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How About This is a Lead Generation agency.
We use highly targeted ads, sales funnels, email automation systems and analytics to help you find your ideal client to grow your business.

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Karina Kok

18 May 2019

Such friendly service! Most importantly great results! WOW I cannot recommend anyone more! Thank you Stephan for your work!


Eugéne Naudé Fotografie

25 March 2019

Excellence has a name, Stephan. He takes lead generation to another level. If you are serious about growing your business, you can’t afford not have Stephan. He is highly skilled and innovative in the art of social media and internet marketing. More...


Thea Van Rensburg Kruger

18 March 2019

Wow!!! Excellant service! I highly recommend him!!


Jan Kruger

18 March 2019

Very good and quick service! Strongly recommended!


Theresa Franken

18 March 2019

Stephan gives excellent service, always super fast and exceeding expectations! He helped us to generate more leads (and more importantly the leads we actually wanted) for our business.


Lihana Hunter

18 March 2019

Excellent service! Definitely recommends HAT

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Strategy planning to identify a company’s needs in order to find their perfect client.

To help other company owners grow their business and achieve their goals.

We generate new leads for your business without wasting the time of your marketing department. For some clients, we can give 20+ new qualified leads per week.