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Raquel G.

4 November 2017

The Hollywood Love Coach helped me with my relationship so much!! Bianca gave me the tools to navigate through the hard times with my man.


Kristine P.

20 April 2017

I was immediately drawn to Bianca for her grace, compassion and overall positive energy.  She has helped me on several occasions where a love coach was a necessary tool for me to utilize.  If you're looking to embrace, build or expand your relationship with your sexuality- Bianca is the only person that would come to mind who is highly capable of handling such an important role. More...


Amel M.

2 March 2017

I was a little apprehensive before my first session, Bianca very quickly put me at ease, she is very easy to talk to and open up to. I was in a relationship that wasn't making me happy, Bianca helped me talk through a lot of the issues, explaining the psychology and facts of interaction between men and women and how we operate. Bianca gave me the insight to make decisions that serve my needs unapologetically, Since I've been seeing her I have become a stronger more confident woman and I highly recommend her to EVERYONE More...


Lisa B.

31 January 2017

Soon after meeting Bianca, she became my go-to tastemaker on many subjects because this woman embodies passionate living...She can be Suzy homemaker one moment as a foster parent to 2 children and countless four legged furry friends, and Ms. Bombshell in another moment as she dances in a burlesque show and strip teases for the art of it. She's a phenomenal woman who wants to play versatile roles in life from Femme Fatale to Mother Theresa alongside her partner. And she wants to coach you to bring all your love and sex dreams alive too. She has given me such thoughtful, practical tips & points of view that unraveled my laziness and insecurity and empowered me to act in open-hearted & subtle yet daring ways. What a happy difference Do make the time to dedicate yourself to your relationship goals with the  help of Ms. Bianca White. More...

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