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Kristen Trevino

27 April 2019

Dan Perez helped me with my anxiety. I had chronic anxiety for a month. Day and night and I was 6 months pregnant so it was a extremely distressing time I was going through. I thought I was never going to get over what was causing my anxiety. I did five sessions and started to feel better after a few. My anxiety was @ a 10 prior to seeing Dan and now my anxiety is @ a zero. He helped me overcome the biggest obstacles that were in front of me at the time. He also gave me positive affirmations to say to myself along with some audio recording that he put together that I listen to almost daily. Thank you Dan. More...


Paul Carpenter

26 February 2019

Dan saved my life and that is not a colloquialism. Not only did he take the time to help me. He offered me a great cognitive behavioral technique that changed my life.He is amazing, professional and the best in Houston hand down! More...


David TG

28 November 2018

I used Dans services to help me with the panic attacks I was having. After the first session I felt improvements. I am really grateful I met Dan. This stuff really works. One of the Best decisions I have made. More...


Walter Hammock

29 October 2018

10 years ago I quit smoking through hypnosis. For some unknown reason I decided a couple of months ago that one cigarette with a glass of wine would not hurt. Inside of a week I was back to two packs a day. That is how insidious nicotine addiction is. The hypnotist I used a decade ago had moved from the area but I knew how effective hypnosis is. I contacted and visited two hypnotist in hopes of quitting once again. Neither were effective. The first one I walked right out of my session, got in my car and lit up a smoke. The second one I made it three days, did a follow-up and that last one day before I started smoking again.At this point I was at my wits end and had given up. I was smoking every waking moment and many nights I would wake up just to smoke! After a week of that I sat down and went to Google looking for a hypnotist. I found Dan's website. He had great reviews, lots of exposure and seemed to have a genuine desire to help. After speaking with him on the phone we scheduled an appointment.Dan gave me tools to fight stress, to build confidence and most importantly tools to stop smoking,The first session was two hours long and honestly I can't remember that much of what happened. What I do remember is zero desire for a cigarette afterwards and no serious cravings in the week that followed. I went for my follow up today and I am quite certain I'll never smoke a cigarette again unless I am facing a firing squad :-) I've not gained a ton of weight, have not been binge eating, the only change in my life is no tobacco. Smoke free, nicotine free, saving money, feeling oh so much better. This was just so easy that I strongly urge anyone trying to stop smoking to call Dan. I still cannot believe how easy this has been More...


Jessie L.

29 September 2018

I contacted Dan about some things that I wanted to improve on. I called him asking his advice and recommendations and he provided a structured plan that I ended up purchasing. I met with him 4 times over 5 weeks and he's extremely flexible with his schedule for those who work. I think this is one of the biggest flaws in other hypnotist in not being flexible to the consumers schedule. Dan can work with you on finding time to meet with you. He truly wants to help you and isn't trying to scam you for your money. After meeting with him over the 5 weeks, he was able to get me to overcome my specifically discussed issues. I feel a ton better. He was able to do what years of in person and online therapy could not produce. I recommend you give him a call at least to discuss options. It really does work. More...


Elizabeth Satchell

30 August 2018

Dan helped my sons achieve their goals in a very short time period. He was extremely professional, kind and understanding of their needs. They both feel that hypnosis was extremely effective and continue to use the tools that Dan taught them. So glad that we found Dan at Hypnosis Works! More...


Chris Fertig

31 July 2018

Ordinarily I don't write reviews but I've had such a positive and powerful experience with Dan Perez and Hypnosis Works! that I felt compelled to share. Without going into personal details I'll say that I'm a recovering "Nice Guy" and I was having some significant (to me, anyway - perspective is everything, right?) inner doubts and concerns that were interfering with my ability to function efficiently in just about every area of my life. I did some research, read hundreds of reviews and decided that there were two paths forward for me if I wanted to become a better version of myself: One, I could spend thousands of dollars on "traditional" psychotherapy and over the course of months or possibly even years I could address and repair the problem areas that were the source of my negative life vision, or I could: Two, go straight to the source, that is, the sub-conscious mind that actually is "driving the bus" and attack the problems at their core. I made the decision to try hypnosis first, reasoning that if it didn't work I could always regroup and opt for 12 step programs and group therapy sessions later. Man, did I make the right decision! Dan was able to immediately put me at ease and within minutes of my first session I gained a sense of real confidence that this course of action would not only give me the results I was looking for but would do so in mere weeks instead of months or years. I can't say enough positive things about Dan and the professional, effective, and, above all, compassionate approach he adopts towards his clients. He has been responsive to emailed questions, has provided me with additional tools and resources when asked, and has really just delivered the goods in ways I wouldn't have ever expected, nor would I have ever discovered on my own. I'm a better man today than I was yesterday and I'm secure in the absolute certainty that I will be a better man tomorrow than I am today. Thanks, Dan!! More...


Sarah Madeline Presas Harris

27 May 2018

I highly recommend Dan to anyone who will listen. I found Dan online when I was at a very low point with my OCD compulsions and my generalized anxiety. I was skeptical at first, but after just one session with Dan, the compulsions I have had for over half my life stopped and I haven't had them since. I had 3 reinforcement sessions afterward and I feel better than ever. Dan changed my life and I am positive that he can change yours for the better too. I cannot thank Dan enough. Hypnosis Works! More...


Chris Craven

27 May 2018

I was referred to Dan Perez by my family practitioner to quit smoking after I had an allergic reaction to Chantix. Dan was professional, provided materials prior to my sessions, both in the form of questionnaires and recordings, that aided him in knowing where my problem areas were and aided me in knowing what to expect from hypnosis.The sessions themselves were informative, relaxing, and helped give me tools to fight my addiction. I'm smoke free, and would recommend Dan to anyone who truly intends to quit. More...


Audrey Reed

7 November 2017

Dan recently gave me a technique to use to make my headaches go away. A few days later I tried the technique and instantly the pain went away! I am amazed, but more importantly, I am grateful for this promising way to not let my headaches sideline me. More...


Sara Alford

30 October 2017

Dan helped me quit smoking. From day one I did not want another cigarette. I was a pack a day gal, so I am ecstatic about this! I am now a non-smoker...that is my identity! More...


sophia shaw

7 July 2017

Dan is absolutely amazing. i enjoyed all of our sessions. He makes you feel right at home with his professionalism, soft tone voice and knowledge. I have been a migraine sufferer for 7 years and reached out to Dan in pure distress after a 7 day migraine. i didn't expect to see him for another week but he kindly let me come in on a Sunday (his day off) and helped me. I have have at least 1-2 migraines per week and after my 1st visit with him I have only had 1 migraine in 3 weeks!!! The one migraine I had only lasted that day and after about an hour with Dan it was gone with 1.5-2hrs!! Un-freggin-believable! I was of course a skeptic but honestly I cannot begin to thank Dan for his help after years of migraines!!! Thank you Dan!!!! More...


Paul Crabtree

27 May 2017

I can't express the relief and feeling of satisfaction that I have, now that I've succeeded in public speaking, even though a month ago I was ready to cry, throw up, pass out, and run away from this commitment that I've been anxiously anticipating for the past six months. I'm a new woman!!!Even though I started to panic right before my turn to go on stage, I remembered the techniques Dan taught me and used them. I went up and did my thing. I felt really good up there, once I got rolling. I felt comfortable making eye contact with the audience and speaking with a strong, steady voice. At one point, I thought to myself, "Can it really be this easy?" It was!!After the meeting, I had several people tell me "Good job!". A few friends who know about my fear of public speaking were surprised with how well I did. They told me that I sounded great, no shaking voice, didn't seem nervous, I looked like a natural. I'm actually looking forward to my next public speaking engagement so that I can grow even more in strength and confidence on stage. I'll continue practicing the techniques that Dan has taught me so that I'm ready for that next opportunity to speak in front of a crowd. This wouldn't have been possible a month ago. If I hadn't had Dan's help and guidance, things would have gone very badly. But because of him, I was prepared and got through it with flying colors. More...

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