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Hyper Pixel is a full service studio/agency that consists of expert designers, developers and marketers with a steadfast professional approach that will offer you the digital solution you need.

We can provide you with pixel perfect and functionally stunning websites, applications and brands with our client-centric and excellence oriented approach.

We offer you our professional and guided service that will allow you to fully utilise the creative assets we have at our disposal to craft your vision exactly the way you imagined it.

We're based in Norwich, Norfolk but we're more than happy to travel anywhere within East Anglia or potentially further if you would like to meet.

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Review of Hyper Pixel Limited by Perfect Fit
9 months ago

Having used Hyper Pixel to complete a project for us, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop an app or website.

Perfect Fit
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6.7 Fuel Studios, Kiln House, Pottergate, Norwich NR2 1BZ, UK

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Hyper Pixel Limited Services

Brand Workshops / Brand Development

We immerse ourselves within your brand using our simple workshop structure to fully understand what you need and how you can achieve your goals. What Will We Do? Together we use our sessions to establish and produce guidelines for your brand that will streamline and optimise how your brand is viewed as well as how you should use it to engage the largest number of clients. We will then guide and support you through the process of constructing your brands core values, what should emanate from your brand and how you can produce a brand that delivers a resonating message within your field, to your target audience. Why Is This Important To You? Your brand should not only be recognised, respected and understood by your target audiences but also by you. Having a complete understanding of your brand and how you want your brand to operate immediately gives you an advantage over you competitors. Knowing ‘who’ or ‘what’ your brand is allows you to have a solid foundation for all other outbound marketing ventures and gives your clients peace of mind that you are an expert in your area of operations. A clear understanding of your brand delivers a confident and thought out message that your clients can relate to and appreciate. By taking part in our brand workshops you are starting a process that will end in more clients, stronger, more firmly built client relationships and a brand that has been crafted for success.

Communication Consultancy / Social Media Marketing & Management

Multi-channel marketing is key, but managing all forms of social media can be a challenging task if you don’t know where to start. What Will Do? Our workshops will guide you, step by step, through everything you need to know so that you have a full understanding of the social media channels available to your business. Once you know where to start we will begin to teach you how each platform should be used to optimise both awareness of and interactions with your business. After the workshops we will support you through your social marketing campaigns and provide you with materials that will help you to boost your outreach via social media. Our simple yet stunningly precise workshops will target key areas and lead you to creating an interconnected web of channels that will be the online voice of your business. Why Is This Important To You? Social media is everywhere and so are your clients. Having a base from which to reach out to potential clients leads to interest and conversions. Establishing an online voice gives your business direct communication channels to your clients allowing you to give them your latest marketing materials but also allowing them to interact with you. When clients interact with real people from your business you build a personality, something that your clients can relate to and associate with. Your clients love great service and having their voice heard by you. Our workshops give you the tools and knowledge to provide your clients with everything they need from your business. By utilising multiple channels you can target the right clients at the right time, you just need to know how. Engaged and happy clients are the foundation for long lasting relationships that in turn lead to conversions, this is what an online voice can bring to your business.

Branding / Brand Design

Your brand encompasses your entire business, so it should look the part. What Will We Do? In this age of digital dominance having a strong brand identity is what makes an impact, you know your brand, you know your clients and by using us to develop your brand you’ll know success. We will capture your brands unique features and display them for your clients to see; our digital artistry will leave you with a brand that draws the gaze of the right clients and keeps it. We will work alongside you to craft each element of your brand piece by piece. Regardless of field or profession we can rebuild, remodel and recreate your brand to be perfect. Why Is This Important To You? The world of today is more visual than ever and no matter what you offer you need your brand to stand out from the crowd. Your clients are bombarded by other brands attempting to win their attention and thus you need something different, something to make your clients stop because they want to. At the end of our partnership you will be left with a memorable and well formed brand identity that will draw clients attention for the right reasons whilst delivering everything that your brand stands for. Your brand will enthral, giving you engaged and intrigued potential clients that want to interact with your brand. We produce a maximised brand that acts as a figurehead; generating leads, sealing conversions and being seen by the people that matter.

Digital Design / App / Web / Print

Flawless digital design is an invaluable asset in the visual world we live in. What Will We Do? We will compose digital design that innovates the aesthetics of marketing, imagining and re-creating ideas as reality. We produce mobile ready and responsive designs using time perfected techniques that result in a final deliverable to exceed expectation. Beginning with your specification we’ll take you on a journey through the entire system from wireframes to colour palettes, test versions and of course the finished product. Your design will be built pixel by pixel using experienced and enthusiastic designers who share your love of perfection. Why Is This Important To You? Quality speaks for itself. The designs we craft are unique to you, build for you to your specifications. Our designs give your business the right balance of professionalism and approachability that clients look for. The designers who work with you have detailed knowledge of what makes good design and how potential clients will react and feel about your business based on the designs we create. The philosophies we hold only ever result in adding value to your business, creating a higher class and more premium look. Aiding you in building trust with future clients, digital design proves you to be credible and proficient in all areas and aspects of what you do. After the design process is complete not only will you be left with a visually clean and well crafted set of designs but the tools necessary to acquire higher levels of clients as well as prompt more conversions for your business.

Responsive Website Development

Responsive websites are a crucial aspect that your business needs in order to secure conversions in the current market. What Will We Do? You website will be coded by professionals that use bespoke and completely unique code that is faster and more responsive due to its simplicity. Your website will be CMS integrated to give you easy access to your websites content, allowing you to update, change and adapt your content to suit the clients you cater to. Your website will be coded responsively from beginning to end giving you a website that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, regardless of device. Why Is This Important To You? Over 50% of all website traffic now occurs via mobile and smart devices across the globe, without a mobile optimised website you are missing out on conversions. Developed for the small screen our websites mould to fit the users requirements giving your business a personal and bespoke feel. Clearer and more precise coding results in better page rankings and SEO meaning you’re more potential clients as well as the right ones. Simplified and perfected, our websites offer your clients an unparalleled user experience (UX) that will be a direct result of your business. Sharper and stronger your website will leave you in control, CMS integration gives you the flexibility to keep up with your clients needs and deliver the service your clients expect. Our websites aren’t just thrown together, our team works, using an iterative testing process, to create a website that functions and performs to a meticulously high standard so you will be seen as well as heard.

App Development / Mobile Software Development

Natively developed apps that push your business to the hands of thousands. Fully mobile and available anywhere apps give your business the tools to start crafting your future success, today. What Will We Do? Our apps can be built for any platform (although we recommend native iOS or Android) and give your business an online, offline and fully branded marketing tool that can be completely customised to deliver your message to its users. Our apps are developed to integrate will the latest device software giving your business the largest user base possible and optimising download probability. Why Is This Important To You? The digital market evolves faster than ever and customers expect businesses to keep up, just as websites became commonplace so too will apps. By building an app now you not only gain an indispensable marketing tool but you leave yourself in a position to evolve with the market. Having an app means that when apps make the final step from being a luxury to a necessity you only need to update and upgrade your existing architecture rather than spend thousands fully developing a new one. The apps we build are universal, accessible from anywhere on virtually any device from smartphones & tablets to TV’s. Your app is an extension of your business and as such acts as a direct communication channels between you and your clients giving you an extra level of customer service and building client relationships.

Data Intelligence / Analytical Reporting

Understanding where your clients are coming from, their demographic and how they're finding you. What Will We Do? We use analytical tools to monitor how your website is being accessed and who is accessing it. Breaking this data down into key segments we then look at how you can use this information to gain more conversions. We walk you through our analytical process, explaining what each and every statistic means for your business and how it can be acted upon. After identifying trends and patterns displayed within this data we will then begin to advise you on what channels and revenue streams you could or should be embracing. Why Is This Important To You? In the digital market understanding and catering for you target audience is everything. Inside knowledge of how your target market navigates to and around your business allows you to create targeted campaigns that will relate directly to your client of interest. Relatable and influential advertisements placed in the correct real estate will lead to an increase in conversions. With the use of ‘heat mapping’ we can show you exactly where your clients are navigating to and what areas of your business attract the most attention. We will the guide you through the processes to take advantage of this and how you can increase both hits and conversions from these high traffic areas. As well as honing your campaigns towards your pre-existing clients our analytical reports will provide you with the information to uncover new markets that are yet to be explored. Our combination of tools, reports and training will give you the ability to acquire new clients in new markets as well as increase conversions within existing and explored markets.

Discovery Optimisation / SEO & ASO Specialists

Being seen amongst the virtual sea of businesses can be an arduous task if tackled incorrectly. What Will We Do? We incorporate both front-end and back-end techniques to optimise and improve your websites load speeds & SEO. We scour your website to remove any unnecessary code that slows down load times or handicaps your websites page ranking. Content optimisation results in improved load speeds and with our training programmes we can coach you on how to keep your content optimised the right way for the longest amount of time. Why Is This Important To You? Impatience is a trait shared by almost all potential clients and if they can’t get what they want from you quickly they’ll go somewhere they can. After optimisation you will see an increase in traffic as well as a decrease in the number of bounces your website receives. We apply numerous SEO techniques to ensure the your page ranking increases, being seen by more potential clients for a wider variety of search terms guarantees more website traffic and an increase in conversions.


Polargram - iOS App

Polargram are a UK based social media printing service that prints user generated and personalised photos from Facebook, Instagram or Flickr; serving tens of thousands of customers worldwide.  Polargram already had a successful website that allowed customers to upload and order their photos in a number of different styles. However with their target market being that of social media users and with a vast number of social media interactions occurring via native apps they realised that they needed to produce an app. By creating a mobile app that worked in unison with the social media platforms from which their business originated, Polargram realised their potential to grow and attain new customers worldwide. We were commissioned by Polargram to begin design & development of a cross device native iOS app that would allow users to upload, edit and purchase their photos in a section of products. The Polargram app needed to allow customers to choose from the wide range of personalised products, upload their photos from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Flickr as well as being able to access the images already on a users device. The app needed to be integrated into Polargram’s CMS to allow content within the app to be updated quickly and easily, ensuring that customers had all of the latest available product and payment options. Polargram supplied us with their initial specification for their app which we studied in its entirety to fully understand the aims, goals and direction of the project ahead. Once we had read the specification we met with Polargram to outline our initial ideas and to raise any questions we had about the specification. Once satisfied with the specification we began to construct the framework and layout of the app using our wireframing process. We used this process, as we do with all projects, to give both ourselves and Polargram an understanding as to where each aspect of the app would be displayed and how the user would interact with different aspects of the app. In addition to our initial wireframes we outlined basic user journeys that we felt a majority of Polargram’s customers would use, so that Polargram would understand the thought process behind our positioning and structuring of the app wireframes. We then met with Polargram to discuss the wireframes and acquire feedback. After meeting with Polargram about our initial wireframes, we amended areas that needed to be changed and, after sign-off, started to produce the first set of graphic designs for the app. We produced multiple sets of graphic designs for Polargram to choose from, allowing them to pick and choose aspects from multiple designs to create a final design that they were confident with. All of the designs we created stayed within the brand guidelines we were supplied with and replicated the values and personality traits that the business was built on. Once complete, the different sets of designs were presented to Polargram along with our professional recommendation and justification for each design. After discussing the various aspects of each design, a final set of designs was agreed upon. Amends were then carried out on the chosen designs and shown to Polargram so that these designs could be confirmed as the final versions. Upon sign-off and completion of the design phase we started to develop the app along with the specified functionalities. The Polargram app was developed natively on iOS allowing its users to access it through a majority of Apple devices. The app included CMS integration to allow Polargram to update the content within the app easily and frequently as new products and deals were available to customers. The app allows users to edit their chosen photos using Adobe creative cloud, giving each image the finish or effects that the customer desires before proceeding to checkout for their given products. The main use of the app is that it allows customers to create orders ‘on-the-go’ and to link with various other social media platforms. The app therefore included cross-platform social media integration to allow users to select their photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or their devices camera roll and order the custom prints they want. The app allowed customers to select multiple products from the wide variety that Polargram offer and select the quantity of each product for each photo, displaying a rolling total of both price and quantity in the ‘basket’. Users are also given a choice of payment methods, the app utilises PayPal as well as credit / debit cards to give users a variety of payment methods. The app was a resounding success. The Polargram app has given the business the offline and portable presence that it was hoping to achieve and by giving users an experience similar to that of the social media platforms Polargram have found a large increase in sales since the apps launch. The app has already generated over 30,000 unique sales and is set to continue its success with the release of new products and app features in the near future. The app gives users a more mobile and flexible approach to ordering their customised prints and with the recent addition of extra edibility options for all customer images this is only set to flourish. Every sale generates a happy customer building Polargram an ever-growing and loyal customer base.

UEA - Digital Prospectus App - iOS/Android

The University of East Anglia (UEA) is an internationally renowned university based in Norwich. The UEA offers both UK and International students an award winning campus and studying experience compromised of 4 faculties, 28 schools of study and is among the top 1% of universities worldwide. UEA produce printed prospectuses every year available to all of their students / potential students. The prospectuses detail every aspect of the campus from accommodation to courses, its lifestyle and what UEA can offer you. Whilst this has proven successful UEA had identified some issues with their printed prospectuses. UEA were unable to know how many potential students had access to their printed prospectuses, what content was the most popular and what they could be doing to increase the number of students being affected by their outreach programme. UEA decided that by digitalising their prospectus it would give them access to the data they needed regarding content intake in addition to giving potential students a revitalised version of the classic UEA experience. We were commissioned by UEA to begin development of a cross device and cross platform native iOS and Android app; The Square. The Square is a digital version of the prospectus that would allow students to access the content UEA is producing, interact with this content and primarily allow users to plan and sign-up for open days throughout the academic year. The app needed to be integrated into the UEA’s CMS to allow content within the app to be updated quickly and easily, ensuring that users had all of the latest information and news regarding the UEA. The app needed to allow students to not only access this content but to interact with it giving students the idea of ‘their UEA’. Therefore the app needed to include a “My Mix” area that allowed students to save their favourite articles, images and courses to build up their UEA experience. UEA wanted the app to be an additional channel for them to interact with students as well as giving students the chance to view aspects of the campus interactively, rather than on paper. We needed to allow users to share content from within the app to social media and with the UEA without leaving the app. With the end goal of encouraging students to sign up to Open Days and eventually study at the UEA, the app needed to give users access to a list of open day events letting users plan their own open day to suit them. In addition to this the app needed remind users of key events and dates whilst also allowing potential students to sign-up for open days via the app itself. Using the UEA’s original specification we started to design a prototype version of The Square. This prototype version would act as a test and would give both ourselves and UEA an initial insight into how the app would work and what functionalities were and weren’t possible. After producing the prototype version of the app we agreed with UEA that collecting user feedback, to see how real users would interact with the app, was an essential step into understanding what areas needed to be included and what functionalities users disliked. The prototype app was tested at the UEA using current students and feedback was recorded for a number of pre-set questions. These questions outlined how students felt that the app performed, what was missing and what areas of the app could be improved. After collecting the results we then began to analyse this data to identify trends between different students. The analysed results were totalled and presented to UEA along with our professional recommendation as to what alterations should be made based on the feedback we received from student testing. Once the results, along with our recommendation, had been discussed we worked collaboratively with the UEA to produce a second set of specifications. Using the second set of specifications we began to create the final iteration of The Square. Beginning with the wireframing process we outlined the structure of the app and how content would be displayed to users and the journeys that users would take in order to access content or complete processes. Each aspect of the wireframes were clearly outlined so that UEA could understand how the app would work prior to adding full designs and development. Once the wireframes had been signed off we began to create the screen designs for The Square, using the UEA brand guidelines as well as the feedback we collected from students. Each screen gave users a clear and easy to use interface that had been based on the feedback from the prototype testing. The designs were fully branded using UEA colours, the app looked and felt like an additional channel of the UEA brand. The app was developed for both iOS and Android as well as being available on smartphone and tablet, in keeping with UEA’s specifications, and offered users the UEA prospectus experience regardless of device and platform. Fully integrated with the UEA’s CMS the app allowed the UEA to edit in app content freely, giving users a dynamic, content rich and up to date experience of UEA life. With the primary focus of the app being to increase the number of potential students signing up for open days users were able to build their own open day itinerary. Here users could browse all the events happening on a given day, filter them by faculty and add them to their personal time table for use on the open day itself. In the event that 2 events clashed the user would be notified of both events and could make changes accordingly. Furthermore users were able to sign-up to open days throughout the UEA calendar within the app at the tap of a button, producing a simple and hassle free experience for users. The “My Mix” section within the app acted as a personal, shortcuts and favourites area for individual app users allowing them to like articles, images, accommodation or courses from the app so that they would appear in this area until removed. The app featured a push notifications functionality that gives users time, location and date based notifications about an array of events throughout the UEA calendar. Users were able to set their own notifications for unique and specific personal events regarding their UEA experience and could opt-out of receiving notifications if they preferred. Users had access to a map of the campus that displayed all the essential aspects of the university. These could be filtered in order to find the exact location of interest and gave users information regarding each location once tapped. Acting as a social channel users could interact with the UEA as well as share UEA produced content on social media via the app. Users could tweet about the UEA directly from the app and the tweets would be displayed on a map of the campus to show where users were tweeting from within the UEA. As with the paper prospectus The Square allowed potential students to browse a list of courses based on a number of criteria. Users could search for their chosen course, filter it alphabetically or by faculty. Users could then ‘pin’ chosen courses to their “My Mix” section by liking them. Achievements were introduced into the app in order to add an enjoyable and fun aspect to both the UEA itself and the process of looking into uni-life. In addition to this achievements add a re-usability aspect to app and with a potential prize draw available to all those who complete the entire achievements list, this incentivised app usage and interest in the UEA as a whole.

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