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Honey and Thyme is a catering company who love food and love cooking it.
Based in London, Islington, with a core group of regular clients in and around our local area, Hackney, Haggerston, Dalston, Stoke Newington, Shoreditch and Old street, the hub of photography studios, quirky wedding and shoot venues.


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Alexa Edelist

11 October 2018

Honey and Thyme catered for our 100-strong vegan wedding in August 2018 at the Foundling Museum in London. The food was outstanding - delicious, colourful and innovative and staff weren't afraid to offer personal thoughts and recommendations to complement our our ideas and tastes. There were a couple of details missing (no poppadom baskets with the curry for example) but only we noticed of course. The venue was extremely complex and Honey and Thyme had to undergo rigorous checks and site visits to manage the logistics. They managed the challenge very well and with no added stress to either of us bar, once again, one or small details on the day (no cake-cutting knife or placement of some refreshments) which went awry. The Honey and Thyme HQ operates with a very small team and, towards the beginning of our wedding planning, communication was a little sparse and sketchy. However, as soon as we had made our needs clear for clear, direct and, where possible, speedy communication, this wasn't an issue. They liaised with our other suppliers smoothly and effectively and, according to our guests, waiting staff were delightful and attentive. Highly recommended. More...


Eleanor Lawton

18 February 2018

Catered for a wedding of 60 guests. Food was incredibly good and the service was friendly, efficient and unobtrusive. Highly recommended.


liv enqvist

19 June 2017

Can recommend the chorizo egg sourdough breakfast.


Rob Dray

27 March 2017

Superb food and service , can't fault it , Skye was so perfect for our event helped plan every detail


Liam Riddler

25 March 2017

Chilli jam so good


Emma Geraghty

21 March 2017

Excellent food, worth raving about. Skye is an amazing chef. Highly recommended!


Gynelle Leon

19 February 2017

Great ambiance, and the most wonderful staff and owner. A great addition to Kingsland Rd. I had a wonderful dinner and brunch and enjoy coming back. Just looking at photos of their food on instagram makes my mouth water! More...


Eliza Gra

4 February 2017

For a really lovely meal out without breaking the bank this is always a good shout. The menu is always changing and is consistently interesting and delightful. Often good music playing too!


George Whitelaw

15 October 2016

Great selection of delicious English dishes. Excellent quality, free range meats and good wine selection. Ambience is intimate and not too noisey.


John Davies

27 September 2016

Best place for breakfast in the area. Been coming here for years.


Keir Regan-Alexander

27 September 2016

One of my favourite places for an evening meal or brunch.


Mariachiara Sozzi

22 April 2016

The menu is interesting - not the typical fare - with good vegetarian options. The inside is school stroke industrial, service was absolutely brilliant


Liam Stanley

19 August 2015

Thoroughly enjoyed a three course meal here last weekend.

Each course was tasty, the beer was different and they had a really nice soap in the toilet.


Jamie Bull

24 June 2015

Best restaurant in East London


Aaron Lyle Gelbman

3 May 2015

What a wonderful evening and I couldn't fancy it more. Most memorable is the food itself -- incredibly fresh and delightfully delicious, the menu presenting a wide range of options and preparations. I'm looking forward to going back and trying many more things.

The pan fried cod with new potatoes and salsa verde was divine and showed tremendous attention to detail and expertise with the technique. The fish skin was perfectly seared while the white meat retained its soft and juicy texture. The salsa verde was like an ambrosia, a wonderful combination of herby, savoury and lemony. What I couldn't eat with the fish I dragged the potatoes through, ensuring a properly cleaned plate by the end.

The sticky toffee pudding trumps any I've had in the country. Served at the perfect warm temperature with a generous helping of butterscotch sauce, the texture was absolutely perfect -- my spoon breezed through like an aeroplane parting the clouds.

The staff was very warm and helpful with the menu. In particular they made accommodations at the last minute for my vegan friend with a lovely potato rosti, stacked high with an assemblage of fresh vegetables that she gobbled up in a similarly determined fashion.

I'm very happy to know there's somewhere so nice -- and of great value -- in Dalston/Haggerston. Thank you very much!


Rob Cassidy

28 September 2014

Great brunch, everything had a nice little touch/twist to it


John Cunningham

22 July 2014

Good food, fresh, seasonal, well prepared


Catherine Aguilar

5 December 2013

Deliciously imaginative catering, expertly cooked, beautifully presented!


Liselotte Tork

3 December 2013

Always love the food; colour, taste and good looks, it's a feast to the senses!


Obi Felten

3 July 2013

Delicious brunch


Antoine Padva

29 January 2012

it's a nice place to have around. good quality food for a good price. you can also buy bread, which is why i go there most of the time.


Joe Hughes

23 May 2011

Lovely interior; food ambitious and pricey.