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vernon abrams

17 July 2019

Very nice gallery with contemporary artists, impressionism, realism in open setting.


Samantha Pattillo

24 October 2018

Met these wonderful ladies at the Design Bloggers Conference this week and their company is just awesome. If you live in Atlanta like me, go check them out!


Billy Shears

24 October 2018

I can only speak to and rate what I have seen here. If you could just pick up and move to London, I would completely redo my home law office. Beautiful and Elegant could easily be the name of your store. Keep up this good work, ladies! More...


Carole Orr

24 October 2018

~ I have yet to visited the location of Huff Harrington - but just would just like to comment that I think their web-site is a 5 ***** ~ ~ ~


Beau Salsi

8 June 2017

Great Atlanta Gallery with a beautiful location and great range of art and artist. The staff is friendly and helpful. Be sure to check the website for events and art demos by artists.

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