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Holp Photography Reviews

Holp Photography Reviews

Review of Holp Photography by Jami Lin
5 07/07/2018 Jami Lin

Mike has a keen eye! His artful photos, people or places, capture the essence of the moment in it's "best light" and radiance!

Review of Holp Photography by Joy Miller
5 06/07/2018 Joy Miller

Mike at Holp Photography was amazing and professional. He followed our tour every step of the way taking candid shots for over a week. We have the most beautiful photos of all the memories. Most folks only dream of such an amazing time.

Review of Holp Photography by Amanda Groney
5 31/03/2018 Amanda Groney

Met Mike while backpacking through Ecuador and his passion for pursuing what he loves is contagious! The only thing that tops his desire to travel is his desire to produce amazing images, capturing some of life's most beautiful and inspiring moments. Work with him, you won't be disappointed!

Review of Holp Photography by Victor Glenn
5 26/03/2018 Victor Glenn

Holp Photography is a versatile producer of exceptional photography and videography. The drone shots are especially fantastic, and Mike is very knowledgeable, positive, and easy to work with.

Review of Holp Photography by Makenzie Kink
5 30/10/2017 Makenzie Kink

Huge shout out to Mike and Holp Photography! He shot our Harvey Relief Fundraiser Life Party and we are so grateful for the moments he captured. He had very quick turn around time for editing. All around great working with Mike!

Review of Holp Photography by Erin Hurley
5 13/10/2017 Erin Hurley

Mike took photos for Austin Technology Council's Battle of the Tech Bands event and we were able to share them across social media and had great feedback from attendees who enjoyed how he captured the bands and crowd. We will look to him for future corporate occasions as well as recommend him to members and partners. Thanks Mike!

Review of Holp Photography by Clayton Bullock
4 29/09/2017 Clayton Bullock

Mike did some solid drone photography and video, which really helped me sell a $1mil+ home in south Austin. He was easy and enjoyable to work with. Go Mike! Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place.

Review of Holp Photography by Hiral Patel
5 16/09/2017 Hiral Patel

Holp's Photography is stunning, vivid in life and color, and connected to the source of the image that it captures whether still or moving. The passion of Mike's work is evident through its strong, bold, vast, multi-faceted, and appealing purpose and intent! You can feel and see the realness!

Review of Holp Photography by Sarrah Rose Brown
5 15/09/2017 Sarrah Rose Brown

Holp Photography is incredible! Mike Holp has the vision and passion to take photos that other photographers wouldn't dream of. His work is excellent and creative and he is a lot of fun collaborate with. I highly recommend him!

Review of Holp Photography by Michale Sturdevant
5 Michale Sturdevant

Mike isn't just a picture taker, he's a picture maker. A truly gifted eye and a passion that takes him anywhere and everywhere, under any conditions, makes him a top choice photographer. His work and attitude are impeccable!

Review of Holp Photography by Dave Williams
1 Dave Williams

Selling illegally obtained footage, flying over huge crowds of people....these are the guys who are going to ruin drones for all of us.

Review of Holp Photography by Jenna Jasso
4 Jenna Jasso

Mike is so committed to capturing the moment. He does his work out of pure inspiration. He can be a bit stubborn, but what great artist isn't?

Review of Holp Photography by Evamaria Olivares
5 Evamaria Olivares

Holp aerial photography is stunning! I had the amazing honor to witness how he captures the beauty of cities, nature, and people from the perspective of the stars.

Review of Holp Photography by Phoebe Nygren
5 Phoebe Nygren

I have been watching Mike's work evolve over the last year and it is absolutely stunning to see his shots of Austin from an aerial perspective. Not only does he create imaginative and beautiful videos and aerial shots, but he is a versatile photographer - capturing the essence of any event, wedding, protest, etc. And, not to mention yoga shots! What a talented photographer to work with!

Review of Holp Photography by Rubén Cantú
5 Rubén Cantú

Mike Holps dedication to producing the best quality product is what sets him apart from others. He has a keen eye for his art and he doesn't take shortcuts. When considering a quality photographer who can also do aerial photography Mike is your guy.

Review of Holp Photography by Neil Ryan Dumra
5 Neil Ryan Dumra

His photos are creative, professional, and he is an excellent drone pilot. His work is really clean - He knows what he is doing and I really believe he has a knack for finding the right shots; especially in the air!

Review of Holp Photography by Nathan Ryan
5 Nathan Ryan

Mike is an exceptional photographer! Have always been impressed by his work—especially his aerial/drone photos—and have been lucky enough to have him photograph a few events of mine as well. Keep it up, Mike!

Review of Holp Photography by Russell Wilde
1 Russell Wilde

The company disregards federal regulations putting thousands of people in danger. Operators like this are irresponsible and give responsible companies a bad rep.

I assume my review will be moot once the FAA shuts them down and levies a hefty fine.

Review of Holp Photography by Kat Lindsay
5 Kat Lindsay

I am always impressed by Mike's tenacity, creative eye and willingness to put himself out there again and again. His vision continues to represent the leading edge of the photography industry. Thank you, Mike, for sharing your art with all of us.

Review of Holp Photography by George Sarris
5 George Sarris

Mike Holp is an extremely talented young photographer and videographer whose definitely on the rise. Holp Photography is great, totally professional, timely and Mike’s great at hearing your vision and delivering it.

From live events, stunning scenic shots to great portraits, gorgeous fashion & glamour. Mike’s shot with a lot of Austin’s top models and his work is fabulous.

Theres a few big ad campaigns coming to Austin and I look forward to calling on Mike for his creative eye and talent.

Review of Holp Photography by Allison Reid Peacock
5 Allison Reid Peacock

Mike is an energetic visionary. His aerial work is especially captivating. His images of groundbreaking movements in our country, such as Standing Rock and the Austin Women’s March inspire the viewer and lend impact to visual storytelling projects. I've found Mike professional and reliable. After traveling cross country with Mike on projects I can attest that he stays in communication and does what he says he's going to do. Even if it means driving all night.

Review of Holp Photography by Dave Cooper
1 Dave Cooper

No doubt he has the eye for good pictures and video. In terms of a business, clients should expect someone who is licensed for the craft and adhere to the standards of that license or certificate. His violations of the FAA rules, not just in the recent overflight of the large groups of people (Womens March in Austin) as well as a couple other listed on his portfolio should be an indicator to potential clients to ask themselves if they want to deal with a business with no respect for law or regulations. My hope is this individual will in fact get the proper credentialing and adhere to safety practices of flying sUAS.

Review of Holp Photography by Mike Thompson
1 Mike Thompson

Mike Holp's business practices are abhorrent and illegal. I was personally defrauded, and funds owed will never be paid to me. He also ripped off a friend of mine who purchased one of his photos, and then he destroyed it. She will never get her money back. Mike Holp is not honest, cannot be trusted, and will do all he can to evade you. You've been warned.

Review of Holp Photography by Chris Van Loan II
5 Chris Van Loan II

It is so rare that you come across standout talent like Mike Holp and the images that he has created through Holp Photography.
I work in multimedia marketing and my company focuses on content creation for businesses and non-profits. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike almost 2 years back and we immediately hit it off, talking shop about cameras and the trends in our industry.
Mike's ability to manage multiple projects at once is unlike anything I've come across in Austin - this guy is ALWAYS shooting. It has been a pleasure to work with him on a professional level as well as follow his travels across the world and involvement in important causes and movements local and abroad. Holp Photography is well suited to whatever creative photo/video project you need and Mike would be an asset to any team.

Review of Holp Photography by Rochelle Robinson
5 Rochelle Robinson

I was on a plane, heading to Austin from Los Angeles. I'm seated next to a
man who struck up a conversation with me because of the book I was holding. The conversation turned to the recent heavy rains and flooding, and I mentioned off hand a brilliant video I had just seen with aerial footage of the floods. Turns out I was sitting next to the man that shot that footage, Mike Holp.

Brilliantly beautiful photography. Mike has a keen eye for all things visual, and he's a genuinely nice guy too...I highly recommend him for whatever your photographic needs might be.

Review of Holp Photography by Jimmy Montgomery
1 Jimmy Montgomery

Mr. Holp will not return my calls or emails and has not given me all the photos that he took at my 70th Bday party. Please ask him if he is your friend to contact me. it is very important that I get all the pictures that I paid him to take. Many old friends traveled many miles to come and I don't have pictures to remember the occasion for about 70% of them. No pictures of the dinner, dancing and very few of the party. A bunch of the caterer, band, horses and scenery.
Please Mr. Holp, give me my pictures. The money isn't important, the pictures are.

Review of Holp Photography by Teresa York
5 Teresa York

Incredibly beautiful photography! His artist’s eye sees a world we have overlooked and then directs us to view our surroundings anew through his visionary work.

Review of Holp Photography by Shelley Moon Hayes
5 Shelley Moon Hayes

Mike is talented and tenacious photographer. Last year, I needed a second photographer for real estate photography project I was working on. We worked great as a team and he's talent shines through in every image he delivered. Combined with his experience and knowledge in photography, I would highly recommend him and would work with him again.

Review of Holp Photography by Benjamin Kiracofe
1 Benjamin Kiracofe

As much as I wish I could write an endorsement for Mike, I have found him to be unprofessional and unreliable. We arrived at an agreement for some aerial footage for one of my videos, and after the files were lost from our shared drop box, and I asked if he could send them to me again, he tried to charge me double what we had initially agreed on. He is now holding the footage hostage and refusing to give me the clips or do anything to make it right. He technically still owes me $ from the first deal we made since he's refusing to deliver.

Holp Photography

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