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DJ FiLi ዲጄ ፊሊ

8 March 2019

SE-AROM is a highly skilled accountant who does taxes as well. Thanks bro I'm happy with the return I got.


Amie Voo

8 February 2019

Se-Arom did an outstanding job in cleaning up our bookkeeping system streamlining our sales tax and payroll tax reporting process. That helped us eliminate some of the penalty and interest charges we incurred in the past. We have been his client since 2016 for our restaurant business and our personal tax preparations. I highly recommend his bookkeeping and tax services; this guy is highly responsive and really knows what he's doing. More...


Emebet Gebremeskel

8 February 2019

This is probably a bit overdue given that I've been his customer since 2014. Anyway, I've had a wonderful tax service every year since I became his client. I highly recommend him.