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Hot House Yoga

Coralville, Iowa


Hot House Yoga

Coralville, Iowa


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Bailey B.

22 August 2019

Offers a variety of classes for all needs. Some are spiritual, intense workouts, deep stretching, etc. Clean and beautiful, hot studio allows for deeper stretches


Ilya Buchkin

17 August 2019

many classes to choose from; competent instructors, each with their character; definitely a place to give it a try and see how you like it :)


Austin Mouw

1 July 2019

I’ve been attending Hothouse Yoga for roughly 5 months now. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going. The environment is great, people are even better, and the coaching is top-notch. I look forward to continuing my yoga experience with them. More...


Rachel Reed

28 March 2019

First time doing hot yoga and I really enjoyed my experience. The room was quite crowded but the instructor was great, I will come back for another class


Stephanie Jia

27 May 2018

Positive, professional, and nice staff. Great place to start as a beginner. I would definitely recommend this yoga studio to friends. They have an awesome promotion, unlimited classes for 49$ Straight for new students. Only down fall is that classes are a bit expensive for non students. More...


James Anthony Salon

27 May 2018

Fantastic place.


Erin K.

20 March 2018

I love going to their community hot classes on Wednesday nights! You can't beat a $6 yoga class! The instructors are friendly and lead good classes that are able to accommodate all levels of yogis. The class usually is crowded so get there early! More...


Weidner A.

7 November 2017

This is my favorite yoga studio, hands down, anywhere.I'm from the area and I used to go occasionally when I was a college student, but I moved away. I would come back sporadically, maybe once or twice a year, and everybody who worked here still remembered my name.The fact that they always address me by name as soon as I walked into the studio made this my go to place when I moved back to the area. The teachers are absolutely amazing and they have fostered a beautiful community centered around happy bodies and happy minds. I also love the way they do the heat here, it's not a dry heat but humid and really helps you sweat it out.Every teacher offer something a little different, and you can't beat the brand new beginner month at $49.If you've never been, or it's been a while, I highly recommend checking it out. Some of my favorite classes include Yin on Tuesday nights, and Maureen's Friday at noon is a jam packed blast. More...


Alex R.

7 November 2017

Best yoga place in Iowa City, hands down. I've been taking various classes here for a while and have never had a bad experience. Hot is in the business' name for a reason, prepare to sweat a lot, because that's kinda the point. But if you're looking to relax a bit, I couldn't recommend a restorative class more, like their yin yoga class, always a great experience. 5 stars. More...


Guang Shi

27 May 2017

Unfortunately, my review will be fairly in line with the other two reviews however, my key takeaway is that this business needs some serious ventillation work. I've sampled several hot pilates and yoga joints and never have I experienced one that was so humid and mildew-y rather than dry and hot. I would call Humid Yoga and not Hot Yoga. The towels we rented also smelled of mildew. I'm curious if they have a dehumidifier in use and mold issues? : /The location is fantastic - right around the corner from the Pedestrian Mall and their intro pack of an unlimited month for $49 is really reasonable. I enjoyed our pilates instructor's methods but in all honesty my focus was on the smell and vibe of the room . I also felt that as a new student they weren't super welcoming and didn't offer much direction. More...


Izzy R.

21 March 2017

My sorority house had a sisterhood there and it was so much fun. The instructor was so nice and patient with us and made the whole experience very enjoyable. It was hot yoga so it was VERY hot but was still a great experience. Thank you so much, and will definitely go back again. More...


Kyle S.

3 October 2016

Hot House Yoga was the first studio that I finally felt comfortable practicing in after having several un-savory experience at other studios. My favorite instructor is Lindsey M. She makes me feel so at home and there is never any pressure to push myself where my body isn't ready to go. I really appreciate the location, the options and the general vybe of it all. Hot Yoga can really vary from studio to studio, even from class to class. Its unfortunate that some reviews have not enjoyed the environment as well as they thought they would--take their feedback with a grain as salt--I love the hot humid environment--my body and mind feels so refreshed after each class and the humidity levels allow for amazing detoxification (sweat). After every class they sanitize the floor and never re-use a mop without washing it first--I feel very clean here. I appreciate being able to take a shower in the locker room before heading out on my day. For anyone trying to decide whether or not to pay this place a visit, I would recommend starting with one of their $6 "community classes", every Monday and Wednesday 830-930. I started 2016 with a 2hr New Year Session and have been attending weekly ever since! More...


Darryl D.

3 February 2016

A top quality place for yoga with a great atmosphere and with instructors that will help when you need it without even needing to ask!


Rob G.

9 June 2015

When I found myself in Iowa City this week, I looked up a local yoga studio and stumbled upon a wonderful place.  I'm a regular yoga practicianer, but never had the opportunity for hot yoga.  In general the place is very professional, and easy to drop in on. Prices reflect the value. Specifically, Mimi, the instructor, delivered a perfectly paced session. If I must say something critical, larger locker rooms would be nice. Nevertheless, for a new experience or a new twist (get it?) on the tried and true, try this place with confidence. More...


erik lee

28 May 2015

Maria here. Wonderful hot barre class! Perfect for après flight


Beetle G.

4 February 2015

I took Josh's Wed. Hothouse class at 6:30am in Coralville.  He paced it very well to accommodate the mixed level group and the heat.  Good sequencing and cueing.  Temp was set at 100 degrees.  Studio felt great on a 16 degree Iowa city winter morning.  Class fee was $15 and mat rental $2.  Beats me having to travel with my yoga mat.  I'll be back on my next business trip. More...


Jennifer T.

12 December 2014

The studio is small, but it's clean and smells nice. I'm not totally sold on the hot yoga concept, but I do like the classes.  There are lots of them, especially in the evenings and weekends - very helpful to be able to fit a workout into your schedule. It's usually pretty easy to get a space if you're willing to squeeze in too. More...


asma a.

6 December 2014

Great place! I highly recommend the sculpt classes to get you working and sweating. Amy was amazing, really friendly yet encouraging you to do your best. Two locations, so its important to double check the location of the class, as I've shown up at the wrong location and missed sessions. More...


Adrienne M.

29 September 2014

I have lived in New York City and Denver trying yoga and Pilates at studios in both cities. It wasn't until I started going to Hot House Yoga in Iowa City and Coralville until I really fell in love. The instructors do a great job of helping you find the correct form and keep classes fresh and challenging. There are several class options to chose from so it helps with variety as well as a busy schedule. The owners and everyone who works there are super friendly. This place is definitely a gem to the community I don't know what I would do without it. I am also in the best shape I have ever been because  of them. I highly recommend it to everyone! More...


Kelly W.

21 May 2013

Nice studio. I was staying at the Sheraton a block away and a friend took me to a sumptuous hot class. Definite recommend.


K G.

19 July 2012

I'm still deciding whether it gets the full five stars because I got locked out of class the other day, but honestly this place has great yoga teaching and community, and I was pleasantly surprised by the coralville location, which is a little less undergrad and crowded.  I definitely enjoy the cathartic stress relief of total body sweat and concentration, and the level of hot to vinyasa suits my level of intensity well. It's a moderately intense, very hot/humid yoga that doesn't stick dutifully to any one style but definitely has a lot of Bikram elements.  I like the vinyasa class best because I get easily bored with the more isometric poses, but I think if you want a good workout any of their classes are good.  The place is clean and well-lit and you'd better bring a mat and towel with the nubbies on it in order to stay in those poses. but when well-equipped, it's totally worth your time and frequent laundry loads. They are also good about demonstrating modifications to poses for those who may be more bendy one way or another.One more word--I like the schedule and the fact that there are classes that start after 6pm--thank goodness, otherwise I'd never make any! More...


Marsha W.

5 January 2012

En route to St. Louis to visit my parents for Christmas, I decided to stop in Iowa City, IA because I've always liked Iowa City.  Plus, it has a hot yoga studio (two actually). I knew I needed to stop. I decided to try Hot House Yoga in Coralville because they offered a 90 minute Hot Yoga class. On Christmas Eve. At 7:00 a.m. For $15 bucks. No stinky wet carpet? Yes, sign me up. For some reason, I had a preconception that it would be really close to the Bikram series. I was wrong- sort of.The 90 minute Hot Yoga class is a mish mash of static yoga postures. So, in that way it is similar to Bikram or Moksha Yoga. However, if you're looking for a straight up Bikram class, you will be disappointed.   You do some, but not all of the Bikram postures. You do a little bit of Ashtanga. A little bit of flow. The room wasn't quite so humid. I left feeling better than when I came in. That was a good thing.Our instructor, Jim, was a stern and serious yoga instructor but he wasn't like a Bikram drill sergeant. Check-in was pleasant. The studio was super clean and nice. The practice space is huge with a hardwood floor. There aren't any lockers to lock up your stuff. So, if you are paranoid, you might want to leave your personal belongings in your car. However, I had no fear anyone was going to steal anything from me. There were two showers in the women's dressing room. You can rent towels and mats. Water is for sale also.Oh, about parking- you don't have to worry about it. Hot House Yoga in Coralville is located in a strip mall so parking is free and pretty convenient. More...



27 September 2010

The first time I ever did this I thought I was going to die, I had never tried it before and I thought it was super hard. However, I've been doing it for a few weeks now and I love it. I've recently noticed that my flexibility, strength, and balance have already improved quite a bit and I look and feel better. I always go to the morning class, this is the perfect way to start my day and I plan to stick with it. I would highly recommend giving it a try, you won't be disappointed and you are guaranteed to look and feel better. More...



22 September 2010

I've done yoga forever but recently started doing hot yoga and I absolutely LOVE it!! You really do get more out of it. Classes run from an hour to an hour and a half and they offer different classes such as hothouse yoga, pilates, vinyasa flow, etc. I've tried all of the classes and love them. The instructors are great, they really know what they are doing. I would highly recommend coming here, I guarantee you'll love it! More...



15 September 2010

I've always wanted to try hot yoga so I decided to go to Hot House Yoga, I have a couple friends who go here and they also have a great special for new clients where you pay $20 for one week of unlimited yoga. I went to my first class on Monday and have gone every day since then and I absolutely love it!!! I've played sports and worked out my whole life but after these classes I've felt rejuvenated and have felt better about myself. I plan on getting my membership this coming week and I'm excited to make hot yoga a part of my lifestyle. More...


John P.

29 May 2010

hot yoga is one of the toughest things i've done.  its amazing what a few poses in a heated space does.  this is one of 2 locations of Hothouse, but this location seems to offer 1.5hr sessions and the iowa city one has more 1-hr classes.  they've got a good schedule (online).   walk ins are welcome, and costs $15/class. if you're new, you can pay $20 and get a whole week of unlimited classes.   there always seems to a good range of experience, so i didn't feel like i was a newbie in room of hard core yogis.  there's always a share of grunting noises during the tougher poses, and people can push as far as their own limits.  good sweat, bring your own water. More...


Edith M.

3 July 2007

I am absolutely addicted to bikram. As liberal-minded  as I am when it comes to exercise, I still can't help but find typical yoga a little lame. Bikram, on the other hand, can be as easy or as hard as you make it, but it will absolutely kick your ass if you let it. The room is heated, so you sweat out all that nicotine and booze from last night. Also, the heat is great for old dancing or sports injuries, as it helps your muscles loosen and stretch.Seriously ... It's better than sex. More...