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We are an agency dedicated to using the creativity and ingenuity of humans and combing that with the work ethic and power of software/automation. We take new approaches to social media, business growth. We help our clients save time, but also save them money because the automation aspect. We have a team of professionals ready to work side by side with our customers for whatever their needs are.

Our team has an active knowledge of many softwares that include email marketing, facebook advertising, Instagram growth, Instagram content curation, Twitter Growth, LinkedIn sales techniques, LinkedIn growth, sales funnel creation, chatbots, client onboarding, website conversions and more!

Whatever your business needs our we have a professional + a software ready to assist you!

  • 4 hours average response time
HyperSoc1al Reviews

HyperSoc1al Reviews

Review of HyperSoc1al by Sam Evans
1 Sam Evans


I just wish so hard that I would of read the newest reviews of this product before buying in to it. TWICE.

First time around (February 2018) we tried a 10 day trial and didn't get any response before 4 days had already passed, we cancelled and nothing much was lost (except 4 days, which is obviously is quite a LONG TIME in the Instagram game)

Second attempt, I talk with the CEO Braden about how to set it up so that we can start moving same day, we're in a really urgent situation due to the fact that we're in Pre-Launch and we're growing around 50+ followers per day on our own without any bots or help.

He assures us we'll be up and running within 72 hours and that don't worry, you'll get a minimum of 70+ followers per day (with the PLATINUM package $80 bucks a month)

He even says that it's highly likely we'll get more followers than that due to their effective systems.

I'm in constant contact with the company following 2-3 days about how to help them get set up ASAP so that we can see results first week of minimum 70+ per day (about 500 followers per week) Although no response from their side.

After 100 hours from payment (4 full days) I message their CEO I've continuously messaged their support; and NO response. I freak out and send them a harsh message that if you don't get on a phone call with me ASAP I'll go somewhere else that will take us seriously.

Finally they get logged in to our Instagram page, and finally they answer to our messages and get on to work.

Here comes the kicker:

All of a sudden the CEO of Hypersoc1al sends me a personal FB message that I was too harsh to the team when I said "Get on a call with me ASAP, I want to get you logged in WITHIN THE FUCKING HOUR." (I actually copy pasted this from the email)

I get it, I overreacted, I even apologised for it but, doesn't matter.

Got kicked as customers; wasting 4 days of a pre-launch with bad communication and horrible customer service and then kicking someone for freaking out when you never receive response is just wrong.

I'm probably at fault here for swearing at customer service, but it's what kicked them into action and taking things seriously. AFTER 4 DAYS of asking nicely. And the apologies should of been sufficient to moving forward. But nope.

Don't know what I'm more ashamed of right now, for believing in a company that already let me down once or letting their actions get the better of me after a stressful day with keeping other deadlines.

I'll say it again, I wish I had read the reviews, and THE RECENT ONES. Because those describe the company RIGHT NOW.

Take this as feedback. I learned a lot from this, I'm sure I'll grow and I'm sure to delegate tasks like these to people with more patience. But please take deadlines seriously when YOU're the one setting them yourself, Braden. It's ignorant and shows lack of care if you don't.

If a competitor of yours reach out to me I'm a hot lead right now, I'd pay double or even triple just to have it set on agreed time.

Review of HyperSoc1al by Nick Shadlich
5 Nick Shadlich

Awesome company with a rockstar team behind the scenes.

Review of HyperSoc1al by Noah MacKrille
5 Noah MacKrille

Tremendous knowledge and experience with Instagram. My business grew rapidly and resulted in a huge bump in online sales.

Review of HyperSoc1al by Sundeep Singh
5 Sundeep Singh

Working with HyperSoc1al has been a pleasant experience. Very creative and easy to work with.

Review of HyperSoc1al by Blake LaChappell
5 Blake LaChappell

HyperSoc1al is at the top of their game! Will definitely continue using them!

Review of HyperSoc1al by Devon Hunt
5 Devon Hunt

I tried it for a little while then came back to use them and haven't looked back!! Awesome company and platform! Highly recommend!!!

Review of HyperSoc1al by Iokepa Bahilot
5 Iokepa Bahilot

The best around! Definitely worth Taking
a look at to help you grow your social accounts!

Review of HyperSoc1al by Andre Colon Perez
5 Andre Colon Perez

Awesome people to work with and have helped grow one of my IG accounts... in Like 2-3 weeks over 3K followers! � � �

Review of HyperSoc1al by Mitchell Spadafore
5 Mitchell Spadafore

Best service in the industry! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their Instagram.

Review of HyperSoc1al by Bok Bongs
1 Bok Bongs

Did not work, takes very long to respond to my emails. Billed me for an extra month and turns out there "cancel service" button does not work on their website! Stay away! Pathetic service.

Review of HyperSoc1al by Karen McCarthy
5 Karen McCarthy

Hypersoc1al is an amazing company! Not only is Braden the sweetest guy, but after one month with them my account went from 400 likes to...6000!!! Currently at 11.5k!! They are super pros! Will be sending all my business their way!

Review of HyperSoc1al by Rebecca Korn
5 Rebecca Korn

Amazing incredible service and results. These guys know what they are doing. I am approached on a semi daily basis by people who want to 'grow' my insta. Want to speed up social growth, with zero knowledge or experience on any strategy or training. This company, and its team of highly trained individuals are not only capable, but have grown my insta from 200 to over 20k without some robot program. They have provided strong, real human, value added advice consistently, without attempting to strong arm me into another 'deal' or 'upgrade'. They even add you to a strategy group so you can get the most out of learning the 'craft' of social with others like you. If you're sick of those fly by night bot-telemarketing-here-today-gone-tomorrow guys, and you want the real deal, you've arrived my friend.

Review of HyperSoc1al by Adam Bury
5 Adam Bury

Took my Instagram page from 120 followers to over 5000 in just over a month. I now get DM'd at least 15-20 times every day from new followers asking about the page, and chatting with them is absolutely awesome. As far as I'm concerned you cannot rapidly build an Insta page without these guys! 10/10 hands down

Review of HyperSoc1al by Kilane Hacia
1 Kilane Hacia

Cancelled service after realizing their bots weren’t working after they switched servers. Attempted to give them another shot and it took so long for them to reply to an email that I went ahead and went with a different company and am still waiting to be refunded.

Great at what they do, WHEN they do it. However, they lack urgency and professionalism with your money in hand.


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HyperSoc1al Q&A

HyperSoc1al Q&A

What makes a great website?

A great website consists of 3 main things. All equally important:
1. Awesome user experience. Not only does the site look good on web, tablet, or mobile, but it's easy to navigate. There are no dead-ends. The user doesn't feel lost, overwhelmed. The website captures the attention of the viewer and encourages them to stick around. The user ENJOYS being on that website. The pages don't load slowly. The images/videos are the highest quality.
2. Copy. This is arguably the most important. The writing on your website. It has to come from the voice of the business. It can't sound cliche, robotic. It has to be neatly organized, (sell if it's a website that has a service/product), and really engages the reader. Copy is also arguably the most difficult part of a website. Because it's not just what you write, it's how you write it. It's focusing on the sub-headlines, using the right fonts, colors, puts the focus in the right places.
3. Conversions. The Copy + Usability = Conversions. There's nothing more important for your website than converting viewers into subscribers, customers, long time readers, email list subscribers, whatever it is that's your goal. The best looking site in the entire world with all kinds of fancy graphics and moving pictures and boxes, if it doesn't convert, it has no point!

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

These are most of the questions we ask. It's super in-depth.
Your Business and Current Presence
1. Please give us a brief description of your business.
2. Please give us links to your current website(s), if any.
3. Please list all social media links / profiles, if any.
4. Please list your current offers and pricing model.
5. Are there any offers that seem to sell better than others?
6. Do you currently have an email list? If so, how big is it?
7. Do you have any freebies or downloads? (E-books, whitepapers, webinars, etc.)
8. Please list any competitors in your industry.
9. What differentiates you from your competitors?
10. Please list all tools / software programs you are currently using to run your business.
11. Have you hired any contractors, virtual assistants, or freelancers to help you?
12. Your major pain points. What are the top 5 issues you are currently experiencing in your business?
13. Is there anything else relevant to your business, your financial landscape, or current systems that we should know?
Big Picture
14. What is your monthly financial goal?
15. How is your revenue coming in currently? Is there room / capacity for momentum (especially during the busiest times)?
16. What is your primary business goal for the next 6-12 months?
17. Tell us about your brand. (Brand position, promise, mission statement, taglines, slogans, unique slang.)

Your Client’s Perspective
18. Old Paradigm (Your client’s current situation WITHOUT your business in their life.) List 5 Examples.
19. New Paradigm (Your client’s situation WITH your business in their life.) List 5 Examples.
20. What do your best clients have in common?
21. By percentage, what gender are your clients (on average)?
22. What age are your clients?
23. Do your clients own businesses? If so, what business type are they?
24. On average, how are your clients employed?
25. On average, what is the relationship status of your clients?
26. What personality traits do your clients exhibit?
27. What do your clients value?
28. What type of attitude do your clients have?
29. What interests do your clients have?
30. What is the level of sophistication your clients exhibit?
31. Who would your ideal customer be in your own words?
32. What results do your clients desire?
33. What problems do your clients struggle with, and how does your product or service solve them?
34. What are your clients’ most urgent, pressing crises that they need solved immediately?
35. What makes your clients anxious, worried, and angry?
36. What are the top three things that frustrate your clients daily?
37. What do your clients want more than anything else?
38. What is the BIGGEST mistake your clients are making right now (related to the problem you solve)?
39. How do you want visitors to feel when they see your site, read your emails, and encounter your brand? (specific thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc.)
40. What are your clients thankful for (positive emotions they are feeling)?
41. What do your clients complain about when they are with their families?
42. Why do your clients NEED the offer you are providing? (Could be a result, feeling, or anything).
43. What other products or services are your clients buying right now (similar books, trainings, items, services, etc.)?
Your Story
44. What has been your success story? 45. In one sentence, what do you provide to your clients that nobody else does?

What do you love most about your job?

I love running HyperSoc1al. I love the idea of innovating new ideas so that our customers don't have to spend as much money as if they went to a different agency that uses a ton of Virtual Assistants, or does everything in house. Problem solving and learning about all the software available keeps us ready for any task. I love the freedom to constantly test new softwares, methods, on my own company's stuff as well as my own personal accounts.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was actually homeless when HyperSoc1al first opened at the end of 2016. I had many nights on my friends couches and sleeping with my dog in my car. I had tried a few other businesses beforehand and they all failed. I left the corporate world in 2013 and hustled a living since then. I used to buy and sell cell phones, I started my own ecommerce store. And that's actually when I fell in love with processes, automation, and social media.
We launched first helping people automate their Instagram accounts and we grew from there. Within the first year we gained over 250 clients just for Instagram, and then we decided to begin offering services for other social media platforms. Then we expanded into process automation, email marketing, website conversions, funnel creation, and more!

Why should our clients choose you?

At HyperSoc1al, we aren't just a software that hopefully you get right. We are a team of real people who strive for better. We take the learning off of your hands for you and are always working to better the results for our clients. You aren't left alone when choosing HyperSoc1al.

Services provided by HyperSoc1al

HyperSoc1al Services

Instagram Growth

This is our base Instagram growth package. We help our clients gain REAL, TARGETED Instagram followers that have a proven track record of being interested in accounts/niches like yours. Whether you want local targets or targeting around the world. Our average client on this base package gains 2000+ followers per month. The base price for this package is $59.99 per month.

Instagram Growth Plus

This package includes our highest Instagram Growth Package ($179.99) a month as well as curating and posting content for our clients. We will find content from around the internet and post it for our clients for them. We will write engaging captions and post 15-30 hashtags per post for our client. We post 5 times a week, grow their followers, send messages to new followers, like targeted photos on the clients behalf. The base price for this package is $297 a month.

Instagram Account Management

This is the ideal package for any business owner who sees the value in Instagram but doesn't want to spend any time on it. We create completely custom images for the client. These images include branding, taking photos of goods/service in our professional studio, responding to all messages, optimizing the profile, keeping track of analytics, hashtag research, monthly meetings with the client, posting 5 images per week with custom captions. The price for this pacakge is $697 per month

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  • 4 hours average response time

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