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Vince Spicer

I always know I am going to be sore the next day.


Brenda Anne

Jaymie is always encouraging but pushes you to do your best . Always giving 110%. Thanks Jaymie...


Sue Will

He brings fun into working out always willing to go the extra


Jamie Mills

Jaymie is an amazing trainer! He always can put a smile on my face, even through the toughest workout.


Pam Ela Bee

I've loved working with Jaymie over the past 2+ years. Thanks for all the encouragement, expertise and laughs!!


Todd Havinga

Jamie has a lot of variations to his work outs. Always has suggestions to make you feel it a-little bit more. Great trainer.


Trish Allsop

Jaymie is great to train with - always encouraging, and challenges you! His group classes are always a blast. He makes sure all attendees have proper form and everyone gets a good work out!


Lorie Baker

If you want to have fun and get your butt kicked at the same time, Jaymie is your guy! Always so helpful and encourages you to challenge yourself!


Abby Lee

I love how Jaymie constantly surprises me on how much my body can do even when I didn't think I could do it!!! He makes you give 110% every time and that's what makes a great coach and gets results!!!


Jenny Cacilhas

Jaymie defiantly pushes you to give your all! But you do it with a smile because humour he brings along with his drive to push you!! His classes and PT sessions leave you sore for days but in a good way! � 5 stars for Jaymie!!! More...

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