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Massage Therapy, Reflexology & Lymphatic Massage. Other services include Aromatherapy and Body Steam Sessions.

Massage Specialties include:

Deep Tissue
Hot Stone
Kobido Face Massage

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Laura S.

24 August 2019

I started going to Nala a year ago for lymphatic massage post-surgery. I was so impressed with her skills and professionalism that those eventually turned into deep tissue massages after I healed. Her massage table is the most comfy one I've ever been on, and the atmosphere is calming and relaxing.I almost don't want to post this review because I don't want her to be too busy (so she has more open slots for me). Haha! I have bought quite a few of the "buy 4,  get the 5th free packages".  Nala never disappoints and I will continue to schedule with her until one of us moves away. Nala, you're not allowed to ever move away! I would have to follow you. More...


Togiaso D.

1 August 2019

My partner and I moved to the mainland eight years ago.  However, we still talk about Nala.  To this day, Nala remains the most talented massage therapist we've ever encountered.  My last three years on Oahu, Nala was the only massage therapist I would visit.  I would wait until Nala's schedule opened up, rather than book an appointment anywhere else.  Every time I went to see Nala, I received the best deep tissue massage of my life.  My partner only had one appointment with Nala (before we moved), and still swears that experience was the best massage she ever received.  Every time I return home to visit family, I try to book an appointment with Nala.  Unfortunately, it doesn't often work out because I usually travel on short notice.  If you have time, go see Nala.  If you don't have time, make time.  Relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating.  Let her healing hands guide you to a healthier existence.  Aloha, Nala. More...


Ryan L.

6 February 2019

Nala is awesome. I've been going to her for a few years now. She really knows where to target and the environment is totally calm and serene.


Monique N.

2 January 2019

I have had many many massages in the past and Nala is the best person that truly fixes my problems. She uses pressure point massage on me to release areas that have had problems or tensions. She is totally amazing and so sweet!! The ambiance of the place is relaxing and she makes you feel at ease. Can't wait for my next appointment. More...


Rebecca M Rodriguez

11 December 2018

The best. Nala is knowledgeable and caring. Definitely recommend for anyone suffering from chronic or secondary lymphedema or anyone with recent surgeries.


Jason Johnson

11 October 2018

Life changing.After 20 years as a pro athlete and going into my late forties, my body was feeling like it had been through a train wreck.I went to see Nala at Honolulu Massage Studio about 5 years ago after hearing about her from a friend that practically begged me to go.I was instantly hooked after the first session and I never stopped! Since then I've referred my wife, brother and at least 2 dozen of my clients.Wy wife referred a bunch of her girl friends since then too and they're crazy about her. She does all kinds of specialty massage for women including for lymphedema swelling. A bunch of my wifes' girlfriends go after they get cosmetic surgery too. Some of the local doctors even refer to her because she makes their results turn out so much better.The environment is peaceful, and the massage therapy is fantastic. The therapist is amazing too.The therapist (Nala) is a Registered Nurse, has 2 Master's Degrees in Health Coaching and Herbal Nutrition, and is a Certified Yoga Therapist.So basically, if you have a problem, or problems (like me), she can help you for sure. She's also really easy to talk to and has great energy. I feel relief after every session, and I'm convinced that the sessions I've done so far have been life changing for me. 5 years and running and I can tell you that it makes a huge difference in how I feel.I can tell you from experience this is the best place in Honolulu to get a massage. More...


Brooke Lees

23 July 2018

She's a frickn 10, I mean that. I almost don't want to write this review so she can stay hidden lol. She listens to what YOU want and also adds what she thinks is good and it's right every time! I've gotten 15 massages from her in the past eight weeks, and I don't care if I have to pull out a loan to keep that up. I've gotten full body, specified areas, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage. Each and every single one I came out feeling like a million. I hate hoping for something relaxing or a problem I want fixed but end up coming out like "eh good enough". She is the ONLY person I've been to where I walk out with more and better than expected. She is like a drug. If I was a rich she would be my traveling masseuse. She just GETS IT man!!! More...


Melissa M.

29 July 2017

Very professional and asks of concerns to be treated. She uses different techniques and addresses your concerns before, during, after, and once again at your next appointment. She truly makes an effort to help and gets to know her clients. Nala is the best. I receive lymphatic massages from her as recommended from a friend. Her studio is adorable. She's the sweetest! More...


Brooke L.

1 November 2016

Woman or machine? I literally don't know lol Nala is the BOMB to make it short. She truly listens to what your "problem" may be and do what she thinks will help and she is always right because when I leave I feel so much better !!! She totally makes results happen and happen fast. She is not the massage person to "get it over with" to get your money. She TRULY wants to listen and help with whatever you need so you can get results fast! I tell her every time I come in my trouble areas or feelings that week and she will listen and cater her massage to that. She is smarter than she shows, she should be a doctor for real. Her brain and body were made for this, and it shows because the tactics she knows and uses work. She is also very down to earth, non judgmental and all around a good person. Very easy to talk to. Her place is very nice, love the vibe. The view over looks the city and all her decorations and set up is very good vibes oasis. I can't thank her enough for real. I'm so glad I found her, I think she is not only the best in the island but the best in all states I have been to as a masseuse. I truly know and believe she recovered my body!!!!! THANK YOU! More...


Virginia S.

17 August 2016

Nala did superb work on me. She clearly applies her knowledge about the body's structure of muscles, tendons, and bones with extraordinary skill and talent. I had some pain issues due to overworked muscles, and she resolved the problems. Her studio is a lovely and peaceful setting. The steam tent treatment topped off the massage perfectly. Along with all this, her prices are so competitive, I have no reason to go elsewhere. I'm very glad my friend told me about her! More...


Cin T.

26 May 2016

Nala and her magic hands has been a God-send.I've been having a hard time post-surgery because I got conned by a quack of a doctor. To cut to the chase, I got butchered and lost a lot of money. I have what seems to be permanent hardened fibrosis and dents on my stomach. My insides were so screwed up from the hack job that for whatever reason, my lymphatic system wasn't able to properly drain and get rid of the swelling. I knew I needed lymphatic drainage therapy to help with my recovery and fortunately I found Nala! She's the only certified person I know of that can perform this medical massage therapy and lymphedema massage. She's actually a licensed registered nurse that flew out to the mainland to get additional training to be certified in medical lymphatic massage therapy. I made sure to do my research this time around. Going to any ol massage therapist that doesn't know what they're doing could've caused me further damage to my messed up wounds. Nala has been nothing but amazing. Not only has she kept my spirits up about my recovery, but she's been crucial in referring me to the right drs and lymphatic compression company to help with my healing. My surgeon, the guy that effed up my body, was giving me the wrong compression binders, further causing me more swelling and fluid retention. Thankfully, Nala was able to identify that and asked me to ask my surgeon to order me the correct compression binders...which he decided to ignore, because he's a egotistical dick that doesn't want to admit that he messed up. Anyways, Nala is the best there is. I leave there feeling flatter and less swollen each time. And I'm able to stretch without causing pain to myself because she was able to loosen up the hardened tissues that have taken up residence within my beaten up stomach. I'm convinced that with more treatments, my stomach will start to look smooth and flat like what i used to be, before I got butchered.She doesn't make you feel rushed and sincerely takes the time to treat you. Before I knew it, more than 2 hours had past! Treatments are supposed to only be anywhere from 60 to 90mins, but Nala felt that I needed extra time because I was so messed up. The overtime that she has put into my care has happened every time! And she won't take additional money for it. How sweet is this girl? Thank you for everything, Nala. I can't thank you enough for what you have done so far!!Her studio is located at the Century Square building at 1188 Bishop Street on the 20th floor, Suite 2002Parking is free and validated, so extra bonus for that!Hours: Monday 12:00pm-6:00pmTuesday 8:30am -6:00pmWednesday: 9:30am-6:00pmThursday: 9:30am- 6:00pmFriday: 8:30am-3:30pmSaturday: 8:00am-5:00pmSunday: Closed More...


Tim Rabetoy

4 April 2016

FANTASTIC!! I just found my new massage therapist! Nala was extremely professional and attentive to my painful areas. She was also great at finding the perfect pressure for me. I've already re-scheduled for the next 3 months if that tells you anything. Her office is also beautiful, peaceful and calming. I walked out of her office feeling A LOT BETTER than when I went in. I couldn't ask for more from a massage or a massage therapist. 5 Star Treatment! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! More...


Rachel P.

7 November 2014

Best massage I've ever received. Being pregnant is extremely uncomfortable and thanks to Nala I am feeling refreshed and relaxed.       I was a little skeptical considering the room was located in a tower but she definitely made it feel like home with the comfortable chairs, beautiful artwork, and a great view. Nala is very welcoming and greets every guest at the door where she makes sure you are comfortable by asking what you want, instead of just making you lay or sit down any old way. After getting comfortable she does a massage tailored to your needs (mine was the prenatal massage).       I was able to sit down without pain and stand feeling a sense of relief. Also I really loved that once she was done massaging me she let me get up on my own time instead of rushing me out the door as most people do after appointments. I have never left a massage appointment feeling so great.       Thank you Nala for the great service!!!!! More...

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