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We help discerning clients creatively solve functional problems with elegant, cost-effective solutions. Our forte' is Architecture with Heart (see HrivnakAssociates.com) including designs for special needs, aging-in-place, senior living, medical, clinics, care facilities.



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First - determine if it fits on the site - that's a zoning and site coverage for permeable space exercise.
Second - determine if the garage foundation is full-depth (required for heated/cooled habitable spaces).

1. Initial Site Consultation to help you with zoning and structural and mechanical feasibility considerations.
2. Photo/measure space and create existing background drawings
3. Obtain current (usually required to be within 6 months of the time of permit request) survey.
4. Determine uses.
5. Discuss floor elevation match to existing house and interior/exterior impacts.
6. Concept design & approval. You are involved in the design process.
7. Develop permit documents
8. Assist with selection of contractor
9. Construction observation/quality control

Creative problem solving - knowing that I genuinely have helped people - and seeing the joy on the faces of clients when they move into the space.

Confident that I can do it better and offer more to clients. Story: while working for another company, I solved a client's problems and saved them nearly $3M in construction. My former boss said that if I ever did that again - reduced their possible fees - I'd be dismissed. I live by "do unto others" and will solve your challenges as affordably to you as possible - thus earning your appreciation - and your referrals.

ROI Design
Qualifications beyond licensed architect (see above)
Integrity - as a Christian, I report to a rather big boss and thus am unwilling and unable to do unethical things - thus I refuse to work in the City of Chicago.