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Holistic Karate

Midsomer Norton, Bath and North East Somerset, England

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Holistic Karate logo

Holistic Karate

Midsomer Norton, Bath and North East Somerset, England

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Holistic Karate was set up to provide self protection based training as an alternative to the trend towards sports based martial arts.
We also look to go deeper into self development and philosophical side of martial arts which is often neglected today!


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Lloydy Lloyd

16 May 2019

Although I missed training tonight because my work sometimes overwhelms my life, I would definitely recommend. Great mix of friendly people with brilliant teaching from someone who knows their stuff. So glad I chose this club on my return from training after too many years away. More...


Paul Hooke

23 July 2018

If you want to take up martial arts, this is a very good start. Standards are high and Sensei Charlie Wildish will teach you the correct technique from the start.


Dawn Ashman

27 May 2018

I have been at Holistic karate for two years,gained lots of self confidence and had lots of fun,can't recommend highly enough.


Joan Connor

27 May 2018

Thank you Charlie for coming to Bristol SKI dojo and taking my students through a lesson. They were amazed and enthralled by your teaching as was I. Different to our normal lessons it was great to watch them step out of their comfort zone and take on new challenges. We hope you will come again . More...

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1. Seeing people develop and achieve things that they did not consider possible when they started. Karate technique is about body mechanics and structure; and when people learn to apply these correctly some of them are amazed at what they can achieve. This is not only the youngsters, I have a 69 year old lady with COPD who is moving with speed and power and she wouldn't have dreamed of at one point. She's also been able to bring her medication to the lowest level for 50 years as she's gained more control over her diaphragmatic breathing.
2. Several students have used my teachings to de-escalate confrontations. This includes several children at school, a 25 year old lady in a nightclub, a man in a road rage incident and my 69 year old lady calming a verbally aggressive neighbour.

To be able to control a situation so that it does not turn physically violent using a pre-practised strategy and get the expected outcome is enormously empowering to these people!

Most martial arts today are sport based, That can be a lot of fun and good for self development. And it's fine as that is all many people want.
However, some people are more interested in the self protection and philosophical side of martial arts; so I set up Holistic Karate for them.
Holistic = a more complete approach!

It depends what you're looking for from martial arts. If you want something sport based or simply fitness training; that's fair enough but there are better people then me to teach you.
I'm here for those that want more realistic self protection and philosophical side of martial arts.

Look at it this way. Sport trains you for a fair fight.
If you're a lady being confronted by a man, it's not fair.
If you're a small person being confronted by big person, it's not fair.
If you're on your own being confronted by several people, it's not fair.
Why would you only train for a fair fight?