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Human Rebuild

Campland on the Bay Trailer Park, California


Human Rebuild

Campland on the Bay Trailer Park, California


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Sean O.

5 November 2019

Justin worked with a friend of mine and after seeing the incredible goals that were achieved(which were done holistically and in the healthiest way possible due to Justin's background in Functional Medicine) I decided to ask this friend "what is your secret?" and the secret was Justin!This review is looooooonnnng overdue, especially knowing what he went through the last couple months and is still going through.  Since his accident he has fought like hell and practiced what he preaches to us and things are very positive for him after his eye site was in jeopardy along with short term memory loss, brain bleeding, and more. His face was broken, and I only found out from his former client whom is my friend that turned me onto Justin.  But I understand why people who may have just started with him felt betrayed. He understood as well and it ate him up.  But there is more to the story and maybe he'll share it in a book he writes.  I can't believe the track record Justin has wasnt thoroughly reviewed prior to jumping to conclusions when he didn't have his first bad review until this past July,  4 years prior to that he has nothing but incredible stories from clients he used as his force to recover. There are also 5 prior years of reviews at his first business Rawmana Fitness,  where he worked for free to use his testing equipment on those who couldn't afford it in various populations struck with obesity. This was where he got his start with his polynesian business partner Siaosi Veimau.  His business partner and friend was stricken with Double Lung Disease and was given a death sentence but this guy Justin you claim is a scam, lol, was the one who worked for free while Siaosi received 2 new lungs and recovered(what is with these guys getting hurt lol).  Justin then left the entire business to Siaosi and his family and started Human Rebuild Fitness from scratch in 2014 after 5 years at Rawmana Fitness. But he'll be back and anyone who is due any money will receive it, that's coming from someone who was with him for 2 years.(from what I remember from meeting others that previously trained with Justin, some I recognized from reviews they left below, most stayed on average 1 year with him. Many stayed up to 2-3 years.)Ok enough of him now my story....I was eager to start training 2 years ago and after remaining w/ him for 2 years I  couldn't have asked for a better trainer, and nutritionist. He literally creates a plan centered towards your goals, and incorporated nutrition tailored to my blood chemistry issues and was able to get off blood pressure medication as well as various others.  Food was my medicine and still is. I used to have poor blood test results, and with his guidance, nutrition, and training I got my result's back to being healthy and back in range while getting toned, and losing weight in the process! I never thought I could have my health back and look the part. We tracked everything from daily morning pictures I had to send him of my ketosis urine analysis strips then onto my blood ketone analysis strips.  The fact that he is very well-educated in what he is doing and makes you achieve your goals holistically is why I choose to continue to train with him. he is very generous with his knowledge and does not limit it to clients, I have asked him couple of times for his thought's on specific protein powder for a friend, or a specific diet for a family member, and he always replies thoughtfully, and detailed as if they were his clients!I learned more about my body, nutrition, and even sometimes biology lessons every session, and am constantly pushing barriers and I wouldn't be able to do that without him!Get well buddy! More...


Devon M.

28 August 2019

I started working with Justin in January of this year. Life had gotten the best of me over the years and I put on a few pounds that had become more and more difficult to take off and my confidence just wasn't what it used to be. So I was looking for someone that could help me get to a place where I could look in the mirror and like what I see and help me feel good about myself again. I had talked to a few different trainers before, but I hadn't found anyone I really clicked with. Then I met Justin and I just felt so comfortable with him. You can tell just by looking at him that he obviously knows what he's doing, but I loved that he had a 360 approach to fitness and really laid the groundwork for how I was going to accomplish my goals. It wasn't just him giving me a set of workouts to do and then sent me on my way (like a lot of other trainers I met with), he really helped me break through the mental barriers that were getting in the way of me reaching my goals. I could really tell that he was 100% dedicated to helping me reach my full potential and that really helped build my confidence. Just a couple weeks in and I could already feel the difference in my body. I felt so much stronger physically, but also mentally. I started to recognize the patterns of giving up when things got too hard or I didn't see the exact results I expected. Justin helped me take my control back, which was way more than I ever expected. I've dropped 20 pounds since I started working with Justin, but what I've gained is immeasurable. If you're looking for someone to help you be the person you know you can be, Justin is your guy. He will change your life if you let him More...


Michele L.

27 June 2019

Back in February of this year, I was looking for someone who was both knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness. I was finally at a point in my life where I needed to get serious about taking care of myself, otherwise, I would not be around very much longer. I looked online for a "Keto personal trainer" and got one hit...Human Rebuild. My interest was peaked and I reached out to Justin. And, as they say, the rest is history. I know this may sound cliche, but it is the truth. I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life.  I cannot put into words how much Justin has changed my life by his vast knowledge and expertise about nutrition and human physiology. What I love most is Justin's holistic approach-he definitely does not have one-size-fits-all mentality, and that is why I believe he is so successful in helping people change their lives-physically, nutritionally, and mentally! What can I say, Justin saved my life! More...


Tony W.

24 June 2019

Since working with Justin for 5 months now, I've gone down to 10.5% body fat (with 0% visceral fat - the bad kind) while putting on 5-6 lb of lean muscle. This is a BIG accomplishment for me since I have an autoimmune disease that is dietarily restrictive. So I can't just lift heavy and stuff my face, which is what other trainers have recommended in the past. What makes Justin world-class is he's more than just a "consultant", or "trainer" or "coach". I consider him a true MENTOR because he always has my best interests in mind, not just in health and fitness, but holistically as a human being. I've experienced improvements emotionally/psychologically/spiritually as well. He doesn't use a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter approach with his clients. His programs are highly customized to you as an individual, so you not only hit your goals but can also maintain your results for the long-term. I can seriously write forever about the benefits I've experienced from working with Justin. To summarize, Justin showed me it's possible to achieve and maintain my ideal physique and fitness levels by eating and training minimally (but efficiently) so I still have a life outside of the gym and kitchen. I'm in better shape, have more endurance for Jiujitsu, and my UC symptoms have improved! Thank you so much for everything Justin, love you my man! More...


Kiersten T.

11 June 2019

Justin has been amazing.  His knowledge of nutrition and fitness has help me to lose the hormonal weight I have been carry around for the last few years.  I have lost 11.1 lbs in fat on 13 weeks.  I am amazed with how my body has changed in just a short period and how much better I feel.  Thanks Justin client for life More...


Michele R.

27 February 2019

7 months ago, I had had enough. I realized that my health was on a downward trajectory and I had to do something about it.  I felt sluggish and had brain fog that was having a big impact on my cognitive function. As a 46 year old woman, I felt perimenopausal symptoms knocking on my door.By some act of divine providence, I found Justin and from the moment that we met for our consultation, I knew he was the trainer/nutritionist for me.  He is one of the most knowledgeable people that I've ever encountered when it comes to health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, metabolism and mindset.  He took a lot of time to explain concepts to me and shared many resources during my journey to reclaim my health.The results that I'm enjoying now are nothing short of extraordinary.  With Justin's expert guidance (and awesome sense of humor!), I went from 38% body fat and an at-risk reading in terms of visceral fat, to a body that I sometimes look in the mirror and cannot believe is mine!  I dropped a whopping 25 pounds of body fat while also putting on 6 pounds of lean muscle, which some people would argue is a virtual impossibility.  I now look in the mirror and my heart leaps for joy...no exaggeration.  The one thing is that I had to get a whole new wardrobe.  (Not complaining!)The best part is: I feel amazing.  My hormonal issues resolved and I have more focus and energy than I have had in years.  My daughter deserves a fit, active mom, and I can say for sure that is who I am now.  Justin helped me to reclaim parts of myself that I had thought I had lost and I feel immensely grateful for his amazing guidance.  Human Rebuild is the perfect name for his practice because that is exactly what Justin will guide you through. More...


Chynna C.

12 January 2019

I have never been big on fitness or going to the gym  but all that changed when I met Justin! I never thought I would be the type of person to have a personal trainer and to be honest I was a little nervous, but I am so thankful that I found Justin! His way of training is focused on your goals and what's going to work best for you. I can finally say I am proud of my body and I owe it all to Justin! Definitely recommend him for anyone who is ready to get serious results! More...


Yesenia M.

26 November 2018

Justin is an incredible nutritionist, trainer and mentor! I cannot stress that enough. Meeting him a few months after moving to San Diego has made a huge difference in my lifestyle and I could not be happier with the results thus far. I am only halfway through the program and I am already seeing amazing results I would have not achieved on my own, especially not within that timeframe.Although I have been very active the past couple of years and looked relatively fit and in decent shape before Justin, I could tell my diet needed some work to achieve optimal results. I used to be constantly bloated and was not getting as lean and as strong as I wanted even after working out 6 times a week. Justin took the time to really understand my current state nutrition and workout regimen to create a very personalized program to help me reach my goals. Justin really takes the time to not only explain the how, but also the why to ensure I understand the science behind everything. He is so knowledgeable on everything nutrition, metabolism, and fitness related and is really helping me understand how they all work together in order to achieve optimal results. I am really excited about the results I have seen thus far and convinced that Justin's holistic approach to health will help me for years to come. Justin is the best person to see if you are ready to take your body and overall health to the next level. He is passionate, funny and a pleasure to work with! More...


Nicole G.

20 November 2018

Justin and I are only a few weeks into my program and I couldn't be happier. I have struggled with HASHIMOTOS DISEASE for the past fourish years, as it became apparent in my junior/senior year of high school that I had a problem. Nothing had worked for me, and yo-yo dieting was beating me UNTIL I started working out with Justin. 10/10 recommend giving Justin your time and energy, I'm on the road to recovery and I hope the same for you! More...


Aron D.

25 October 2018

I started working with Justin 8 months ago and he has guided a complete transformation in my overall health, body composition, and how I think about nutrition in general! Justin is incredibly detail oriented and scientific in his approach to nutritional and physical training. Based on Justin's direction I've taken precise measurements via Dexa scans, bloodwork, and ketone measurement. Using these techniques the results can't be faked! I've lost 11lbs of fat, gained 8lbs of muscle, significantly improved my bloodwork (all around but specifically cholesterol) while gaining strength and endurance and not getting board or injured. Whether Justin is measuring heartrate/VO2 max/ketones, pushing you past your goal, or giving worldly advice on the human psyche I couldn't recommend him more! More...


Brett P.

25 October 2018

Where do I start? Justin and Human Rebuild have started to change my life in an extremely positive way. After a visit from my doctor, my levels, weight, diet, and health were on the decline at an early age. Being a paraplegic, most trainers either don't want to train you or are afraid to train you. Justin did not see the chair, but the person who wanted to get healthy, get strong, and take control of their life again. Human Rebuild and their program focused both on physical and mental strength to help reach your goals. Unlike most trainers who say "bye" the minute, you leave the gym, Justin check-ins frequently and makes sure you are sticking to the program. In addition, checks-in after workouts to see how you are doing. Finally, Justin and Human Rebuilds program is practical and shows results after putting in the effort. Without Justin, it would be impossible to make the progress I have made now. Thank You!!!! More...


Luke Vinci

1 July 2018

I have had a series of trainers and coaches over the years. NONE have challenged my way of thinking like Justin. Conventional training was a waste of my time and money. Human Rebuild has given me the greatest measures of changes to my physical body and energy levels. Justin has worked with my diet and nutrition planning weekly with accountability. Mixed with a regimen of training I have seen gains in muscle mass and drastic reductions in body fat. I am hitting all my goals I set out to achieve. More...


Pam P.

21 May 2018

I'm one of the girls in the pic from 2014. With Justin's help, when other trainers were unable to understand my body, I lost 50lbs & 12% body fat AND competed in a bodybuilding show! It was one of the most valuable experiences in my life. Justin helped me through the physical and mental process. More...


Karla E.

15 March 2018

Nutrition and the importance of wellness and discipline were ingrained in me since I was little. I've always been interested in health and I love learning and trying natural remedies, foods, work outs, you name it. After I gave birth to my son, I thought I'd go back in shape doing my own thing as usual. I wanted to be the best I ever been.But after hitting a wall and not seeing any real changes, I ate my pride and decided I needed help. I looked tiredly for a holistic trainer. I had trainers before, so I knew what I didn't want. When I met Justin ,  he heard attentively to my goals. When he described the plan, and steps  required to attain my goal, I knew he was the real deal and what I was looking for. He did not sugar coat it as he  told me exactly what needed to happen in order for me to get to the finish line. What sealed the deal for me, was that he told it has going to be hard. To me, and because I've always worked out and knew about nutrition etc, that was the humility that I needed in order to make the change I needed in my life to be the best I could be. There are truly many things that make Justin the best at what he does as the other reviews mentioned, but to me, the fact he can truly customized the training and approach makes it really unique.  We are so different from one another, so to think one style fits all is just absurd. Yes, the work outs are hard, but they are also fun; the nutrition changes at first are hard, but getting to try to recipes and foods is so fun too. Once it becomes a lifestyle, it is not hard really. He treats his customers with respect and dignity; it is not easy to expose you weaknesses to someone else, but he is really good at understanding we are just human, and it is nice knowing that he will be there all the way, during ups and downs, until you get where you want to be.  One thing he is not,  is your typical cocky know- it all trainer. Unfortunately, I've had my share of this type, but Justin is so humble; he honestly likes to learn  and listen to his clients as well and it is really admirable to find this trait in a trainer. It has been 7 months of training for me so far ; I lost 19 lbs by the 5th month, my muscles are more defined  and my BMI has dropped significantly as well.  I have learned so much from Justin; I keep getting stronger and I couldn't be happier with the results. And I'm not done yet. If you are looking for a wholesome, authentic and very very knowledgable  trainer,  Justin is for you! More...


Brittany J.

4 December 2017

Unfortunately, few service providers are authentic, genuine, and exemplary in their fields. Justin is a rare exception, and I am a better human for having had the privilege and pleasure of working with him.  He will, truly, help you rebuild yourself in whatever vision you choose.When I first met Justin, I was almost resentful of how confident he was in his ability to help me achieve and maintain my wellness goals.  But after his collaborative and scientific-yet-warm approach unfolded, I was impressed and enthusiastic. He was a true investigator in identifying challenges in my routine, chemistry, and body type, integrating data from DEXA scans, blood work, medical records, and fitness tests.  He was oh-so-knowledgable in all of his investigations and interpretations, and made sure that I understood the principles behind all the interventions applied. This was a key feature of what makes the results ongoing and long-lasting -- when you're equipped with skill you understand, you can apply them yourself for years to come. As a full-time therapist, exercise has often been an escape from human interaction, but I loved meeting with Justin. I looked forward to our conversations every session -- as a person, he is good-humored, wise, personable, interesting, and brimming with feel-good energy. Sessions with him will energize you, not drain you. This is worlds apart from my previous experiences with practitioners in the health and fitness industry.I wish I had found him sooner -- the rewards of our work together relieved many chronic emotional and physical ailments, and created a comfort in my own skin that I didn't know was possible. What is most remarkable about Justin is that he doesn't prescribe or support unhealthy relationships with food, discipline, work, or exercise.  Balance and encouragement of listening to your unique body's needs and strengths are a cornerstone of his approach.  No restriction, no guilt, no punishment, and no over-the-top positive spin that denies accountability either. Just a grounded, balanced, healthy approach.  He's a true pioneer of health and fitness. More...


Reagan N.

23 September 2017

I normally don't write reviews but this one is long overdue. Before I met Justin I was feeling unlike myself. I was always tired, groggy, and fatigue ALL the time. I had horrible headaches, neck pains, and joint pain. I felt depressed and and stressed out all the time and I thought it was just working full time while I'm in college. Told myself to get over it and deal with it because everyone goes through the same thing. Of course through all that pressure I also gained a lot of weight but the worst thing for me was feeling fatigue all the time no matter how much I tried to rest. I wanted to change my lifestyle but I didn't know how to. That's when I met Justin. Justin was really good at listening to how I was feeling and was very encouraging of my idea of changing my life. Hes a total expert at what he does and explained everything that was really going on with me, my mind, and my body super clearly. The goal was to lose weight and look good but the problem was feeling too tired eventually with the help of Justin, it became more about my health and my diet. Once I realized how important my health is I ended up working towards being healthier instead. Justin helped me realize that a healthy diet comes first and losing weight was just a plus. I really wouldn't be able to do it if I didnt have Justin guiding me. Now I feel really good about myself! I almost never feel any of things I used to feel before I met him and my energy is sooooo much better. Aside from that, meeting up with Justin is always fun. He's really easy to talk to and really encourages you to do better. It's not hard to tell him the truth about your weight, nutrition, or weird things going on with your body cause he knows all about it. He doesnt put you down he helps you understand your problem and how fix it. Believe me, you really need him in your life! I don't mean to be cheesy but I know for a fact my life has been changed for forever. More...


Abril C.

16 September 2017

Justin Mulligan, besides of being a professional trainer  is an excellent nutritionist. when I contacted him I told him my goal which was to pass a physical exam for the CHP. But, the truth was that I had no physical condition at the time and I hardly could ran a half of a mile in about 20 min and I felt that I was going to had a heart attack without mentioning that I could not even do a single push up. Anyway, when I start training with Justin, he change my diet and with hard work I lost 17 pounds of body fat, then I started to seing big changes in my body and an impresive improvement in my physical condion. After 3 months of training with Justin, I presented my physical exam and  the results were amazing. I was able to ran a mile and a half in 11: 45 min, 42 push ups, 39 sit ups in a minute and I sprinted 300 meters in 56 seconds. So, I passed!! And I'm very happy and grateful with him. He rebuilt my body in a short period of time and I strongly recommend him, he is worth every single penny that you will pay for his services. He is the best!!! More...


Kattia P.

22 July 2017

Justin  is the best trainer, nutritionist, and life coach in San Diego area in less than 6 months he helped me achieve my weight goal physically, and taught me a lot that I can apply in my life time, such as nutrition and explain how the body process food . When I started with Justin I don't think I wasn't going to be able to reach my weight goal because of health complications, my stomach surgery issue that have me stock in the same weight plateau for a while...but I remember he told me" it's all mental" I followed through his program and start seeing results and feel great! To be honest for the first couple of weeks it was not the easiest thing,  but after it become my new normal of my daily life routine. Justin is the realist, his level of professionalism is outstanding, if you are in San Diego and want to take your health and body to the next level this is the right guy for you! I would definitely recommend him. Family oriented, he will work with you on all level. He is the best! And still my trainer, nutritionist, and my life coach! More...


Jeff B.

6 July 2017

If you want to really know how your body works and have someone who will achieve your goals, call him.  He will explain things in plain English, set realistic and attainable goals and hold you accountable.  Justin is amazing. Highly recommended!!!!! More...


Gyssell F.

16 January 2017

If you're looking to start the year with a body transformation Justin is the guy to help you get that! He's extremely knowledgeable in not only the physical working out part but also in nutrition, vitamins, and although not necessarily part of his job, a great person to talk to. He's extremely approachable who makes you feel comfortable the entire time. I got hurt prior to me meeting Justin and I was always scared to squat, Justin has helped me break through that fear and I'm squatting the most I've ever done! I began working out 3 years ago and hit a wall with my results. I knew it was time to bring someone in to teach me new things. That's exactly what Justin has done for me. His techniques with his clients are all different but all have one his full focus on helping you succeed and rebuild your body. If you need that extra help or just getting into the fitness world, I highly highly recommend Justin. More...


Megan S.

16 January 2017

I came to Justin wanting a body transformation and from the first time I met with him he gave me confidence that my life long goal was attainable! He helped me take emotion out of the change process through education. He respectfully challenged my emotional thinking to be more scientific. This allowed me to stay consistent with his guidance. Over the last year working with Justin, I've seen incredible progress towards my goal of changing my body composition. I attribute the progress to how Justin approaches change by combining homeopathic medicine, personal training, patience, support, accountability, and nutritional expertise. He genuinely cares about helping his clients reach their goals and shows his dedication by being there every step of the way. I have highly recommended Justin to my family and friends because he has exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you Justin, you helped me change my life for the better forever...and there is no looking back!! More...


Cheryl N.

16 September 2016

There are only three people out there who has changed my life forever: my husband, my kids, and Justin Mulligan.  I like to believe that he has probably saved my life as well.  If you look at me, you'd probably think that I appear pretty normal...not too fat nor thin.  However, I knew that I always had a poor diet all my life and that eventually, it would catch up to me one of these days.  Since I have a family history of cancer and diabetes, I was scared that it would one day be my fate as well.  When I told my friends and family that I wanted to find a nutritionist, I wasn't taken very seriously.  They all pretty much said why would I hire one if I wasn't fat to begin with?  When I met with Justin and I told him how I didn't have much support from others, I thought that he'd think that I was crazy too.  Instead, he was really supportive.  He was listening to me with open ears.  He was like, "I get it.  So you want to be optimally healthy."  Yes!  Finally, someone who understood where I was coming from!Anyway, my gut instinct was right.  I wasn't as healthy as I thought. In the beginning of my journey, I got tested and my body fat percentage turned out to be 30%, which was above average or you could even say borderline overweight!  I learned that I am categorized as a "skinny fat" and yes, that is a real term.  It pretty much means that even though you may appear normal (by normal, I mean having a normal BMI), you have an abundance of fat and little skeletal mass underneath.  That may also lead to a higher risk of diseases because you probably wouldn't have known it whereas, for an overweight person, you could probably tell just by appearance.  My fear had come true.  I knew that if I didn't do something about it, then for sure, I was going to become diabetic or diagnosed with cancer someday.  I could see that my health was going downhill already.  Finally, I told myself that I needed to stop guessing that I was healthy and make a permanent change.In two short months and with Justin's guidance, I was able to get my body fat percentage down to 23%.  My goal is continuing to get it down to between 18-20%.  I am still making progress and I have confidence that I will eventually get there!  I used to be afraid of working out and bulking up too much as well as being afraid of eating and gaining weight.  Justin taught me that timing was also key.  Because of this simple knowledge, I am no longer afraid and I've finally learned how my body functions.  I also feel smarter when it comes to exercising and eating, and as crazy as it may sound, I've started seeing food more as fuel rather than for pleasure.  If you can get over that and shift that mindset, then you really have cracked the code!  This journey has also made me feel that I've become a better mother to my kids by providing for them better.  It used to be my husband who would cook for our family.  Since he loved to cook, he didn't mind it at all.  But now, it's me that frequents the grocery stores, and it's me that also puts fresh food on the table every day.  Food has truly become an important priority for me and my family.  Justin has taught me so much!  He is such a sweet and funny guy.  He is so easy to talk to.  His service was one of the best investments I had made for myself.  I think the biggest difference between him and other personal trainers or nutritionists is that that he has completely changed my mind and body and not just the food side or exercise side of things.  He rebuilt me from the inside out.  Justin, thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done to me and my family.  I'll never forget this experience! More...


Lindsay L.

3 February 2016

I'm a working mother, without a lot of time. Justin was super flexible with getting training sessions in with me and he was willing to train me both in the gym and at mission bay- which is a awesome way to spend a workout! Justin holds me accountable but also understands my crazy life and situational set backs. He created a program just for me and frequently modifies it as I change.  Justin is friendly and listens well. Yet he is firm and kicks my booty in our sessions. I also love the nutritional plan justin set for me. He made it family friendly - so now my kids eat healthy as well! I'd highly recommend Human Build if you are looking for a change in your life style! More...


Adrian D.

21 December 2015

I've worked with Justin for close to 3 years now. Just on the fitness and nutrition side, he is a master of his craft. He takes the time to explain why you are eating what you are eating when you eat it. He doesn't just say follow x, y, z. He makes sure you understand the path you are taking. I have a totally different outlook on food now than when I met him.Another quality I find unique to Justin is how readily available he is to support you when you are questioning your decision to lead a healthy lifestyle. It can be a trying journey, but he is always there to listen and motivate.There are times I've wanted to slip or quit, and he understands. He doesn't put you down, he picks you back up. He offers an open ear and words of wisdom.All in all he is a genuine, caring, extremely intelligent and talented fitness expert. More...


Francesca C.

5 December 2015

I trained with Justin for about one year.  I found him on Yelp.  My initial goal when I hired him was just to lose weight and learn how to work out "smarter" in the gym.  The weight loss came almost immediately. I dropped 20 pounds in less than 4 months.  What happened after that is what makes him one of the best trainers out there.  He taught me how nutrition, weight training/exercise, and the right supplements can transform your body and your overall health.  Justin will teach you how to use the equipment properly in the gym so that you're confident working out anywhere.  He will create workouts for you to do in the gym on your own on the days you don't train with him.  Justin understands that what works for one person may not work for another.  He doesn't dish out cookie-cutter workouts and meal plans.  He created custom meal plans for me based on my food preferences.  They were also easy to prepare and stick to.  I am a full time working mom with 2 boys and the workouts and meals he developed for me always fit in with my busy schedule.After I lost the weight, my goals changed.  Through my training with Justin, I developed a passion for weight lifting.  Justin adjusted my meals and my training plans to help me achieve my new goals.  I can lift weight and complete reps at the gym that I would have never been able to do without his guidance. He helped me tap into a strength I never knew I had.  My body fat when I first met Justin was at 26%.  In my last month of training with him, it was down to 17%.  Even months after I stopped training with him, I still challenge myself to hit new personal records when I'm lifting because of what he taught me. My experience with Justin changed my life.  My overall health has improved.  My only regret is that I didn't meet him sooner.  If you are thinking about hiring a trainer, you should definitely take the time to meet with him.  His education, experience, knowledge and example will enable you to surpass your fitness goals. More...


Allison M.

27 November 2015

Justin is a GENIUS!  It doesn't take much time for him to meet with a client and KNOW exactly what is needed for a body transformation.  His knowledge of metabolism, nutrition, and the mental aspects that tie it all together are instrumental in creating harmony in health.  He personally helped me reach my fat loss goals in 2013 and taught me an immense amount about nutrition that it sparked my love of the field.  I'm currently a nationally-qualified Figure competitor, certified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. I would not be where I am today without Justin.  He helped me reach a level I never knew was possible, and I can't wait to pay it forward.  You will not be disappointed working with him.  He's the BEST! More...


Annie L.

25 November 2015

Justin changed my life to say the least! He gave me the tools to make drastic body composition changes over the past year. I have carried an extra 20-30lbs my whole life and have seen my physique transform. For the first time, I have dropped body fat, increased my muscle mass, and healed my metabolism. I always thought I had bad genetics, but he has helped me become the absolute best version of myself. He uses a scientific approach for his nutrition/training and hard metrics to measure your success. The training is minimalist, so nothing excessive or punishing.He has encouraged me to venture out of my comfort zone and I have been grateful to have him train me for a triathlon, a Mt. Rainier climb, and an upcoming spartan race.I am now in control of my body composition for the rest of my life with the knowledge he has given me! I would highly recommend Justin as a trainer, nutritionist, and coach. More...


Eileen M.

24 November 2015

I've worked with Justin fort at least 12 years, staying with him because he was the only trainer I found who was enthusiastic, encouraging and demanding in a good way.  Over the years he has continued to broaden his training skills, education and interests so that I am training for fitness and health.  Until recently he trained my husband, who was 80, always recognizing his few limitations but pushing nevertheless.  I highly recommend Justin for anyone looking to improve himself/herself. More...