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I am a Board Certified Music Therapist and Drug/Alcohol Counselor with 10 years of experience in the field of Mental Health and Addiction. I offer individual sessions specializing in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery (GIM) and Wellness Empowerment groups of all kinds.


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Aspen Michelle Stephenson Sullivan

25 January 2019

AmyLynn is very gifted and creates a warm and safe space for her clients to relax and connect with the subtleness in their body, mind and spirit!


Dawn McCoy

13 September 2018

AmyLynn has a unique & special way of connecting the mind, body & soul. By allowing imagery to come, AmyLynn provides a compelling & warm place to let the true artist self come alive. In rest, in music and in her compassion for wording things, I am truly blessed to be a part of this beautiful way of healing! Thank you AmyLynn for your giftedness! Im hooked! More...


Greg Y.

19 January 2018

Working with AmyLynn has been wonderful, although truth be told, I was apprehensive at first. My friend recommended I try it out music therapy and I'm so thankful I did! Music has always been a driver in my life but I had no idea that it could be so therapeutic. AmyLynn's approach is a much different experience than my previous experiences in other kinds of therapy, where the offices and environment seemed bland, gloomy, and stiff -- and the therapists felt more like robots. In contrast, this studio's environment is different, welcoming and filled with enlightening, positive, and healthy energy; I smile each time I walk in. In therapy here, I feel like I'm traveling to a different place and able to express my feelings and thoughts in an easy, comfortable setting. AmyLynn's approach is special and warm. My experiences here have put my mind at ease and helped me begin to better understand myself. More...


chloe r.

17 January 2018

"I came to the HOPE studio to get help with some life struggles. I found kind guidance from AmyLynn and answers within myself I didn't even know were there.  This gentle and healing therapy works.  And AmyLynn is wonderful.Thank you!" More...

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I absolutely love my job. The best part is watching people find the answers for themselves and make healthy choices and differences in their lives. And, I get to use music to help people, what could be better??

I am passionate about Recovery. Because people helped me get better I live a charmer life today. It's a personal mission for me to help others and pay it forward. Having my own space allows me to set the right pace for my life and offer what my community needs instead of having to conform to the standards someone else sets.

Music Therapy utilizes both sides of the brain allowing the part that feels and is creative to work with the part that is organized and logical. Change is hard. Coming at it from a different angle can bring fresh energy. Additionally, I bring 10 years of clinical experience and a Spiritual approach.