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David Gayton

Phenomenal!! Highly recommended!


Thomas Marshall


Your advice on my new photography business and how to promote it on the web was quite helpful. Your idea to have a short promo video on my website to show who I am and how I work is my next project. I first have to get the right gear to create the video and will then make it. Perhaps you could review it before I post it. I would be willing to pay you for your advice.

Your other suggestion on posting only the very best 16 to 20 portraits on my site made me look closely at all of my shots and consider the strength of each. It was tough but eventually the number was reduced as you suggested and the images now are truly my best. No sense in having mediocre shots posted. Quality over quantity.

Thanks also for your suggestions on how to create and use a blogging site to promote my work. You gave me a lot to consider but it all makes sense. One of my problems is finding enough time to put all your suggestions to work. I will let you know when I have most implemented. Thanks again for your help.

Tom Marshall - ImagesbyTFM

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