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Regina B.

25 June 2019

Great workout! Came here for a date night and wasn't sure what to expect. The staff was great and the workout was hardcore sweaty! It's only 30 minutes but that's all you need. Highly recommend it! More...


Lauren J.

24 May 2019

In my second month here, so i feel i can give an informed review! I work different hours every month and this is the best for my schedule. I have tried group workout classes in the past, but i am an introvert who prefers to be by myself, and also go at my own pace without judgement. I've usually had the entire sauna to myself, with a handful of exceptions. Anytime I've had to share the sauna it's been with someone who's mentally on the same page - you do you. Initiation fees aren't fun, but you get all your equipment included. You can also cancel and change classes at the last minute. A must for me! More...


Janet J.

4 May 2019

HOTWORX is awesome! It allows me to never make the excuse that I don't have time to get a workout in. I'm still in the process of trying out all of the classes, but so far I would say the Pilates is my favorite. I have yet to get all the way through a workout without a break because the sweat life is so real, but I always feel like I got a great detox session and I sleep really well after my classes. It also challenges me and makes me want to come back so my body can get used to the heat AND get all the way through a workout with out a break.Make sure you bring a dry towel to sit on when you get in your car, because you will be DRENCHED when you leave. Love it! More...


Jessie W.

10 April 2019

I love this place!!! The staff is great and the workout is even better!!! You leave feeling like a million bucks even though you are covered in sweat! It is great for toning and detox! Plus they offer classes every 45 min!! I signed up to be a member after my first visit! More...


Dameka Davis

29 October 2018

Love this place!!!!!! Finally a fitness lifestyle I can stick with.


Kelsey Schunder Rodgers

29 October 2018

So excited for Hotworx Dallas to open! I first did classes in MS and fell in love with the infrared sauna’s and challenging classes. As someone who is in chronic pain with a bad back, these workouts are perfect, and I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about joining! More...


Kenyon E.

16 September 2018

Love Love Love this work out.  I have bad knees and struggle with asthma.  The work outs here are great.  They are hard but when you walk out of the sauna you feel amazing!  This it my new addiction for sure. More...

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