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Ilkeston Web Design locationIlkeston, Derbyshire, Derbyshire

Ilkeston Web Design works with small and medium sized businesses in the local to wider area.

We work with small businesses, self employed persons, free agents, soloprenuers and virtual assistants who wish to build heir brand online.

We can provide a full design service including front end design and back end development. Copywriting is also offered, using either your words or ours.

WordPress and the various services associated with this popular content management system are also offered, plus maintenance and ongoing support if required.

All the websites built are mobile responsive by default - even if it isn't requested as a feature - since fixed width websites negatively impact the user experience as well as search engine results.

Whether you need to start from scratch to create a brand new website, or add a lick of paint to an existing digital presence, Ilkeston Web Design is a local web design business helping those close by.

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Ilkeston Web Design Reviews

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Ilkeston Web Design

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Ilkeston Web Design Q&A

Ilkeston Web Design Q&A

What makes a great website?

A great website solves a customer or client's problem using relevant and appropriate design while using the right words. Whether it's written information or visual information, your aim is to communicate with your potential buyer. Building a feeling of trust from the customer's point of view is also important, since most potential buyers are in "research mode" and will be weighing up your proposition, products and services against someone else's.
A great website should be rich, in that the business is forthcoming and generous with the information published on it. No, you don't have to give away vital trade secrets or make any disclosures that place you at a competitive advantage, but keep in mind that you can reduce the amount of time spent on the phone answering questions that could have been answered in detail on the website. You could use video and audio to help deliver this information, to set expectations and give a sense of what kind of business you are.
In summary a great website does the following:
• Communicates
• Builds trust
• Saves time for both parties
• Sets expectations about the business

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

Do you know your market well?
Do you know your competitors?
How long have you been in business?
What is your budget?
Have you had a website before?
Do you have a registered URL?
Do you have a webhost?
A full questionnaire solicits all the necessary information and I will help you complete this. It forms part of the project brief.

Describe your creative process.

My creative process involves lots of note taking - the more detailed the better. This helps build an overall picture of the business I am working with and how to help them solve whatever problems their market has.
Planning a project saves time. I use spreadsheets to organise data, for example, the webpage order, the webpage titles, meta descriptions, canonical URLs, and any redirects.
In addition to meeting face to face, I also use the phone, email, Skype and private temporary videos.
Since clients cannot always talk (they're busy running their business) I'll often creative short videos demoing an idea. For example, if I'm redesigning an existing website, a 20 minute visual/audio recording plus my spoken commentary is something a client can keep and play back repeatedly.
In some cases, rather than writing a detailed email reply to a client's question, I might record an audio file or a quick private video and email the link to the client. Some people prefer this "show rather than tell" process.
There are dozens of opportunities to creatively use technology this way.
Skype is another brilliant innovation; it allows free video and voice calls, but best of all includes a "screenshare" feature so myself and a client can see each other's computer screens while chatting remotely.

My aim is to always save time and have the project go smoothly.

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

As much information as possible is recorded using a questionnaire. More specific questions about the products/services will be asked to help us come up with the content of the website.
All basic contact details for the client are required prior to a signed agreement and deposit.
Together myself and the client will come up with a strategy for the website and this is where the client's expertise is required. Coming up with content ideas is something I often do while the client will offer up everything they know about their market and the industry.

What do you love most about your job?

When a client emails months later to tell me about the great feedback on their website from customers.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I started earning money for myself around the age of 10. I remember a boy by the name of Lee Major who lived on Summerfields Way, Ilkeston. I lived on Newstead Road South and one day I saw him set up a stall outside his house on the pavement selling old toys. I always respected Lee because he was older than me and I thought it was a great idea. I later copied the idea when my parents moved house; I sold my old clutter and made some money as well as making friends.
Later I started up a part-time car washing venture with a group of friends and we earned pocket money during our summers. Being creative and artistic, I always saw various opportunities and possibilities to "do" things.
As an adult, working in offices etc, I found it boring and around age 21 began reading books on businesses and generally taking a renewed interest in the subject. After completing my university graphic design education, I began teaching myself website development.
I set up Ilkeston Web Design around 2012 after accepting redundancy.

Why should our clients choose you?

If you work with me, you'll find I am willing to go outside my remit if it helps you and your business.
I am thorough in the work I do, take pride in every project and care greatly about my reputation. My pricing is reasonable and I use written, signed contracts.

Services provided by Ilkeston Web Design

Ilkeston Web Design Services

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Mobile responsive design is the future of web design and an ever increasing marketing trend. A mobile optimised site displays differently across tablets and phones. What you see on your desktop machine is different to way you would view it on a smaller screen. Mobile responsive web design usually include at least three different layouts in a site. All the sites we build are responsive.

Mobile Friendly Basic HTML Website

If you’re looking to have a basic site not updated frequently, your best choice is to go for a static built site. The only drawback with this type of site, is that if you want to update or change it, you’ll need some web design skills. In other words, you cannot edit it yourself. If updating/changing the site regularly is NOT important to you, this is a good choice. Please note, this type of site is still a mobile responsive site.

Mobile Friendly WordPress Sites

If you’d like a self managed website, you should use WordPress. This is a well known, powerful publishing platform ideal for anyone wanting to update the site content themselves. It is almost like having a digital magazine. You can add new pages easily and the design is taken from the template design we would have set up for you. The website you are looking at now is a WordPress site. Other platforms like Drupal and Joomla! are available but the barrier of entry is slightly higher and there is less support available the way there is for WordPress. With WordPress, there’s need to worry about HTML or CSS every time you want to add new content. But if you do want to make major changes to the design/code, this will require some web site design knowledge and you will need to hire a professional to make those changes for you.

Legal Website Disclaimer & Notification Pop Ups

Your site needs a privacy policy/disclaimer. It is also necessary that your site discloses the use of tracking cookies, which will be the case if you're using Google Analytics or social media buttons. This is a legal requirement under EU law. We make sure to create your site to include satisfactory “legal boilerplate” which can be accessed from any page of the website. If you are thinking of using a different web design service, make sure they understand privacy disclaimers.

Work history from Ilkeston Web Design

Work History

Designer, Developer, Marketer, Consultant

Ilkeston Web Design

From January 2012 to present.

Working with local businesses in and around the Derby and Nottingham area. This is primarily a local service helping self employed and local businesses relatively nearby.

Webmaster, Blogger, Trainer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Consultant

Small Biz Geek

From October 2014 to present.

Blog dedicated to various aspects of design, marketing and technology in small businesses. On this website I publish a monthly blog post, as well as detailed write ups of hardware and software tools useful to business owners. Youtube video tutorials and podcast discussions are also published.


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