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Dorine Lanni

9 November 2018

I've tried dozens of diets of many kinds - some on my own, some with various professionals and spanning over 40 years. There's been one thing none of those diets never mentioned; it happens to be the first thing that Olga De Armas discusses. Hunger.
In my experience diets tell you what, when, how, how much to eat, how to cook or combine what you eat. What has not been addressed is, are you hungry? How hungry are you? Is it really hunger or are you upset or bored? How to recognize *if* you're hungry and how hungry you really are.
These seem to be ridiculous questions to people (most of whom have no weight issues), but believe me - these questions are EXACTLY where the root of *my* problems lie. I don't recognize hunger or anything regarding it. I don't feel hungry - then I realize my stomach hurts and it's been awhile since I ate. My personal relationship with food is all in my head; logically, emotionally or having to do with the clock. Nothing to do with my physical stomach in any way. Since working with Olga I've learned to stop and assess whether or not I am hungry before actually eating. To recognize how hungry if I am - or whether I'm upset, bored, restless, or simply going by the clock or some other cue. A lot of my eating habits are just that - habits, and have nothing whatsoever to do with the main purpose of eating, hunger. Olga has re-introduced me to an important physical part of myself that has been neglected and ignored for years; an external reflection of an internal issue.


Adilson Y Fabiola Ribeiro

9 November 2018

I like the process and i think will be very helpful without a hard work, just the compromise to do it.


Olga Elisa De Armas

9 November 2018

Olga addresses problems with a dynamic mix of compassion, challenge and understanding. She has a highly developed ability ability to listen, besides that comes right to the heart of what I present. . I also greatly appreciate their use of various techniques and very practical activities that cleanse my mind and my heart; this last me much more about the life I want.

Subject: Client Testimonial from February 23,2016- Healthgrades

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