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Leicester, City of Leicester, Leicestershire

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Leicester, City of Leicester, Leicestershire


My biggest skill is not only Web Design, but also Digital Marketing for Business. Having studied this in University and getting a First Class Degree, myself and my team are able to mix these skills to help brands create an online presence to connect with their users through strategic identity.



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A great website consists of not only visually appealing designs, but visually appealing designs made from a strategy of the business to achieve their business objectives.

I work in 4 steps. 1. Consultation, 2. Strategy, 3. Design, 4. Execution.
In order to get past step 1, I will need to know the basics of your business, what you do, your competitors, why you are different, and what your business goals are for this project. Once I have this information, I am able to create a design according to the strategy we have in place for your business. Everything from the user journey on your site, to the look and feel of your design.

1. Consultation, 2. Strategy, 3. Design, 4. Execution.

Consultation: A talk about your aims and objectives. A talk about your business.
Strategy: A talk about how we will design your project according to the objectives we set in place.
Design: The wire frame design of your project that fits our goals for your business
Execution: Putting the design online and launching your project when we agree it is complete.

Business Name (if you have one)
Business Goals
Businesses focus over the next 3 years
Business Competitors
Business Objectives for the new project

I love creating a digital presence both for myself and my clients. Seeing years of hard work from a client into their business is joyful, and helping them put this hard work online and increasing the clients presence and revenue is a feeling I can't describe. Love and Passion is what it's all about. If you don't like what you do, don't do it.

Excelling in my previous business as E-Commerce Manager lead me to start my own business putting my ideas online and creating a presence for other clients who have similar ideas.

Hard-work, long-lasting relationship, dedication. But most importantly, someone who understands the ins and outs of business from their own experience in running multiple businesses. Everything from private label, e-commerce, blogging, drop-shipping and online services.