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Natalie English

26 February 2019

Kate is fantastic. She is reasonable, realistic, and calming. She picks up on subtle changes. Well done


Megan Hofheins

30 August 2018

I have had the best therapy I have ever received from TJ. She listens and understood exactly what I was going through when other therapists didn't come close. She is amazing!


Patty Headley

8 August 2018

The *Absolute* best councling I have EVER had. It actually had a purpose and results!


Stephanie F Brown

8 August 2018

I love going there. Tj had been there for me for over three years. Her kindness and love for others really shows. I recommend her. Thank you tj


McKayla DeAnne Petersen

8 August 2018

Holistic elements is very welcoming and their waiting room is incredibly comfortable with a good vibe. All of the therapists there are very nice and caring. My therapist is Ronda and I will NEVER want a different one! The amount of dedication she puts into her work and clients is amazing, I am so so glad I found her because she has helped me time and time again. More...



27 May 2018

When someone calls to schedule the initial appointment, our Office Manager asks him/her to call his/her insurance to find out if they have a deductible. The Office Manager lets everyone know that they have a deductible they are responsible to pay for the therapy service they receive. Prior to starting therapy, our clients are given paperwork that they read and sign that states how much the assessment and therapy sessions cost if the insurance company doesn't pay for the service. Our clients sign a contract that states they understand that they are responsible for payment. We send out several bills and provide the date that the company will send the claim to collections. Each client is given 4-6 months to make the payment. We also tell them that if they can make payments each month, we will not send them to collections. thank you,TJ Grow More...


Monica Y

27 May 2017

Ronda is caring, compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable. I always know I can count on her. I've enjoyed her so much that I have referred many friends, who have also had nothing but good to say about her.


bonnie mcclain

27 May 2016

My daughter received some of her best therapy from here.