. This not only showed his expertise in what he does, but mainly his work ethic and commitment to making the customer happy. More...


Scott M.

25 February 2015

Doran was speedy, personable, reasonably priced, and incredibly convenient. Couldn't recommend his service more.


Aileen C.

20 February 2015

Doran was very friendly and fixed my cracked screen in 15 mins at my home. He uses genuine Apple parts and not the cheap stuff other iphone repairers use (so beware!). My phone looks brand new and works a lot better than it did before. Doran saved me time and money! I will be contacting him again when my 11 month old breaks another iPhone. Thanks, Doran, for your great service!! More...


Ilona K.

18 February 2015

Doran is the best!  We initially called him because my phone fell and the screen cracked.  He came to our home with all the tools and replaced the screen in 15 minutes.  He was cheaper than any other repair shop (and Apple) we called.  He acutally did a better job than a more expensive shop on Ventura that fixed my husband's phone.  He was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.  We were so impressed that we used him again.  My daughter's phone would not hold its charge.  He came the following day, did a diagnostic test, and decided to replace the battery.   The Apple store basically toldus that we needed a new phone.  Now her phone is as good as new.  He is awesome.  I recommend him to all my friends with iphone issues. More...


Ray R.

17 January 2015

This kid Doran is the real deal. Shows up exactly on time. Bim-bam-boom out in 15 minutes. Professional, smart, terrific all around. Reasonable price. Comes to you. He's kind of the greatest. Anyone in the Valley or on the Westside who doesn't use this guy to repair a busted or cracked screen is an idiot, that's all there is to it. More...


David S.

8 January 2015

It was $10 more to have Doran come to our house rather than go to a local shop, but it was worth it.  He was prompt, quick and easy.  Great service!


Kesha W.

4 January 2015

Doran rules!  Was at my place in 30 minutes fixed my screen in another 20mins....when reviewing his work he noticed a tiny dot on the screen (that I would have certainly missed) so he went back in and fixed that in another 10mins.  He also tried to undo some sensor damage from a previous screen repair...to no avail, but I appreciate the effort.  In and out in about a half hour for $100.  Would highly recommend. More...


Christopher V.

29 November 2014

Doran is a professional, considerate, and reasonably priced businessman. He is a mobile service, he asks where & when, and shows up then fixes the problem on the spot.I would highly recommend his services. My job was an iphone 5c with a cracked glass screen and LCD. $95 (very reasonable) and 20 minutes later and the phone is perfect again. Thank you!! More...


Andree D.

7 November 2014

Doran came over and fixed my iPhone 5s screen in 15 minutes! He was kind and trustworthy. I'm very happy with his service


Mr. F.

30 October 2014

He's a professional. The 5 star review is legit.  He showed up at my house and fixed/replaced my iphone 5 cracked screen.  I rarely get to use the word professional, but he deserves it.  A friendly handshake and greeting, and he went to work. Knocked it out in 10-15 minutes. More...


Proudmom O.

26 October 2014

Doran just came to my house & took 15 minutes to fix my cracked screen! I had taped it up with scotch tape. It was in really bad shape. Now it Looks like new!He charged $90 which is less than radio shack & the malls. Not to mention the convenience of having him come to the house. He was very polite, professional, efficient & friendly. Thank you Doran! More...


khad y.

26 October 2014

Great service! Doran called and let me know he could be here even sooner than planned which worked out perfectly for me. Very nice guy, and the repair took about 15 minutes or so. He replaced a cracked screen on an iPhone 5. It looks like new. Would recommend to anyone who doesn't want to drive all over town fighting traffic and parking to get a simple repair done. More...


Jessica J.

24 October 2014

I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical of all of these 5 star reviews, but I have to tell you, Doran is absolutely legit. He's genuinely nice, transparent about what he's doing and what's wrong, and comes ready to tackle whatever it is needs fixing. I called him around 11 AM, and he was there just a few hours later. He's super close, and super fast-- he was in and out within 15-20 minutes. His pricing is right around what you'd pay if you visited a store as well! Thank you Doran! More...


Ziva A.

9 October 2014

Doran is the real deal! He comes to your house/office with all the tools ready to save your day. Doran is professional, smart, and quick. He's currently a college student studying Marketing who started this business and is killing it! I hope everyone reads through his reviews and uses him. His prices are the best and he does a great job. I love supporting local business especially when it's a young guy who thought outside the box like Doran! Although I hope I won't have to call him soon, it's nice to know that I have him available. More...


Brian R.

28 September 2014

Doran was great.  I read about him on Yelp and decided to give his service a try.  I called him on Saturday afternoon at 818.633.5900.  He texted me back immediately and came to my house the very next morning (Sunday at 9).  He fixed my iPhone 5 (cracked screen) and diagnosed and fixed my wife's broken iPhone 5, suggesting the cheapest best fixes, and he did it all at my kitchen table in about 30 minutes total.  I paid with a credit card using Square on his phone (he immediately emailed me a receipt).  Less expensive, faster, friendlier and better than the phone repair places I called up and down Ventura Blvd...  I highly recommend Doran Toledano if you have a phone or tablet in trouble.  He was good, honest, quick and professional. More...


lolita S.

23 September 2014

Great customer service with ninja like skills in the field. Doran is simply million light years ahead of any local repair store in LA. Highly recommended.


Robert L.

22 September 2014

Doran is fantastic. I called him on a Sunday and he was at my office Monday morning, had a new screen and battery in my phone in less than 20 mins. Already 5-star service.The next day is where he really came through. I noticed an intermittent issue with the touch sensors on my new screen, not uncommon with iPhone repairs. I called Doran and he was back same-day to swap out the entire screen, free of charge. My 2-yr old phone is good as new.Great service, very professional, highly recommended. Thanks Doran! More...


Caroline P.

20 September 2014

Doran is SO professional, fast and efficient. He came to the house and fixed my shattered screen, replaced the lcd and fixed my speaker in under 20 minutes! He was super nice and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use him and not waste your time or money elsewhere. This guy is the best :) More...


Peter C.

9 September 2014

Doran did an amazing job fixing my sons iPhone. He was on time and such a nice person. I would recommend him 100%  I wish every business would give this kind of customer service!Thank you Doran!!


Tanya M.

9 September 2014

All I can say is WOW!! Doran is the best!!!  He came to my home soon after I contacted him and fixed the shattered glass on my iPhone 5 glass perfectly! Polite, respectful, and super nice! THANK YOU Doran!! :) More...


Kristina S.

9 September 2014

I texted Doran at 9am saying I had broken my iPhone 5 screen.  He had it repaired by 2:30pm, it looks better than it did before I broke it!  It was affordable and very convenient.  He was very professional.  I have a cracked iPad screen I will also be having him fix.Thank you!! More...


Sara A.

1 September 2014

My iPhone 5 screen was shattered and the face was also damaged. Doran came by to fix my phone. Took 15 mins and great service!!!


Ed M.

1 September 2014

Doran Rocks Fast and professional . Great combination of cost quality and service . I highly recommend


Michelle G.

28 August 2014

Doran was extremely professional and easy to talk to. The iPhone repair was super quick and my phone looks brand new! Definitely going to refer Doran next time anyone needs an iphone repair.


Sharad R.

22 August 2014

Doran replaced the cracked screens on my Iphone 4 and 5. He was on time and did a great job. Highly recommended.


Storme W.

20 August 2014

I smashed the screen on my iPhone 5 last night and within a couple hours of finding Doran online he was around my house fixing the screen. He also replaced the battery on my phone AND put up with my barking dog. He fixed the phone in about 10 mins, was super nice and it totalled $120. Worth every penny for a brand new looking and behaving phone. Thanks so much! More...


Jon D.

7 August 2014

I agree with all the reviews. You kind of want to get this guy's number and go grab a beer with him when you're done.


Ariel T.

30 July 2014

Repair and work was A++, I didn't have time with my busy schedule to leave the office and he came to me. Highly recommended


Eric B.

27 July 2014

Awesome. Came to my house 5 minutes after I called. Replaced my iPhone screen in 20 minutes for half the cost of a brick and mortar store. Professional and courteous. Highly recommended. More...


Allyson C.

23 July 2014

Doran came to my home in Sherman Oaks.  Everything he promised he delivered at a reasonable rate.  I would highly recommend him again.


Robert J.

22 July 2014

Doran Came out to my shop in Woodland Hills as i was extremely busy with work it was highly convenient.  I had droped my iphone 5C which was brand new i had called Verizon and they wanted $175.00 to replace and it will take 2-3 days. After searching many iphone repair companies Doran had them all beat with price / service. He came the time he promised he said it would take 15 min took 10. After his repair i was wondering of the quality since it was so quick but to my surprise it look brand new. Once again hands down the best mobile repair for any cracked iphone screen. thanks Doran keep doing your thing ! More...


Cassidy L.

18 July 2014

I needed my iPhone 4S repaired so I called Doran after seeing all of the great yelp reviews. He arrived at my house an hour later and fixed my phone for $70 in about 20 minutes. Great service and affordable prices. Highly recommend. More...


Andrew F.

16 July 2014

I've cracked my share of IPhone screens and I've always taken them into the Apple store and gotten a replacement and had to transfer everything except that not everything transfers and in the process it eats up two days of your life. Never again. Doran fixed the whole thing in ten minutes. Wow. Super nice guy too.Thanks Doran. More...


Jerry` P.

15 July 2014

What an amazing service. I called and Doran came to my work the same day to fix my iphone 5c. It took him 15 minutes to fix. Compared with many instore options, the $90 cost was much less.Very convenient and great service. More...


Christina M.

13 July 2014

Doran is my very best friend in the whole wide world.Okay, maybe not, but he fixes a mean iPhone. My battery was dying at a ridiculous rate and I had destroyed my sound with boob sweat; my 4S was not a happy device. Called him up and he was at my place the same day. He quickly changed out my battery and played around with swapping out speakers and charging port to diagnose the problem. Once he discovered that the port was the issue, he didn't try to sell me the speakers anyway.Great guy and great service. I'll definitely be using him again because I'm holding out for the iPhone 8 (or 12, I don't know) and my little guy's gonna need all the help in the world to stay alive until then. More...


Peter G.

13 July 2014

I called very friendly people and the best price i called from 3 companies. I would highly recommend this team for your iPhone repair  needs. I went on saturday 11:00 Nd i left at 11:30 with a fixed iphone looking brand new! Dont waste your time with other crooks ib the biz these guys are the real deal! More...


Lillian P.

2 July 2014

Doran was awesome! I called him in the morning, he met me 2 hours later. He came to me, no hassle, quick, easy, professional and friendly. My screen looks brand new. I'll definitely use him again if needed. Highly recommend. More...


avner o.

30 June 2014

Amazing, he is officially my go to iPhone repair solution. As of now Doran has repaired 4 shattered iPhones for me. Professional, organized and above all else incredibly honest. The 4 iphones I had appeared shattered beyond repair and almost all of them had bad batteries. Doran put in authentic Apple OEM parts and restored all of them to (I purchased 3 "new batteries off eBay and they were all defective),pristine out of the box condition faster than I imagined possible. Without a doubt Doran is the go to guy for any and all iPhone repairs, try him once I guarantee he will not disappoint you.As of now all my coworkers are flooding me with their broken iPhones after seeing just one repaired by him.Above all else, he is a genuinely nice person and a pleasure to deal with. More...


Danielle H.

29 June 2014

My screen shattered and my friend gave me Doran's number to fix my iPhone. He came over the same day I called and fixed my iPhone screen along with replacing my battery and giving me a screen protector. I can honestly say this is the best iPhone screen repair I have ever gotten. My iPhone 5 looks brand new! He was super nice, proffesional and organized. Thank you so much Doran I don't know what I would do without you!!! Worth every penny for sure! Very happy customer. Never going anywhere else again. Found my iPhone repair guy More...


Jenn M.

27 June 2014

I am the queen of dropping my iPhone and cracking the screen and the first time Doran came out the very next day and fixed my phone in less than 30 minutes.  He did a great job and he's very pleasant and professional.  The fact that he came to my location (which was out of his area of service) and didn't charge me extra, did such an amazing job, AND was super professional has made me a fan.  I cracked my screen AGAIN, less than two weeks later and he came out to me the same day I called, gave me a SCREAMIN' deal on fixing it because I was a return client, AND he remembered my name!Don't go anywhere else to get your iAnything fixed.  Doran is awesome, does a great job, and is just an all-around good guy.  (Did I mention he's putting himself through school via this business?)Thanks Doran! More...


LeiLani L.

26 June 2014

Dropped and shattered screen on my iPhone 5. Called Doran mid-morning and was at my house within a few hours!!! Great price ($90) super knowledgable and efficient. Wait... DID I MENTION HE CAME TO ME?!! You would seriously be doing yourself a dis-service by using anyone else. Trust me. More...


Diana G.

18 June 2014

I broke the screen on my Iphone 4s. Doran came to my work and changed my screen out very quickly. His prices are reasonable and he was professional.  I would highly recommend him.


Dov B.

18 June 2014

Best prices in town. I Have called a places. The minimal was 100.00+ .  has great quality placements. Great Customer service as well.


Andrew S.

15 June 2014

Doran was awesome!!! I called him based on a referral and was happy to hear he could come by the house before we left on vacation. He was very professional, had fantastic customer service and my daughters phone looked brand new. I'm going to recommend him to our friends and I'd highly recommend to the Yelp readers looking to get their iPhone fixed. More...


Liz B.

14 June 2014

Very fast and efficient. Reasonable prices. Made a house call on a Saturday evening for me. Very friendly. Definitely make him your first call if you need your screen replaced.


Mary M.

11 June 2014

I shattered my iPhone 5s screen and it's not cheap to replace those things :( Doran by far has the best prices online and on top of that he drives to where you are at... how convenient is that? I was able to get my phone fixed at my convenience and honestly overall the service is a 10! Doran is super professorial and detail oriented. My phone looks brand new and works perfect after just 15 minutes. Thanks Doran! :)I definitely recommend iMobile iPhone Repair to anyone and everyone. ***** More...


Jon C.

10 June 2014

Doran did a terrific job, for less money than I'd been quoted elsewhere. The only downside was that it took longer than he had expected. But otherwise went without a hitch and my sons iPad mini is working like a champ. thanks Doran More...


Anna V.

10 June 2014

I am very happy with the service! Great affordable place, you do not have to drive anywhere, very professional, and fast service. I could not be happier. I even got business cards to refer him friends. I would recommend this company! Every other place charged way too much and said it would took 1-3 hours. This took less than 10 min. Thanks so much!! More...


Elena I.

5 June 2014

When my phone died, I was able to get an immediate appointment with Doran, and it was 10 minutes before closing! How great is that? We met within 10 minutes, and it only took him another 10 to change the battery and check the charger. He assured me that he'd replace the battery if it didn't continue to hold a charge. It was a very pleasant transaction with a very gracious and helpful young technician. I'll recommend him to my family and friends, and I highly recommend him to anybody who might be reading this review. More...


Daniel Z.

5 June 2014

Doran is top notch! I just called him after 9pm on a weekday night and he fixed everything right away. He was here in five minutes. Completely shocked by his attention to detail, service and quality. Not to mention that his pricing is the best in town as well. Will always use him for any of my repair needs. This guy is great. I highly recommend his services! More...


Elizabeth B.

4 June 2014

I broke my iphone screen pretty badly and the following day bright and early Doran was able to come to rescue. He was on time which is always amazing especially when you are trying a service for the first time. The best part was he came to my house, which was the cherry on top. He made this process pain free and was very knowledgeable about my particular iphone, which was pretty impressive. I hope I do not break my iphone screen anytime soon, but I would definitely use Doran again if I run into this problem down the line. He charged me 85, compared to so many other places I called that wanted to charge me 150. Thanks again Doran! More...


Catherine H.

30 May 2014

My dinosaurs of an iphone finally decided to crapout on me, the battery was literally dying while charging! Seeng that my phone is literally surgericaly attatched to me, i had to get it fixed ASAP! a quick yelp search lead me to Doran. =D cCalled him after reading a few reviews. we were able to figure out a time to meet, so happy that he is mobile and is willing to drive out to me. we met at Crave in Sherman oaks, he literally fixed my phone as i was stuffing my face with pizza, How awesome is that!!. hes professional, friendly and he gave me a 90 day gurantee! :D im veryyyy happy with the service he provided. will def keep him on speed dial as i know im a complete clutz and will more then likely harm my phone in the near future!!thank you doran, you saved my life! More...


Dave S.

30 May 2014

did a lot of research to fix my iPhone screen.  This guy rocks!  He was nice, on time and efficient.  Extremely professional and the phone looks brand new!  No need to go anywhere when they can come to you!   Great work! More...


a l.

30 May 2014

first off, good looking ;), friendly, fast, iphone screen replacement. 15 minutes and had a brand new, warrantied screen. highly recommend


Nora D.

29 May 2014

Honest, efficient, quality work! Doran will come to you and will replace your iPhone screen with authentic apple products in 20 minutes. He fixes your phone right in front of your eyes--talk about transparency! His work is clean and he knows how to provide wonderful customer service. He also has the best price in town. Definitely happy with my decision :) More...


Dan F.

26 May 2014

I broke my phone for the first time ever this weekend. I called imobile and he said he would be right over. I was skeptical and honestly a bit nervous. But he showed up clean and organized. He was super honest and fast. He really knows what he is doing and he guarantees every bit of his work!I thought I was going to be driving around some sketchy neighborhood trying to find someone who will give me a crappy screen for way too much money! But instead he came to me! And was gone in fifteen minutes!Really great! I'll be saving his number! More...


Brian H.

18 May 2014

I couldn't be more happy with Doran's work. I thought my iPhone was completely destroyed. It was shattered and almost in two pieces. I was not happy with the fact that i was going to have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone and less happy with the fact of signing another cell contract. I called Doran and scheduled an appointment for later in the day. He showed up on time. My phone was fixed within 10 minutes. He was fast, friendly and professional. I highly recommend... and such a bonus that he can come to you . More...


Julie M.

14 May 2014

My phone is fixed and better then ever! My iPhone 5 screen was cracked and LCD damaged- in 15 min it was like new. The best part is they come straight to your house. Beyond nice,was perfectly on time and called when he was on his way. They put in official Apple screens not just a generic from china. Also gives a 30 day guaranty. Very highly recommended!!! More...


Gil P.

10 May 2014

Doran did a great iPhone screen repair for me. He fixed my cracked iPhone screen and made it look like brand new. I was very happy with his service and I feel like I am holding a brand new iPhone 5. I would definitely bring him back to do any other repairs for me. I was overall very satisfied and was very happy that he came to my home to do the repair. More...


david s.

1 May 2014

My son broke his iphone screen and a quick call to Doran had him out the next day bright and early.  He changed the screen in under twenty minutes and it was less expensive than the stores we called.  Having him come to the house to do the work was a great bonus. More...


Kian A.

29 April 2014

Phone came out sick. He made my iPhone 5s white instead of black, my cracked iphone screen is now repaired and I'm really happy. He even comes to you which is right. All around good service and would definitely  call him up for more business. More...


Dave K.

29 April 2014

I could not be happier to have found this super fast, warrantied mobile service. I received instant OEM battery replacement at a very fair price. Doran is a pleasure to deal with. He's neat, organized AND takes credit cards. Stop looking. He's the real deal. I would recommend this service for any glass, battery or button repairs. More...


Gui D.

19 April 2014

iPhone broke, made a call in the morning the following day and he was here in under 30 mins. Works fast and is efficient. Recommend to all who are as clumsy as myself.


Jonathan B.

19 April 2014

Very fast, courteous, and professional. Fixed my iPhone 4S with no problem, and got my girlfriends iPhone 5 water damaged phone repaired. Very competitive rates, for the extra door to door service you can't get much better than this! More...


David Z.

9 April 2014

I got my iPhone 5 cracked screen repaired and it was all great. I called and I scheduled an appointment for the same day and from when he arrived it took 20 minutes. I was very pleased. This iPhone screen repair service was spectacular. I did it at another store before and this is the best alternative to having a phone fixed. He comes to you to fix your phone, I did not even have to leave my house which was good. Overall, I was happy with my iPhone repair and if I ever crack my phone again, I would go with them. Great price, good screen quality, and good service. They definitely deserve 5 stars. More...


Leore A.

6 April 2014

Broke my iphone screen got the best price from Doran and he came espesialy to my office fixed it in


Ant P.

3 April 2014

Dude was super fair on price plus 3 month warranty that no other place I called offered. Was fast n well organized. Turns out I needed a battery too. Phone operates like new again. I wouldn't hesitate to send any business his way. More...


Janet O.

2 April 2014

I had a great experience with Doran. I contacted him yesterday and he came to repair my phone today (after his business hours). He fixed my cracked screen that was completely blank and made it look like brand new. I was very happy with the price and I would definitely repair my phone with him again. Couldn't ask for me!! 5 stars! More...


Jessica G.

26 March 2014

I am absolutely thrilled. After checking out a bunch of different reviews, I went with this company. Doran was amazing. He came to my office and fixed my cracked iPhone screen in no time. Even better, I was asking him about the terrible time I was having with my phone losing it's charge so quickly. He replaced my battery for me also. Now, not only does my phone look like new, it also works like new. I was so upset when I drooped my phone and now I have a huge smile. I highly recommend this service. Make sure to ask for Doran. He's the best. More...


Lynn G.

19 March 2014

Doran is great - He was very professional and had a very fair price compared to the 10 calls I made. The best part is that he got back to me quickly, came to me to repair and accepts credit cards. I Highly Recommend him if you need your iPhone repaired. More...


Veronica Z.

10 March 2014

I got my phone repaired by Doran. He did an amazing job repairing my cracked screen. I called him and within 45 minutes he came to my house and my phone was repaired. He was very nice, helpful, and cost efficient. I was very pleased with the service that he gave me and I highly recommend him. I did not expect the process of repairing my phone to be that easy. A++ More...