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Web developers, designers, and technology lovers.

iDesign will create a beautiful business website for you and assist with the design, implementation, maintenance and hosting of your site.

Our expertise includes - Design, Hosting, E-Commerce, SEO and Business Services.


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24 March 2019

Very efficient - awesome designs, and simple hosting.

Was a pleasure working with them.

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Your website is usually the first impression that people have of your company.
It reflects the values, image and ideas of your company.

It is also the place where you can communicate with your clients, add value to them and offer new products.

It is also what makes you memorable, and where they will refer you to others.

Your site should be user- friendly, simple and easy to navigate.
Content on your site should be relevant and up to date and most important - easy to find!

- What is your business?
- What would you like to achieve with your website?
- Do you have an existing website? If so - what was your previous experience with it?
- Who is your target audience?
- What makes your different from your competitors?
- What Social Media and SEO tools are used - or can we make suggestions?
- What is the time frame to deploy the site?

We have 5 distinctive steps in creating a new beautiful website for clients:

1) Discovery and Planning - understanding your business, requirements and what your needs are.

2) Design - based on the discovery phase, we create an initial design for the client.

3) Development - once the design is approved, we go into full development to complete the site, and take it live.

4) Deployment - once the site is developed we take it live.

5) Maintaining and making changes - like anything good in life, your site will need ongoing maintenance and tweaks. We are with you every step of
the way.

- Do you have an existing website?

- Do you own a domain?

- Do you require hosting and email services?

- Are there designs, logos and images available?

- What is the time frame to go live?

- Do you use social media? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google?

I love the freedom of having my own business. I love meeting new clients every day and putting their dreams into the digital realm.

When a client creates a new site, and then starts selling items on the site- I love the excitement and interaction from the client.

My business also gives me the freedom to geographically work anywhere in the world - we have clients all around the world.

I have always been an entrepreneur, I enjoy the process of interacting with clients and helping them with the digital side of their business.

We have over 15 years of experience and been early adopters of technology since our inceptions. We enjoy keeping our client sites up to date and ahead of the curve with technology.